How To Buy Ripple (XRP) In Australia: Easiest Way Explained

Planning To Buy Ripple? Do you need a complete guide for it? We are here with all the information that you need. Go through the complete guide on How to buy Ripple (XRP) in Australia and come up with a suitable reason. We have tried to gather the facts, reasons, and a roadmap for you in this Article.

Ripple has been an alternative coin to Bitcoin and Etherium among the traders. The random price rise stimulated the traders’ minds to invest in XRP coins.

But, what happened to XRP after reaching a certain high price limit? Dig dive into this ‘How to buy Ripple (XRP) in Australia’ guide to know the reasons.

Buy Ripple (XRP) In Australia

How To Buy Ripple (XRP) In Australia – Quick Guide

Ripple is the financial service network on blockchain and is widely used for seamless transactions in the crypto industry. Most of the cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia or worldwide support XRP for trading and investment. Before we dive into the depth of Ripple let’s read a quick guide on how can you buy Ripple in Australia.
Visit the official website of Binance and click on the signup
◾ Once filling up your contact information, your account will be created
◾ Now you will need to complete the KYC process to verify your identity
◾ Once KYC is done you can add funds to your wallet by linking the payment method
◾ After adding funds you can buy RIpple by selecting it from the search bar
◾ Enter the amount of Ripple you want to buy
◾ Proceed with the transaction and Ripple will be added to your investments. 

These are the steps by which you can buy Ripple in Australia with ease and without any additional hassle. 

Where To Buy Ripple (XRP) In Australia

So many platforms in Australia allow users to buy, sell, and trade on their platforms. But the platforms we will deal with in the How to buy Ripple XRP in Australia guide are known for their best and undelayed services.

These crypto exchanges are Binance, Coinbase, and Houbi. Below is the article, all the information regarding these platforms supports our research and critical analysis. 

Buy Ripple On Binance

Binance is the name that every crypto enthusiast knows from the beginning of their trading journey. Most of them start their journey on Binance’s beginner-friendly and easy-to-use interface.

The reason behind its success and reputation is an abundance of cryptocurrency assets and the lowest trading fee among alike platforms. Binance at present possesses over 600 digital assets that do not let traders think of any other competing exchange.

Binance for the purchase of coins and XRP supports both Bank transfers and transactions using credit/debit cards. It at present allows purchase using Visa and MasterCard.

Buy Ripple On Coinbase

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers several services to users. Coinbase covers over 100 countries and offers services to 9 Cr users worldwide. In Australia itself, Coinbase provides services to a mass of traders.

Coinbase at the time of writing supports over 100 digital coins and regularly adds new ones to the list. Coins like XRP are difficult to get, so it is the reason XRP is not available on Coinbase mobile applications and wallets. But it has provided a complete guide on the platforms to buy the XRP from other XRP supporting exchanges.

Buy Ripple On Houbi

Houbi is one of the growing global crypto exchanges which supports over 500 digital assets and provides top security and world-class risk management systems to its users. Houbi is now in Australia too and is spread over the maximum region of Australia.

In Australia, it supports about 100 coins with high liquidity and seamless exchange. Houbi supports its users at every step from creating an account to trading.

It allows users to buy, sell, and trade in XRP coins at true cost. You can buy/ sell crypto with Fiat or with debit and credit cards.

Ways of Buying Ripple (XRP)

Every exchange receives payment for over one method at least. There are such exchanges too that allow transactions through various payment methods, such as PayPal, Bank transfers, credit or debit cards, Neteller, or Skrill.

Buy XRP With Paypal

Not all the platforms in Australia and throughout the world accept and allow you to buy digital assets using PayPal. If PayPal is the only way for you to buy assets, you can reach out to those cryptocurrency exchanges which support payments using PayPal.

Though there are other payment methods that all the platforms use. Binance Australia, Houbi, and Coinbase also do not allow users to buy cryptocurrency assets using PayPal.

Maybe in the future, they will accept payments through PayPal. Hene, Australian traders now can not buy XRP with the PayPal payment method. Until then, you can buy assets using other payment methods.

Buy XRP With Credit Card/Debit Card

Transactions through credit or debit cards are the new normal in this era. It has become the alternative payment option against cash in the real world, too. In the digital and crypto industries, most of the exchanges allow users to come and pay using credit and debit cards. 

In Binance you can buy coins using both debit or credit cards and bank transfers. On Coinbase in Australia users can only buy digital assets using a debit card. Though Coinbase receives payments through both the cards in the global market. In Australia, Houbi accepts payments using debit cards only.

Buy XRP With Neteller or Skrill

Neteller is an e-wallet that provides payment services in over 100 countries. Despite that, most of the crypto exchanges do not accept payments through Neteller.

For those who want to buy XRP with Neteller, there are very few exchanges in Australia that support the transaction with Neteller.

As discussed, all the platforms do not use Neteller or Skrill to accept payment in Australia. The same case is with Skrill. Some of the few cryptocurrency exchanges accept the payment with Skrill in Australia. If Skrill is the option for you to buy, you can look for the other exchanges except those discussed above.

Ripple (XRP) Price And Prediction

Ripple is a crypto coin, which means ripple is also a volatile asset. The price and value prediction of cryptocurrency accurately is always next to impossible. We can only guess the price of an asset on behalf of its nature and the patterns it has shown in history.

Price prediction always backs the ground knowledge of an asset. At present, Ripple’s price is around $0.65 and experts are unsure about when the Ripple will hit $0.90.

But, a bounce-back anytime can be expected on behalf of the technical indicators. Keeping a constant eye on ripple’s price can be a good part you can take.

Benefits Of Buying Ripple (XRP)

Ripple can undergo a faster transaction speed than Visa itself. Swift transition stands it out among the other cryptocurrency networks. Whereas, the transaction speed of Bitcoin can vary between 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the amount.

Ripple coin can undertake over 5000 transactions every second. Traders can bring their experience from beginners to moderate by investing in Ripple tokens because it is not as costly as Bitcoin. But low as the $1, which makes it a more secure coin.

If you have stored the XRP, you can earn passive income with it. Experts believe it will rise again in the future. Newer traders can use it to gain more experience in trading.

Risks Of Buying Ripple (XRP)

Yes, as per the experts, investment in the Ripple is risky because of the sudden price high and low. In this type of scenario, losing all the money is the biggest risk factor. There may be the opposite also, but we can not neglect the risk factors.

And in case you have decided to buy XRP, experienced traders for it suggest buying it from a legitimate crypto exchange. 

Ripple is a financial service support network and a bit more centralized, but it is integrated with blockchain, so security can be a factor you should keep in mind.

Detailed Step By Step Procedure To Buy XRP In Australia

As in the quick guide above, you have read that buying XRP in Australia involves an easy and quick process and lasts 3-4 steps. 

Choose An Exchange That Sells XRP

Because this is the very first step toward buying any token on any crypto exchange so we can not neglect it. To many beginners, finding any such platform that suits them and fulfills all needs requires extensive research and analysis.

Binance Exchange Australia

That is why it is the most hectic process before knowing how to buy Ripple (XRP) In Australia We will explore the buying procedure on Binance as this is known to the maximum number of beginner traders.

Create And Verify The Account

This is the next step after selecting the right platform for you. Say it is the Binance. On Binance, for you to buy XRP or any other coin will have to go through the account opening and identity verification process.


You need to enter your mobile number, email address, or any required detail and get them verified. After this step, Binance will redirect you to the Funding page.

Fund Your Account

This may be a technical step for many beginners and requires some previous knowledge of the transaction. After completing this process, you will be ready to hit the buy button For Funding your account in Binance you can deposit money using bank transfers and debit/credit cards.


As these are the most commonly used payment gateways on Binance but there are other ways that can also be used to add funds to the wallet, which include third-party wallets, OTC portals, ATMs, and P2P trading as well. With these gateways, you can add funds to your Binance wallet with ease.   

Buy Ripple (XRP) 

Now you are at the procedure-lasting stage. After the completion of this step, you will be redirected to the Binance trading interface where you can do what you wish with your purchased XRP.

Buy Ripple On Binance

Some options are mainly trading, stacking, and lending your assets to Binance. As you have completed the transaction, now you can hit the ‘Buy XRP’ button. And this is all done for now.

Best Wallet To Keep Your Ripple (XRP)

When it comes to storing assets with protection and security, wallets play a crucial role in this purpose. Blockchain can be the safest network for you to store your assets.

Despite that, you want your assets to protect from the hacks and manipulations of hackers on the Network. You need a wallet for this job. For you Trezor, Model 1 can be the right choice. 

Trezor Model 1

Trezor Model 1 is the hardware and is one of the safest wallets. Trezor Model 1 supports over 1000 crypto-assets and provides access to many computer operating systems.

Trezor Hardware Wallet

Operating systems such as Windows 10 or newer, macOS, and Linux. It is android and iOS supported by mobile with which you can access it anytime and anywhere.

In Australia, you can buy it from the official website for 90 EUR, which involves 21 EUR shipping charges. For more detailed information you can lend to its official website. 

How To Sell Ripple (XRP) 

Like Buying XRP on Binance, selling is also an effortless task. For selling assets, it involves three steps. In Binance you can sell XRP with P2P trading. First, you need to look for a buyer. As soon as Binance connects you with the Buyer, you will place your order.

After placing your order, Binance will escrow assets from your account. You need to confirm the payment as sent by the Buyer. P2P trading includes a low transaction fee. As you confirm the money sent by the buyer, Binance P2P will release the assets from your account.

How To Buy Ripple (XRP) In Australia: Conclusion

In this How to Buy Ripple XRP in Australia guide, we have tried to enrich you by providing the essential knowledge. Hope it is worth delivering and you will do more research before you click on the Buy Button on any crypto exchange.

We have suggested you do extensive research and critical analysis for choosing the right exchange for you. Because it is one of the biggest decisions you would make for trading. It can also reduce the risks involved with XRP Ripple.

Binance is known for its low transaction fee and the large volume of trades. Which liquifies assets rapidly. On Binance to buy the XRP or any asset using the bank transfers, you need to buy the Stable coins first which you can convert into your asset or Ripple XRP.

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