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What Is Crypto Crew University And Is It A Scam?

Since the inception of cryptocurrencies and the time when they started gaining popularity, a lot of trading courses came into existence that helps crypto traders to learn more about it and make huge profits.

Among the very big list of cryptocurrency trading courses, the crypto crew University is one of the famous courses that has been also in news for a lot of time. 

What Is Crypto Crew University And How Is It Different From Other Courses?

So, back in the early days of crypto, a creator named Steve Courtney came up with the crypto crew University course.

It is a course, that helps traders to learn about the trading strategies that could help them to make good profits.

Crypto Crew University

But very few people have used it now there has been a question if its strategies are really worthy or it’s just a scam. In this blog, we will try to answer all your questions regarding crypto university. 

Most of the courses by Crypto crew University costs around $10k which is quite a huge amount.

Hence a lot of people find the training programs and courses quite overpriced. But people can also access the youtube channel with more than 100k subscribers that offer a lot of videos on the same niche.

Different Courses Offered By Crypto Crew University.

Crypto crew University comes with a variety of courses that helps people to make a lot of money. Some of the people who can use courses are following.

✔ Long term Investors

✔ Swing traders

✔ And Day traders.

Such people have made a lot of money but at the same time, people who were not successful think it is a big scam that will not evolve certainly.

Hence a lot of questions arise among the people such as if people are really making a lot of money with cryptocurrencies, which one is the best practice, day trading or swing trading, and a lot more. 

All these questions are valid because most people have been victims of different cryptocurrencies where it just took hard-earned money from the investors and ran away.

Due to this reason, people have been thinking that is crypto crew university a scam,? but on the other side, if you pick the correct cryptocurrency, you can have good long-term returns. 

Various Levels Of Courses Are Offered By Crypto Crew University.

The Crypto crew University has listed its courses into three different levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. We will discuss every level in detail here.

Steves Cryto University

Beginner Level Courses

Steve’s Famous Hybrid Indicator

It is one of the most purchased courses that includes a feature where crypto traders could get alerts on their email and phone devices.

Such alerts could be treated as tips or suggestions to make trades.

Some of the other beginner-level courses include 3 hours of training where people learn about some basic stuff such as setting up the Bitcoin chart, how to buy and trade bitcoin, analyzing the trading view chart, setting up the investment strategy, and a list of different resources to learn about crypto. 

Intermediate Level Of Courses

Once people have done the beginner’ level courses, they can try exploring more about trading strategies and blockchain technology.

To make it quite easier for learners, the intermediate level of courses are split into 5 different courses of one-hour duration each.

The areas that the Intermediate level of courses cover are the following.

👉 Setting Up charts of platforms like trading view platforms.

👉 7 skills to become a black belt in trading.

👉 Top secrets to know if the market is in a downtrend or uptrend.

👉 Top tricks and tips to be used on the trading view platform.

👉 Making strategies using RSI, interpreting data and graphs, and moving averages.

There are some other perks that you get with the Intermediate level of courses such as :

 ▶  A complete list of different altcoins along with strategies to make profits in winning coins.

▶  Tips and tricks to understand about fake coins and high return coins.

▶  Steve’s secret recipe to make huge investments.

A lot of common mistakes are made by everyone in crypto, but if you don’t want to commit those mistakes then this is the best course for you.

You can learn a lot from such courses even though you have good experience in cryptocurrency trading courses. 

Advanced Level Courses

Such a course is specifically designed for people who want to learn about powerful strategies to make money and try to get a deeper understanding of indicators used in different types of trading such as Swing trading, day trading, or Short term Investments.

There is a variety of benefits offered by such courses. Some of them are listed below.

✅ Tutorials on Different advanced Indicators such as Chart patterns, Money Flow Index, MACD, Stochastic RSI, Bollinger Bands, and a lot more.

✅ A how-to guide on the usage of indecision chart patterns such as ascending or descending Symmetrical triangles.

✅ The best strategy is to use continuous chart patterns like Bearish Pennant, Bearish or Bullish trends, Wedges such as falling or rising pattern wedges.

✅ A tutorial on Reversal chart patterns like Head and Shoulders, Double bottom, or Double top.

✅ More understanding about candle patterns like GraveStone Doji, Dragon Fly, Engulfing patterns, and morning or evening stars.

✅ Strategies to use the Trading view platform in a more efficient way.

Pro Courses

Before we discuss it, there are a few important things to know, All the Pro courses are designed for crypto traders who have completed and understood all the concepts given in beginner, Intermediate and advanced levels.

This is the next level course for people who want to learn more and take trading as a profession.

 Anyone who wants to set bigger goals and make more profits can try doing this course but only when they are completely confident and have completed the other levels.

There is no foundation on the type of trading you do, a swing trader, long-term investor, or day trader can do this course. 

This course will help you to know quite a more things that will upgrade your level and make you a pro. You will get tutorials on various aspects.

Some of the topics that it emphasizes are :

A step-by-step guide, to trade like PRO.

Understand the critical steps to set up the position size and reward calculations.

Binance tutorials

Trading journal.

Once anyone has completed this goal, they would be able to achieve a lot more and make good trading strategies that they can share with people. Also if you do all courses at Crypto crew University, you can get a great discount.

What people do think of Crypto Crew University and Are they really a Scam?

Most people consider this to be a great course if anyone looking to build a career in cryptocurrency trading.

There are a lot of good courses that master an individual in the crypto field. This helps people who are going through certain problems such as :

▶ Losing Money while doing cryptocurrency trading.

▶ Not able to attain financial freedom.

▶ Wrong decisions for buys and sells.

▶ Spending a lot of time in front of the computer to make strategies.

Final Thoughts On Crypto Crew University

A lot of people have got results that show that this crypto university course has added some value to people’s trading work.

Talking about the prices, although it seems quite high if you check features and topics they are teaching is quite justifiable.

In short, if you want to learn to trade and understand how the dynamics of trading works then this might be the best choice for you. 

But you should always remember that there is a lot of practice needed to become a good trader, you cant completely depend on courses because they will only teach you concepts, but the implementation you need to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ Is it worth spending a lot of money on such courses?

The training offers some good topics to learn and work on. It has proved that a lot of people have been benefited from the course. Although there is a free channel on youtube, most people don’t end up completing courses, this will help them to learn in a disciplined way.

❓ How do such courses add value to one’s trading work?

There are a lot of different aspects of the courses offered by Cryptocrew University. Here is a small overview of the things one will learn.

  • Charts and Indicators.
  • 15 hours of training module based on different levels.
  • Help and support.

❓ Can buyers pay at regular intervals instead of doing one-time payments?

Yes, People who don’t want to make payment in a single time, they can pay at regular intervals of 12 months or 3 months. But these lead to some extra charges.

❓ Is there any refund if the user does not like the course?

No, currently Crypto Crew University does not offer any refund since the price is already too high. 

❓ What are the alternative ways to make money?

There are lot more ways to make money using stocks and various other financial models that you can use and invest your money

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