How To Add Fantom (FTM) To Metamask Wallet

How To Add Fantom (FTM) To Metamask Wallet? The Complete Guide

Establishing an interconnection on the blockchain is essential in order to enhance the utility of the software. There are different types of blockchain networks that operate independently but lack to offer a peer-to-peer connection. 

This lacuna is abridged by Fantom. Fantom is an endless Peer to peer EVM compatible blockchain network that functions on Metamask in order to boost the communication between the traders and the servers in order to promote ease of execution. 

This blockchain can be added to Metamask wallet which is itself a full-fledged operational cryptocurrency wallet. Metamask easily supports Ethereum-based blockchains, EVM-compatible networks, and layer 2 platforms. There are many easy ways with the help which the two networks can be linked together with each other. 

Let us understand the easy way of performing the same. 

What Is The Purport Of Adding Fantom To Metamask? 

There has been enormous growth in the settlement of on-chain transactions on blockchains. These transactions require a seamless support network to settle on within time.

The existing blockchains may not be compatible with the recent innovations and hence in order to support their transactions, there is basically a need to reform and amend the codification of the blockchain. This is a time-consuming task that may end up reducing the inflow of organic traffic.

 The Purport Of Adding Fantom To Metamask

That is why networks like Fantom are added directly to Metamask to enable transactions in smart contracts. It is compatible with the new formats and simultaneously boosts the volume of transactions without the actual need to change the basic coding of the blockchain. Metamask easily ports new EVM networks and other types of decentralized applications. 

What Is Unique About Fantom? 

Fantom runs on Proof of Stake in the first place. It relies on calculated algorithms that are flexible and easy to access. To reap the benefits of the software, it’s essential to add the same to Metamask. Let us understand the steps involved in the same process one by one. 

Download The Metamask Extension For The Browser

Open the official website of Metamask and download the extension. The extension can function on every type of browser which includes Chrome and Firefox. The extension would be added to the network.

Setting Up The Wallet

Users who have downloaded Metamask for the first time can create their wallets. All they require to do is to add the information about their name, email address, and registered bank account.

However, the users can also log in to their existing Metamask wallets with the help of their password, username, and recovery phrase. One can also import wallets of other wallets to Metamask using the Import wallet option. 

The steps required for importing the wallet have been given in the following way:

  • Open Metamask. Click on Import wallet.
  • Enter the private key of the wallet you wish to import.
  • Click on Import
  • The wallet would be added. 

Add Fantom To Metamask

Fantom can be added to Metamask easily by integrating the latter with the former. Once the network has been integrated, Fantom can be accessed easily. It decentralizes the entire network and allows settling the transactions one by one easily. 

In order to add Fantom to Metamask, it is necessary to log in to your Metamask wallet and activate the same. Once you have activated the wallet, a circle icon would appear on the top right-hand side corner of the screen. Once you click on the icon, click on the settings. 

Adding Fantom Tokens To Metamask

A drop-down menu would appear and the user is required to select the network option. Add the network by entering the IP address of Fantom and other details being asked by Metamask. These details would include URL address, chain ID, symbol, and explorer. A user can easily access all the details through the official domain of Fantom. 

Click on the save option and the Fantom network can be easily accessed from Metamask. A user is required to click on the circle icon on the right-hand side of the Metamask wallet and in the section of the added networks, one can easily find Fantom. One can easily switch to Fantom by clicking it. This will help to access Fantom on Metamask itself. 

Adding Fantom To Metamask With The Help Of FTMScan

FTMScan is one such platform that allows interlinking different types of networks with each other. It can be used to link Fantom with Metamask as well.

All one needs to do is access the original domain of FTMScan. Add the network address to which another subordinate network has to be added. Add the address of the latter as well. Click on ‘Link’ and Fantom would be directly added to Metamask. 

Adding Fantom Tokens To Metamask

It is essential to mention that Fantom supports its own tokens and these tokens can be added to Metamask as well. These tokens would be automatically available on Metamask and can be exchanged between the traders on the otherwise decentralized Metamask. 

Metamask is an open-source blockchain network that supports Fantom tokens easily. These tokens can be easily traded on the platform without any interruption. Fantom tokens can easily be converted into other tokens and can be exchanged against the available valuation. 


It can be easily concluded that Metamask is a great platform to link with Fantom. This will help to boost the ease with which the transactions can be executed.

Fantom is an operational peer-to-peer network that works effectively on Metamask. All of this has been beneficial to boost the available strength of the data and exchange of crypto tokens in order to reap a good return in the future. 

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