Bitcoin-Profit review

Bitcoin Profit Review: Is This Open-Source Trading Software Worth Your Money?

This is an unbiased Bitcoin Profit review. Bitcoin is an online version of currency. Each Bitcoin is a computer file that is stored in a digital wallet.

Every single transaction is recorded in a transparent technology called Blockchain.

Bitcoin Profit is an open-source trading software used to trade cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin at the right time.

So many people are now interested in making money from trading cryptocurrencies.

I have no doubt in this and noticed that cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin have gained a huge priority in capitalization markets and even it becomes a topic in our dinner time conversations.

Bitcoin Profit Review: Buy & Sell Bitcoin At The Right Time!

Bitcoin Profit is an accurate algorithm used for trading Bitcoins in the markets. This software is able to understand in which direction the price of a cryptocurrency will move in the next second.

Bitcoin Profit review
Software NameBitcoin Profit
TypeWeb-Based Automated Trading Software
CreatorJohn Mayers
Payment MethodsAll major credit and debit cards accepted
Price$250 (Min Deposit)
Official WebsiteClick Here

We analyzed that this feature of the software enables traders to defeat competitors in the market consistently and We got many positive claims and Bitcoin Profit reviews from the current users of this software.

But many people are not aware of this software, hence they need a comprehensive Bitcoin Profit review to dig out the possibilities of trading and how to earn through this.

For Bitcoin Profit review, we analyzed certain traders who make use of this software for trading cryptocurrencies and to determine whether this really works out.

It’s astonishing that many traders are earning profit using Bitcoin Profit software. We also noticed that this is an area where the majority of the traders are interested in.

Because the automatic trading robots in this software helps them to earn more profit even though they didn’t know the tactics and tricks of trading.

Key Points on Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit is an automated trading platform, which means the trading bot takes all the decisions about when to enter and exit a trading position.

◾ The trading robot does not need human assistance. Once initiated, it can work independently and take positions depending upon the market.

◾ Bitcoin Profits runs on advanced machine learning and AI technologies. It can analyze data, learn from it and respond in real-time to the changing market dynamics.

◾ Furthermore, the trading bot is in sync with reliable robot brokers that execute trades on behalf of all the data sent by the automated bot.

◾ Also, the trading bot applies the HFT trading methodology to bet in the crypto market. It also includes leveraging slight price movements to execute successful and profitable trades.

What Is Bitcoin Profit Software?

The cryptocurrency market is a frequently fluctuating one. It’s hard to predict the value and price of those digital assets.

Bitcoin profit

The important thing in trading is the ability to forecast fluctuating values. This auto trading software assures your trade accurate and profitable more than 99% of the time.

Scroll down Bitcoin Profit review to find out more.

The Bitcoin Profit software was invented by John Mayers. It became popular and attractive for those who like to earn through trades in the crypto market.

The automated robot is able to scan the market at every instant to determine the best time for investing and which time earns more profit.

It also detects the frequently fluctuating value of the crypto within seconds.

If a profitable trade was conducted, the automated robot seals the trade on behalf of the identity of the account used for trading.

The Bitcoin Profit software was formed to make crypto trading easy, quick, and profitable.

It also helps to attract more people to the cryptomarket. By reviewing the traders who use this automated robot for trading, we analyzed that people who don’t have the basic knowledge about the tradings earned profit by using Bitcoin Profit.

How Does Bitcoin Profit work?

Bitcoin Profit robots work on the basis of the technology called as artificial intelligence.

The software is enabled with high-level algorithms that are able to scan and analyze the financial markets and its fluctuations quickly and accurately.

It reduces the risk of tradings and increases profitability.

So both new and professional traders will get benefit from Bitcoin Profit software. The only thing you want to do is to deposit funds.

The software uses these funds for trades in the live market. The cryptocurrency market is more transparent and it made our Bitcoin Profit review easier.

This is a quick method to navigate the trades and to earn profit without sitting a long time in front of the computer. 

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Bitcoin Profit Key Features

Bitcoin Profit software brings some highly interactive features that multiply the trading experience and allow easy platform adoption. Here are some features you will find hugely beneficial;

Fast And Easy Verification

Onboarding the platform is a hassle-free process. You don’t have to pay anything; you don’t have to complete a lengthy verification process either.

All you need is an account and funds in your account. Both the processes are straightforward to complete and require executing a few simple steps.

Free Trading Bot

Bitcoin Profit offers you your own trading bot free of cost. No charges apply. If you have an account, you can begin automated trading instantly.

Just fund your account, set the needed parameters for the trading bot, and you are good to go.

Demo Account

Availability of demo mode greatly simplifies the learning experience. You don’t have to risk your funds to gain insights into the platform.

Demo mode simplifies the learning process and makes you confident to face the live trading process.

It goes a long way for those just entering the crypto world with no currency trading experience.

Marginal Reaction Advantage

Bitcoin Profits is allegedly 0.01 milliseconds faster than other trading platforms.

It gives a significant advantage over other platforms in predicting price movements and taking positions faster than others.

This marginal reaction advantage translates into greater profit margins.

Bitcoin Profit Fees

There are no registration charges to onboard the Bitcoin Profit platforms. Users have to pay a 2% commission to every profitable trade. Interestingly, the commission does not apply to loss-making positions.

Therefore you only have to pay when you are profitable. Other than that, there are no charges or hidden fees.

Pros & Cons Of Bitcoin Profit Automated Robot

Why should all suggests and uses Bitcoin profit as a platform for trading? There are many advantages to Bitcoin Profit software over other platforms.

In this section of Bitcoin Profit review let’s see some of the advantages and Disadvantages of this software


  • The split-second advantage makes it significantly more effective than other platforms.
  • No charges is another massive plus for the platform
  • The build-in demo mode facilitates ease of use and allows beginners to easily familiarize themselves with the platform.
  • Robust customer support offers speedy assistance whenever it is required.
  • Easy fund withdrawal is another appealing feature that strikes confidence in the platform.


  • Automated trading platforms have a learning curve that takes some time to traverse.
  • Withdrawals are sometimes struck and take time to clear.

How To Create An Account In Bitcoin Profit Software?

In this section, we will summarize the procedure for registering and activating auto trading on Bitcoin Profit.

Bitcoin Profit Account Setup

We found it to be seamless, with unnecessary hiccups down the way. Here is what you have to do to enjoy the service;

Sign up

Initially, you need a Bitcoin Profit account. Registration is easy; follow these steps;

  • Head to the main website and click on the “Register” button.
  • On the registration page, fill up the relevant information.
  • Follow additional instructions, if any, to complete the process.

Once your information is verified, your Bitcoin profit account will be ready to begin trading.

Deposit Funds

After registration, you need to deposit a minimum of $250 funds to activate your Bitcoin Profit account for live trading.

Several deposit methods are available – you can use Safepay, Giropay, Visa, MasterCard, Merchant Pay to fund your account.

You can always deposit more, but we will recommend you begin with just the minimum account.

Try Demo Account

You have your account ready to kick off your automated trading operation, but we will advise you first to check out the demo mode.

You can easily find the demo mode option on your account’s dashboard. This interactive feature lets you indulge in a simulated trading environment to learn how the system works.

Demo mode could boost your confidence, help you achieve the right mindset and allow you to step into the trading mentally much needed to be a successful crypto trader.

Start Trading

Finally, you have to fire up the automated trading options to begin trading. The option is available on the dashboard; however, you have to set essential parameters according to your risk appetite.

You can set the trade amount, type of coins, stop loss, daily take profit and the maximum number of trades per day.

How To Get The Best Out Of The Bitcoin Profit?

As per Bitcoin Profit review to get the best out of the Bitcoin Profit software, firstly start trades with the minimum amount.

This helps you to learn more about the software set up. Remember to withdraw your profits frequently.

Also, use the profit earned through the tradings as the investments for the next trade.

Bitcoin Profit Claimed Success Rates

Bitcoins Profits claims to have a success rate of 85 to 90 percent. That’s quite impressive given the nature of the crypto market.

Moreover, Bitcoin Profit customer Reviews also confirm the accuracy to be around 80%.

Additionally, the platform also claims to offer higher returns when the volatility is high.

On specific peak volatility market periods, users can get a return upto 90% of their investment value.

Usually, the return remains around 15% of the invested value.

Bitcoin Profit Payments & Withdrawal

The payment and withdrawal process is quite robust on Bitcoin profit. You won’t have to pay anything to make use of the platform.

Additionally, the subsequent profit details are available in your account once the trade is complete.

We also observed that you could withdraw whenever you want. The process is simple. You can move to the ‘manage funds section’ on the Bitcoin Profit platform dashboard.

Once you choose the withdrawal option, the setup will take you to the underlying broker’s withdrawal page.

Once the process is complete, you should receive your money in about 30 minutes.

Although 30 minutes is the minimum time frame, we found that withdrawals can take as much as 24 hours.

How Much Money Can I Make Using a Bitcoin Profit App?

It’s the most intriguing question – how profitable is Bitcoin Profit? If we go by the manufacturer’s claims, Bitcoin profit is designed to maximize your profit; however, there is no fixed number.

It all depends on users as well as the market itself, which inherently is very volatile.

Bitcoin profit even claims to provide you with a significant return on your investment, ranging from 10 to 200 percent.

But these numbers we think are a little exaggerated. A lot depends upon the market volatility, the amount of investment you commit to the platform, as well as the trend in the particular coin.

All we can say is be cautious and only commit what you can lose without putting a dent in your pocket. Start slow and make your move according to your expertise about the platform.

Is Bitcoin Profit A Scam?

It’s a 100% legit software. Bitcoin Profit software delivers the most flexible and convenient services for crypto traders.

It analyzes all the market conditions and takes adequate action that earns profit for the account owners. It will be active 24/7 on behalf of the account user’s identity.

Bitcoin Profit software is an effective algorithm that offers a free account that includes all of its excellent features.

The accuracy of the algorithm makes this software more convenient and flexible even to common people.

We are happy to do this Bitcoin Profit review because we got an opportunity to study and dig out this flawless system.

For those who wish to enter the crypto market, we strongly recommend this software for earning a surplus of profit irrespective of your experience.

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Bitcoin Profit Customer Support

A solid customer support infrastructure backs the Bitcoin Profit platform.

Incidentally, Bitcoin profit maintains a pool of extensively trained and experienced support executives for speedy resolutions of customer issues.

Contact form as well email is available to reach out to the customer support team quickly. On top of that, phone support is also available if you need an urgent resolution of issues.

Additionally, customer support is available 24/7, which further enhances customer experience and inculcates trust that they always have the back of customer support whenever there come any bumps in their way while using the platform.

Bitcoin Profit Review – Final Verdict

Bitcoin Profit is indeed an exciting platform with unbelievable claims of more than a 90% success rate.

But in our Bitcoin Profit review, we did find out that some of the alleged claims are not very far from the truth.

Interestingly, the platform has solid AI backing that pushes its success rate to nearly 80%.

Additionally, the interactive user interface coupled with demo mode dramatically improves usability and builds trust factor.

But the platform is legit doesn’t mean you can become rich with the aid of some automated bot.

Be mindful, learn advanced trading jargon and assimilate quick thinking in your trading journey.

Also, novice traders please keep in mind that the claims about the gain are not entirely proven. Several factors come into play when you enter the crypto space.

Sure, Bitcoin profit seems legit, but it will be prudent to have a plan based on solid research.

Bitcoin Profit FAQ

Is Bitcoin Profit regulated?

Bitcoin profit is not regulated by US financial institutions or regulatory bodies. However, Bitcoin profit is in partnership with leading regulated brokers in Australia, South Africa and the UK.

Can I withdraw my earnings from this software?

Yes, you can withdraw the earnings through your bank account at any time. All the earnings will be transferred to the bank account as the currency used in that location.

Is there any extra fee for Bitcoin Profit demo trading?

Demo trading is a completely free bonus given by the Bitcoin profit. You will get the access once you deposited the amount for trading.

What is the minimum amount to be deposited to start trading?

The minimum amount to be deposited is $250. You can deposit an amount greater than this.

Does Bitcoin Profit have a mobile app?

Yes. An app for Bitcoin profit is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Is there any hidden fees for using Bitcoin Profit?

No. There will no hidden fees associated with the platform. All you need is a 250 USD minimum deposit, and you can begin automated crypto trading.

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