Ellipal Wallet Review

Ellipal Wallet Review – Leader Of Air-Gapped Cold Wallet?

With the trending technologies, crypto has reached its heights in 2022. Have you ever wished you could use your cryptocurrency with the convenience of a wallet that’s not connected to the internet? The Ellipal Titan Hardware Wallet has been specifically designed for these users. Here is a detailed Ellipal Wallet Review

Ellipal Wallet Review – Can You Trust This Cold Wallet?

This blog post is going to discuss what an Ellipal hardware wallet is. It will cover the most critical components of the wallet and their functionality, as well as details on how hardware wallets work. The below information will also provide a brief overview of the different user experiences, as well as an essential manual for using it. 

Ellipal Wallet Review
Wallet NameEllipal Titan
Cryptocurrencies Supported10000+
SecurityAir-Gapped Cold Wallet
Customer SupportGood
Key Features
  • Support For Over 10,000 Coins
  • Large Touchscreen
  • 100% Air-Gapped
  • Beginner FriendlyYes
    Mobile SupportAndroid/IOS
    Contents Inside The Box
  • Ellipal hardware wallet
  • USB cable
  • Warranty card
  • User Manual
  • Memory Card
  • ProsAir-Gapped
    ConsNo biometric access is integrated into the wallet

    5 Key Points On Hardware Wallets

    Following are the important points that one should know about hardware wallets

    Hardware Wallets are physical devices that securely store and protect cryptocurrency offline.
    ◾ Generally, hardware wallets are small enough to fit in your pocket and have a USB connection but can also have an actual portable/tastable device or mobile app for easy access
    ◾  If you wish to use your hardware wallet to receive cryptocurrency, the transfer will be instantaneous
    ◾ Hardware wallets do not have a third-party owner
    ◾ As soon as you set up a hardware wallet, you can use it for receiving and sending cryptocurrencies

    What Is The Ellipal Titan?

    The Ellipal Titan Wallet is a Hardware wallet that provides mobile security and simplicity for your digital asset holdings. The Ellipal Titan wallet is a hardware cryptocurrency wallet that supports various cryptocurrencies and features unique security features. The Ellipal Titan cold wallet boasts a number of features, including:

    You can enjoy portability, ease of use, and security on the go. It’s built with an ultra-high-grade secure chip to protect your assets to the fullest extent possible. As an open-source project,  it’s trustworthy. And you have complete control over your private keys – nobody has access 

     them but you. You can also store a diverse range of cryptocurrencies in one place by using Ellipal’s atomic swap exchange and trading platform for digital trading currencies.

    With support for 521-bit ECDSA signing, the Ellipal crypto wallet provides a different layer of security based on elliptic curve encryption. Ellipal’s state-of-the-art security ensures that sensitive data can be stored and transmitted in encrypted form while hardware modules verify digital signatures. 

    What Is In The Box? 

    The Ellipal Titan box supports around 10000 cryptocurrencies and is water-resistant. It comes with the following components in its box: 

    Ellipal Titan Inside The Box

    1. Ellipal hardware wallet: The hardware wallet comes in a nice and elegant white box with the Ellipal logo. It’s extremely sleek.

    2. USB cable: Inside the package, you also get a micro-USB cable to connect your device to your computer, which is handy and it means you don’t have to buy a separate one and carry around another cable.

    3. Warranty card: Warranty card is available in the Ellipal device in the middle with all the information on it.

    4. User Manual: The manual is concise and easy to understand.  

    5. Two stickers: You get two stickers that you can stick on your device to make sure that it is easily recognizable amongst other storage devices. 

    6. One memory card

    Ellipal Titan Features 

    Ellipal cold wallet is a secure crypto wallet for private keys and transactions with an easy-to-use interface.

    It is for crypto enthusiasts who don’t want to use the web and are security conscious, as it ensures complete physical isolation from the internet. This means that your online connection to Ellipal isn’t connected to the internet so your device doesn’t leak out any information that could lead to stealing your coins, including decryption keys! 

    The great thing about the Ellipal Titan wallet is that it comes with a mobile app, so you can approve transactions without needing an internet connection. The app also allows you to keep track of balances over time and send coins instantly or remotely between devices.

    Here in this section of this Ellipal Wallet Review let us discuss some of the most important features that the Ellipal Titan hardware wallet offers.

    Support For Over 10,000 Coins

    Ellipal wallet is a hardware wallet that supports all major coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins. It has a built-in screen reader that makes it accessible to everyone. It is also one of the few wallets that support Tether. You can store your coins safely offline using the secure Ellipal vault, and you can even spend your coins using the peer-to-peer payment system known as Airbitz.

    Large Touchscreen

    The large touchscreen displays everything you need to know about your cryptocurrency holdings. Whenever you want to see the price of a certain coin, tap the designated button. The actual display is large enough to see the price on a single screen easily.

    100% Air-Gapped

    The operating system of the device is entirely separate from any internet connection. It was built to function entirely offline, and the device is always air-gapped. It helps the users to stay away from any security breach or any type of loss of data that can affect their computer drastically. 

    Ellipal Titan Interface And Ease Of Use

    The interface of the Ellipal Titan air-gapped wallet was designed with the user in mind. It is built to be simple yet offers all the important information about your coin holdings.

    The total value of the coins in your wallet is displayed at a glance, and the interface includes an easy-to-read table of contents that lists all available information.

    The handy design, better connectivity, and other user-centric features have been added to make sure that all the Ellipal users have not only a safe but smooth experience while using their hardware wallet. 

    Ellipal Titan Supported Coins

    Ellipal supports over 10,000 coins. The Ellipal Titan wallet once connected with the help of QR codes to the Ellipal App becomes ready to transfer any data easily. Hence the transactions occur without any hindrance with the help of sync with your required blockchain. Balance can be seen in your account during this process only. 

    Ellipal serves as the secured way of connecting your private key with respect to any of your Bitcoins offline. Moreover, due to the large availability of the supported coins users can easily diversify and reduce their risks in this process.

    Here is a list of some coins that it supports:

    Ellipal Wallet Review Safety & Security 

    Ellipal Titan is an Air-Gapped cold hardware crypto wallet that provides you full control of your keys and data at all times. The wallet fits in the palm of your hand, is portable, and can be kept discreetly with a discreet carrying case (to hide it from public view). It also has a high level of security and durability, which makes it perfect for air travel.

    Private keys are generated on the air-gapped device and never transmitted to a server. Privacy is guaranteed by default; anyone can access no information leaks or data. The only way to access your funds is through the air-gapped hardware device or a USB connection.

    Ellipal Titan provides unparalleled security without compromising convenience. The key to the Ellipal Titan cold wallet is a state-of-the-art component that combines a high level of security and safety with a small form factor. Pairing this component with its state-of-the-art software further enhances protection.

    Ellipal Titan Pros And Cons 

    Ellipal Titan wallet is quite secure and safe with respect to other wallets and is preferable among users. Following are the advantages and disadvantages of the Ellipal Titan hardware wallet:


    • Very low power consumption
    • Uses an ARM processor for increased security
    • Low cost to implement the wallet
    • Open-source
    • All code is open to scrutiny
    • Air-Gapped


    • No biometric access is integrated into the wallet as it uses an ARM processor for increased security.
    • Shorter battery life

    Ellipal Titan Pricing

    The Ellipal titan cold wallet cost around $119 in 2022. Ellipal possesses around 16GB micro SD for any type of software updates in it which hence makes the price suitable for users. The price is completely justified because it is immune to “Hot Wallet” hacking. All information is encrypted into a chip that cannot be broken or hacked by any virus, malware, or cyber attack. 

    Even if your phone is lost or stolen, you can remove your wallet information from it in a matter of seconds with just one password. Alongside, Your private key is never stored on a third-party server and stays between you and your device at all times for ultimate security. There’s no way for anyone to freeze or take away your funds without access to this single device.

    Ellipal Titan Customer Support

    Ellipal crypto wallet stands out in the market thanks to its attractive features – the product is simple and offers good customer support. Ellipal titan offers world-class customer support 24/7, 365 days a year.

    They understand the importance of this service, and the team is equipped to handle any problem faced with ellipal titan.

    As per many Ellipal Wallet Review, we can undoubtedly say that the users are well satisfied with the wallet’s customer support.

    The Ellipal wallets tech team is always at hand to help you, from day one to years after purchase. They will be there to answer more complex questions about your device or streamline your use with new features and updates.

    You can trust the tech team and the community which Ellipal has been able to formulate over a long period. The loyal customers are always there to welcome the new ones. 

    Ellipal Titan vs KeepKey Wallet

    Ellipal air gapped wallet is an excellent wallet that allows for more security than other wallets. The user interface is also designed so that even beginners can use it to make sure everyone can make transactions. 

    Ellipal Titan vs KeepKey Wallet

    However, the Keepkey wallet is also a popular wallet that provides robust security features and multiple ways of protecting your information. It also allows users to conduct transactions in cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    Both wallets are exceptional and offer a good level of protection. If you decide to use Keepkey, you will also be able to use it for Ethereum. If you don’t want to use Ethereum, then Ellipal wallet is a better choice.

    Ellipal is an excellent choice as it provides more protection for the user than Keepkey does. This is useful if you are worried about your security and want something which offers additional security features. In this case, the Ellipal wallet would be a better option because of the added security it provides.

    Ellipal Wallet Review: Conclusion

    Ellipal titan hardware wallet offers an air-gapped crypto hard wallet, which means you’re storing your private keys on a device that is never connected to any other network. It also offers two-factor authentication and the option to have it generate both wallet addresses and public keys from a single seed.

    If you want to store a large amount of crypto on your home computer and you’re worried about keyloggers, this product is right for you.

    If a device is air-gapped, keyloggers can’t record private keys or public keys. The device itself connects to your computer via USB and is powered via USB. It has its display, keypad, and antenna/Bluetooth on it.

    We hope this Ellipal Wallet review helped you get a better understanding of the wallet and its features

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the Ellipal Titan good?

    Yes, Ellipal Titan is good as it is air-gapped, hence, saving it from any hindrance or cyber-attacks. It possesses a tamper-resistant aluminum alloy case which helps to protect your data and saves you from any security breach activities. 

    Can Ellipal be hacked?

    No, Ellipal is air-gapped, which means it cannot be connected to the internet. Therefore, it cannot be hacked.

    Is Ellipal better than the ledger?

    Yes. Ellipal is better than Ledger because it has a better user interface and is more secure. Also well the air gap protection is an added advantage to it.

    Does Ellipal work with iOS?

    Yes. Ellipal application works with iOs as it is a mobile-oriented hardware wallet which hence makes it a quite high-quality wallet.

    Why is the Ellipal Titan Air-Gapped?

    Ellipal Titan is air-gapped to protect it from hackers to avoid any unnecessary remote attacks. Moreover, it is secured as specific QR codes are generated to transfer any data which makes it authentic.

    Is Ellipal Titan Good for Storing Bitcoin?

    Yes. Ellipal Titan is suitable for storing Bitcoin as it is secured due to its air-gapped hardware wallet. Even Ellipal is quite careful with all your credentials and hence specific QR codes is a plus to it.

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