Review Australia Review Australia: Is Right For Australians?

Hi everyone today we will be reviewing one of the most popular crypto exchanges in Australia ‘’.

This detailed review Australia will help you know the pros, cons, features, and fees for trading on

With new crypto exchanges emerging every day, selecting a perfect trading exchange as per one’s needs can be a daunting task and the lack of the right information doesn’t make it any better. Review Australia – Does This Exchange Offer Anything New In 2022?

Amidst this mass number of exchanges stands,, an explicit and extremely popular name that is usually perceived to be only an exchange, however, is way more than just being a trading exchange.

In this review Australia, we will dive deeper into the different aspects of this ever-popular crypto trading exchange, and let’s find out if is the final crypto trading platform you are looking for.

Launch Year2016
Coins Supported250+
Fiat Currencies20
Trading Fee0.4%
Deposit FeeNone
Key Features
  • Live Chat Customer Support
  • Visa Debit Card
  • Earn Passive Crypto Income
  • Deposit Methods
  • Credit card
  • Cryptocurrency
  • PayPal
  • TransferWise
  • ProsOne-stop solution for trading exchange,
    digital wallet needs, NFTs market
    ConsFaced a loss of $15 Million USD worth of
    BTC because of a cyber bug exploitation
    User FriendlinessEasy To Use
    Customer SupportAverage Review Australia

    Key Points On Exchange

    ◾ is one of the oldest companies working in the field of blockchain and crypto-related services. With a long history of service delivery, is one of the most trustworthy companies in the market. 

    ◾ entertains more than 250 cryptocurrencies from around the world that allow you to choose your token as per your requirements and diversify your investments to avoid huge losses during crashes. 

    ◾ exchange comes with an overall package, from being a trading index to a digital wallet and from a price chart display to your staking solution. accommodates them all. 

    ◾ offers a comparatively lesser trading fee on its index with the charges being 0.4% up to $25,000. 

    ◾ has deployed strong compliance monitoring to ensure a high standard of security for the digital assets of its users. 

    What Is

    Started in 2016 and based in Singapore, is primarily a crypto-based trading exchange with an active user database of more than 10 million users. Exchange also serves its users as a completely digital crypto storage solution with its crypto wallet bragging of support of 100+ coins, securely encrypted private keys, one swap transfer feature, stake to earn rewards, biometrics, and 2-factor authentication process. also supports more than 20 fiat currencies from around the globe to facilitate fiat-to-crypto transactions.

    With over 250 global cryptocurrency support, crypto exchange could be a one-stop solution for those who are willing to try their luck with new blockchain projects and want to diversify their portfolio for a safe overall investment. also comes with a DeFi swap and wallet that allows its users to send their cryptos at their preferred network speed and prices. 

    One can also refer and earn through the referral program offered by this trading exchange. Review AustraliaSupported Coins cryptocurrency exchange supports over 250 crypto coins for trading on its platform with a subset of over 40 coins that can be used for staking.

    With a huge number of coins supported in its index, is highly unlikely to disappoint you with its coin availability.

    If you are planning your investment around the most high-rated tokens of the market, then rest assured, exchange got you covered. The most popular coins present on the market are:

    • Bitcoin (BTC)
    • Ethereum (ETH)
    • Cardano (ADA)
    • Dogecoin (DOGE)
    • Polkadot (DOT)

    And many more coins are present in the global index of Features And Advantages 

    Let’s discuss one of the most popular features and advantages of crypto exchange in this Australia review. 

    Live Chat Customer Support

    Even though has no explicit customer care support through a call, they have effective customer support in the form of a detailed FAQs page, email reporting and responding, and live chat support.

    A major highlight of their customer support is their live chat support which is quick, effective, and offers an overall satisfying experience. 

    Visa Debit Card exchange also offers premium-looking metal debit cards that offer a whopping 8% CRO rewards and a transactional limit of $400,000 USD with other additional benefits like. Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Airbnb Pro, and other premium subscriptions with its flagship debit card named Obsidian. 

    Earn Passive Crypto Income crypto trading platform users can avail up to 14.5% of staking benefits if they decide to stake their stable coins.

    Even though the staking benefits vary from coin to coin, e.g. for Bitcoin, it is 8% p.a and for ETC 8.5%, they can also reach 14% for a coin like USDC. offers its staking benefits on 40+ cryptocurrencies and stable coins. User Experience

    The platform uses a clean and simple interface, everything is easy to understand and navigate.

    Creating an account on exchange is super simple because the instructions shown on the site are very easy to follow.

    When talking about the exchange section, buying and selling on the platform is easy to understand even for beginners cryptocurrency exchange platform is a great choice for those users who are well versed in the good practices of crypto investments and do not want to stake their entire digital assets in the hands of third-party customer support. 

    If you are an experienced crypto investor or a newcomer who wants to try a fresh hands-on exchange, you can definitely go to Safety And Security

    Like any other good crypto wallet solution, has a detailed security philosophy backed by a good number of security measures taken to ensure the safety of its users. exchange claims to store 100% of its cryptocurrencies in its offline cold storage facilities, which is a thing that sets them apart from other industry leaders.

    With HSM, multi-signature, key-generation, and two-factor authentication, claims a completely safe and secure trading environment.

    However, basic security protocols must be practiced even while operating the safest trading options that are available in the market. Fees

    Understanding the fee structure of different crypto exchanges present in the market is undeniably a herculean task, but we in this review Australia will try our best to explain it to you in the easiest possible way. 

    Deposit Fee, like any other good and affordable crypto index, does not charge any deposit fee to its users. A variety in their withdrawal fee and trading fee allows them to keep their deposit fee to 0%. So if you have no plans to pay for depositing in your crypto wallet, you can go for 

    Withdrawal Fee offers a variable withdrawal fee for different crypto assets, which means that the rate of withdrawal fee would be marginally different from one cryptocurrency to another cryptocurrency.

    Overall, crypto exchange is quite competitive with its fee structure and could be a great choice for those who are looking out for a pocket-friendly option. 

    Trading Fees

    The trading fee for covers a lot of angles for the POV of the investors as it reduces as the volume of trade increases.

    Trading fees for an average user that does not exceed the bar of $25,000 USD have to pay a trading fee of 0.4% however if you are one of those sharks who invest more than $25,000 USD per month in crypto trading, rates can go down to as low as 0.1%.

    The best part is that you can buy CRO coins and stake them in your wallet with to earn an annual interest and your transaction fee would be deducted from your CRO coins only. Pros And Cons:

    Like any other crypto trading exchange, crypto exchange also has its share of pros and cons and in this review Australia we are covering a few of them as follows:


    • 100% coverage of coins stored in secure cold storage facilities and hot wallets storing only corporate funds
    • Wide range support for all major blockchain projects with an overall coverage of more than 250 coins
    • Staking being available for over 40+ coins can make your trading fee effectively zero if you plan your investments wisely
    • One-stop solution for trading exchange, digital wallet needs, NFTs market, and even debit cards. 
    • One of the lowest trading fees in the pool of popular trading exchanges in the market


    • Faced a loss of $15 Million USD worth of ETC because of a cyber bug exploitation
    • Not the best customer care support available, however, has an active user base to share one’s doubts and concerns. Customer Reviews And Complaints

    With not so great rating of 2.4 out of 5.0 on Trustpilot, is on the lower end when it comes to the overall customer reviews and ratings.

    One of the major reasons for this downfall in the reviews is a security breach and the loss of millions of worth of Ethereum coins.

    Most of the complaints on the various platforms include the concerns regarding the accounts getting locked out and not-so-great customer support.

    Lack of phone call support for its users also creates a gap in complaint redressal.

    However, the live chat support on crypto exchange is one of the most popular choices for its users and quite an effective one as well. 

    Is Legitimate?

    As per our research on exchange for this Review Australia, we found that is a 100% legitimate crypto trading solution with a wide user base of 1+ million users.

    It is owned by Monaco Technologies GmbH, based in Singapore, and founded in 2016.

    They also have their own token, MCO. Crypto has legitimate ties with Visa for their own debit cards and other US-based finance and insurance companies for securing the funds of their users.

    Hence, is undoubtedly a reputed and legitimate trading exchange. Contact And Customer Service

    When it comes to customer care and services, crypto exchange offers a comprehensive help center that is packed with detailed informative articles and guides on how to solve and fix the most common the minor problems which its users face and those which do not need any customer care executive support.

    However, if you still feel the need to get in touch with the support team, you can use the live chat feature provided on their website.

    This live chat feature of makes it easy to access for its users and comes at a great advantage when it comes to overall customer support rating.

    This being said, we must point out the fact that this aspect of the crypto exchange has faced criticism due to the inefficient management of a large user base.  

    How To Use

    As we mentioned above in this Cryptocom Australia Review setting up an account on this platform is a simple process. Account Setup

    Here is a small itinerary on how to use

    Step 1: Open A Account

    To open an account on the exchange you need to install’s mobile application.

    Once downloaded, open the application where you’d have to select the signup options.

    After entering your email details and deciding on a secure password for your account, you’d need to verify the details in the next step. 

    Step 2: Verify Identity

    To verify your identity on, you’d have to fill in the details of your name, a photo of your identity card, and a selfie. will match the details with the identity card you provided and then you’d have to go through a ‘Know Your Customer or KYC process by filling up other details such as contact information and social security number.

    Once completed, you can add your bank account to your account and start with adding funds to your account. 

    Step 3: Deposit Funds / Instant Buy

    To add funds to your wallet, go to fiat wallet > Transfer > Deposit > AUD > ACH where you’d have to fill in the details of routing number, account number, account type, bank name, and bank address.

    You can also add money via Wire transfer. 

    To buy crypto, just select that coin, click on buy now and enter the amount and the cost will be cut from your wallet. 

    Step 4: Storage

    The crypto which you buy will be stored at your wallet where you’d be able to maintain your portfolio and monitor the prices and percentage of profit and loss in clear numbers. Review Australia – Conclusion

    Amidst a huge number of digital wallet solutions and trading exchanges in Australia that look almost identical in their features, it has become the need of the day to be knowledgeable about minor details of your crypto choices

    After deep research and considering customer reviews, we can conclude that Cryptocom seems to be one of the best platforms in Australia if you would like to buy cryptocurrency in a fast and user-friendly manner

    And with this review Australia we hope that we’re able to deliver quality information at your disposal to help you with an intelligent and smart choice. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you margin trade on

    Yes, you can margin trade on

    Do Visa cards have annual fees?

    Yes, all the Visa cards of charge a marginal annual fee. 

    Is app available in Australia?

    Yes, is not only available but quite popular in Australia.

    How do I top up my AUD card?

    Go to card website > Top Up > Debit Card > Input Details > Input amount > Confirm the transaction

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