Top 10 Blockchain Games To Invest In 2023, Join The Best

Top 10 Blockchain Games To Invest In 2023, Join The Best

The evolution of blockchain has helped support growth in the Exchange of cryptocurrency. The sector’s volatility has developed a bubble to enhance the prices.

Despite all the odds, cryptocurrency has developed to a great extent. It has taken various forms. Different types of blockchain games have been created. These games do not just promote entertainment but also provide active investment opportunities. 

These blockchain games are elementary to play. They deal in cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens. The number of players in these blockchain games has increased since their Inception. This depicts the rising popularity.

These blockchain games have the potential to provide a better return in a hassle-accessible manner to all investors. Let us explore the top blockchain games available for the time being. It will be worth all the time spent on it. 


This blockchain game has been one of the most promising and entertaining games in 2022. It has been able to support 9 lakh active wallets every day. It provides an average potential of 17 to 18% in annual rewards.


It has allocated around 270 million TARO tokens. It helps to create a virtual world that allows the players to develop land and execute deals in the marketplace. 

Players can become part of self-executable intelligent contracts and own assets like cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens. A total of 721 contracts have been admitted till now.

Players can build anything from a marketplace to a museum and earn good Returns on the ERC 20-compliant software. The annual percentage yield in the coming years is expected to be around 25%.

These tokens are now available for presale. If you are looking for an opportunity to reap the benefit of a short-term gain, then investing in these offers is the best decision you can take for the time being. This supply of these tokens will be executed in three channels. By the end of 2025, around 1.8 billion tokens will be circulated. 

These tokens can be purchased against Ethereum, USDT and Dogecoin. It requires a minimum investment of around 1000 Taro tokens. The next order for the presale would be shortly announced and notified.


This is one of the fastest emerging sports category games played in the Exchange of non-fungible tokens. It is a unique blockchain executed on Ethereum. It involves a collaboration between the gaming world and the real world. It is one of the first kinds of game that has evolved into a horse racing project. 


If the user’s horse won the game in real life, the account would be credited with crypto tokens and assets. The game’s developers have also collaborated with the most exclusive horse training facilities. It helps to offer a real-time experience to all the players. This game has been keeping up well with the market conditions despite the impending effects of inflation and recession. 

It enjoys an investment worth USD 2 million. These horses are usually purchased for an average value of $500. The valuation can fluctuate according to the demand and the time of the year. All the users who are willing to join this network have to develop an exciting racing avatar. No element of minimum or maximum investment is required in this game. 

This game has been helping all active players to reap an annual yield of 20-25%. This is likely to increase in the coming times, and if you are looking for a lucrative investment opportunity, this is the best element to go ahead with. 

Lucky Block

This crypto game has emerged as an exciting blockchain game. It is easy to play and earn good rewards. It can host around 2700 categories of games. The lucky block supports the transaction with the help of credit and debit cards, including other cryptocurrencies. It helps to execute the deposit and withdrawal of funds very quickly. It does not charge any additional transaction fee for this purpose. 

Lucky Block

Lucky block operates on Ethereum. It has an active participation of 17 million players in a day. It even has the potential to execute a trade with USD 2400 million in 24 hours. It is a unique platform that does not require the player to have a minimum balance.

The tokens valued on this platform have stable returns and valuations. They have offered a minimum return of 16 to 17% in the last year. 

Lucky block’s popularity has increased since it introduced configurable non-fungible tokens and almost every variant of crypto assets. The transactions have developed over time. The lucky block is the best Crypto game to go ahead with investment in this category. 


It is nothing but a compilation of different types of retro games. This crypto game has developed a main character named Luke. The whole game is based on the expedition and adventures undertaken by Luke to fulfilling his cannabis expedition. All the transactions on the platform are executed with the help of $Blunt tokens. These tokens are actively exchanged by 7 million active users daily. 


Every user who wins the game gets a chance to collect the rewards in Crypto tokens and coins, including non-fungible tokens. These tokens are usually valued at an average correction of 18%.

The average annual return is also expected to be around 15 to 16%. It provides an excellent opportunity to utilize the excessive funds. It has provided multiple offers, such as bonus issues of tokens, to all the players. 

Every player needs to begin with a minimum investment of 50 blunt tokens. These blunt tokens are then exchanged between the players. After that, almost all the players get an opportunity to exit the game anytime. Around 1500 million tokens are in circulation for the time being. 


This is one of the most impressive plays to earn a crypto game. It is functional on the BNB smart chain. It is a famous snake game. It deals in Crypto Assets and non-fungible tokens. These are available in 4 categories: Mamba, Viper, Krait, and Cobra. The first type comprises around 10 million non-fungible tickets. The second, third, and fourth type deals with 6 million, 3 million, and 1 million tokens, respectively. 


This platform allows all the players to invest in these tokens. The players can develop the feed of the snakes. They can also compete with other players. The number of active users has also increased to 20 million recently. A trading volume of USD 1700 million has been executed in 24 hours. 

It deals with two categories of tokens, namely Moshnake tokens and venom tokens. Both of them can offer a short-term return of 25%. Multiple kinds of tokens and cryptocurrencies support this ecosystem. It is easy to settle the transactions without any minimum investment. This is the main reason for its growth. 

Plant Vs Undead

Plant versus undead is one of the most potent crypto games. A user can entertain himself while reaping the benefits of rewards and easy-to-apply stakes. Furthermore, one can easily mint money while they playing the game. This money can be earned in the form of tokens and digital assets. It is based on an exciting theme. 

Plant Vs Undead

The game helps manage a form house and generate currency for the Exchange of services known as light energy. These soft energy tokens can be easily traded on centralized and decentralized exchange platforms.

Each ticket has a value of USD 0.65. Despite the operation’s recent initialization, the tokens have exceeded expectations. Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity to invest. 

The platform currently enjoys a supply of 10 million tokens. However, there is a cap to the minimum and maximum number of tokens that a player can hold. Therefore, every Player can have ten minimum tokens and a maximum of 100 tokens in this whole game. This game is addictive, but every minute spent on the game helps to get a minimum return of 28%.

Gods Unchained

This crypto game is played on Ethereum Layer-2 operations. It relies on immutable X. This game is accepted on decentralized Exchange. The players can trade and play at the same time. It offers a fast and secure network that can settle up to 9000 transactions per second. It can support around 250 tokens and cryptocurrencies. 

Gods Unchained

This trading game can fight with other players with the help of cards and scores. All the players can access these cards by entering into an intelligent agreement with another player. This settlement usually takes the form of trading. All these transactions have generated a minimum annual return of 35%.

It is compatible with meta mask wallets. The game has been able to generate A trading volume of 31 million in 24 hours. It is ERC-20 compliant. Most of the GODS tokens invest in Non-fungibles and derivatives all the while.

Axie Infinity

This was the first game introduced on Ethereum. It is very versatile and unique in its form. In fact, it has been able to record sales worth USD 1 billion. Pokemon have inspired this game. It helps every player to form a team with the help of Axies, which is nothing but a troop of Pokemon-inspired caricatures. 

Axie Infinity

You can fight with the opponents in the adventure mode. The players can trade two types of cryptocurrencies on this platform. These include Smooth Love Potion and Axie Infinity Token.

As and when the players defeat each other, they win these tokens easily. The valuation of the tokens is currently between USD 100 to USD 1000. Therefore, it has attracted players who want to exchange non-fungible tokens. 

It enjoys the active support of 2 lakh traders. It has generated A trading volume of 124 million in the recent 30 days. Each token is available for 136 dollars on this platform. It is very easy to play and does not require any minimum investment from the end of the trader. 

Battle Infinity

Battle infinity is also a play to earn a crypto game accessible on the Binance smart chain network. This game has provided a fantastic opportunity for all crypto enthusiasts to entertain and make money simultaneously. This game is recognized as a kind of metaverse. Players can enter into battles with their opponents. The winning team gets the credit of non-fungible tokens and other digital assets. 

Battle Infinity

Players can easily interact with each other. This fantasy sports game has helped channelise the crypto rewards in a much more productive way. Cryptocurrency and tokens are actively traded on this platform.

Each token is valued at an average price of USD 105. It supports an active player network of 17 million so far. This platform has been able to generate an exchange of 185 million in 30 days.

Players do not require any minimum investment, to begin with. A simple registration is all that is needed to become a part of the network. It is very easy to make money with the help of this opportunity. It is a fantastic platform to invest in the future.


This is a three-dimensional open-world game. The players can easily contest different types of battles. Each player is ranked on the basis of the battles won. The higher the rank, the more would be the more rewards credited to the account of the player. These rewards are usually acceptable in Crypto assets and tokens. It deals with ILV tokens for the time being. 


It operates on layer two protocol solutions. It also interacts with peer-to-peer trading platforms without any payment of transaction c and GAS fee.

It is a decentralized exchange with almost no other platform to begin trading at. It has supported integrating other exchange platforms for settling the trade quickly between the players. 

It has supported the generation of 195 million dollars of volume in 30 days. Moreover, the players can quickly get a return of 40% if they invest in these funds. 


What is the network on which these crypto games operate?

They operate on Binance Chain Network and Ethereum.

How do these games help to exchange crypto assets?

These games help to exchange assets with the help of a wallet. You can create a new wallet or link an already existing one. 

What is the minimum transaction fee charged for every game?

It is different for different games. Some games do not charge any additional fees. 

What is the time of settlement?

All these transactions are settled on a real-time basis. 

Which crypto games help the players to compete with each other?

The peer-to-peer powered games allow one to reap the benefit of competition and earn rewards. 


All of these gaming platforms are emerging to be highly famous. They have assisted many players in ensuring a perfect utilization of time which is the biggest asset. The market of these assets is likely to increase in the future. 

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