How to buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay? The Ultimate Guide 

How To Buy Bitcoin With Apple Pay? The Ultimate Guide 

Are you an iOS user looking for ways to buy Bitcoin using Apple Pay? If yes, we’ll go through simple and convenient methods to provide you with a smooth Bitcoin buying experience.

The increasing sales of iOS devices have played a crucial role in adding Apple Pay as a common payment method to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. A few years back, there were only limited choices for iOS users to buy their favourite cryptos. Now things have changed a lot, and various crypto apps support Apple Pay. 

First, let’s have a quick look at Apple Pay. 

What Is Apple Pay?

With more than 500 million registered users, Apple Pay is one of the most relied-on payment methods worldwide. The user-friendly interface and Apple’s security features encourage more people to use Apple Pay. You can use Apple Pay on your iPhone, iPad, or even Apple Watch.   

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is designed to be accessed from mobile devices and through websites. You can also create multiple safety features to protect your Apple Pay account. Moreover, the high transaction speed helps users to make instant online purchases. 

The major feature that Apple Pay provides is data security. The high-end security features play a crucial role in protecting users’ financial data and bank account details.  

Now, let’s check how you can buy Bitcoin with the help of Apple Pay. Stay tuned! 

Methods To Buy Bitcoin With Apple Pay 


The largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance allows iOS users to buy their favourite Bitcoin using Apple Pay. Now, debit card users can purchase BTC or other tokens with debit cards. 


Let’s check the steps involved in buying Bitcoin :

  • Open your Binance app. New users can install the app from the App Store and create an account for free.
  • Log in using your Binance username and password.
  • Select the “Wallet.”
  • Then, choose the U.S. Dollar as your fiat currency.
  • On the “Payment Methods,” select “Add Payment Method.”
  • Then choose Apple Pay.
  • Now, you need to enter the deposit amount. Ensure that this amount is in USD.
  • After entering the amount, click “Deposit.”
  • Now you can go to the Binance crypto marketplace.
  •  Search Bitcoin and use your USD deposit to purchase BTC.


Apple Pay only supports debit card USD deposits for U.S. users. In comparison, Binance users from the European Economic Area (EEA) and the U.K. can use credit and debit cards. 

Exodus Wallet

Exodus is a beginner-friendly crypto wallet with a simple user interface. Moreover, this wallet provides direct support for almost 300 cryptocurrencies. You can use this wallet to store, manage, and trade crypto assets.

Exodus Wallet

Follow these steps to buy your Bitcoin:

  • Install and run the Exodus app.
  • Log in to your existing wallet. If you are new to Exodus, you can create a new wallet in a few clicks.
  • Now, click the “Profile” section.
  • Select “Buy Bitcoin.”
  • Type in the number of Bitcoins you want to purchase.
  • Next, ensure the Bitcoin amount and click “Pay.”
  • Confirm the payment using Apple Pay. 

Finally, you’ll receive the Bitcoin in your wallet in a few minutes. 


The process of buying Bitcoin with an Exodus wallet is easy. However, you can only buy BTC up to $250 using fiat currency. 


With more than a decade in the crypto space, Coinbase is one of the popular crypto exchanges. Moreover, this exchange has succeeded in helping millions of users to trade and invest in Bitcoin and other tokens.


Coinbase users are provided with an option to purchase cryptocurrencies with their credit or debit cards. To make crypto payment easier for iOS users, they’ve added Apple Pay as a payment method. 

Let’s go through the steps to buy Bitcoin:

  • Visit the Coinbase website or iOS app at your convenience.
  • Select “Bitcoin” from the Coinbase cryptocurrency list.
  • Now select “Buy.”
  • Then, choose the “Buy with Cash” option.
  • Next, you need to enter the amount of Bitcoin you wish to buy in USD. 
  • Then, click the payment method and choose “Apple Pay.”
  • Finally, confirm your purchase.


Coinbase powers the crypto ecosystem by letting traders and investors in more than 100 countries easily and securely invest, save, spend, use, and earn crypto.


MetaMask is one of the most used hot wallets among crypto users. Metamask added Apple Pay as a payment method in April 2022. These payments are conducted with the support of Wyre, a crypto exchange that supports crypto-to-fiat transfer with Apple Pay. 


Follow these steps to buy Bitcoin:

  • Open your MetaMask wallet.
  • Log in using your MetaMask password. You can also create a free wallet if needed.
  • Select the payment method, and choose “Apple Pay.”
  • Next, add funds in USD. Ensure to add enough funds to buy Bitcoin.
  • Then, select “Buy BTC” and click next.
  • Choose “Apple Pay” as the payment option.
  • Authenticate the transaction.


MetaMask users are limited to a $400 daily limit. Moreover, a 0.875% fee is charged after each transaction. You can use MetaMask to connect to different decentralized applications and Web3 payment services. 


In this article, we have discussed the most popular and useful ways for you to buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay. Among the 4 listed methods, you can use the one you feel is convenient.

If your iOS device already has any one of the listed apps, then it’s better to choose it to buy Bitcoin. Also, ensure to load your Apple Pay with enough USD to avoid any transaction failures. 


Q1: Is Apple Pay safe to buy Bitcoin?

A1: Yes, Apple Pay is one of the safest payment methods. Moreover, Apple has integrated multiple security features to safeguard every customer transaction.

Q2: What happens after buying Bitcoin using Apple Pay?

A2: Once you buy Bitcoin, the amount used will be debited from your Apple Pay wallet. Moreover, you’ll receive your Bitcoin in your wallet.

Q3: Can I cancel a buy order?

A3: Yes, you can cancel your order before the execution of the transaction. Once completed, you can’t reverse the transaction.

Q4: Does the price of my Bitcoin change after placing a buy order?

A4: Once you proceed with a buy order, the price stays the same till the transaction is executed. 

Q5: How long does it take to buy Bitcoin using Apple Pay?

A5: In most cases, it’ll take a few minutes to buy Bitcoin using Apple Pay. The speed of the transaction depends on the network speed of your exchange or wallet.

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