EverGrow Coin Price Prediction, Future Of EGC

EverGrow Coin Price Prediction, Future Of EGC

Do you like to know about a crypto project that has been trending in recent times? The increase in participation in crypto-related activities resulted in the development of faster and cheaper crypto transactions. 

The demand for crypto platforms offering lower gas fees is increasing. Moreover, developers tend to choose such budget-friendly platforms to develop crypto applications. 

Here in this article, we’ll go through EverGrow Coin and its features. Also, you’ll know about the price prediction of this token for the coming years.

What Is EverGrow (EGC)?

Launched in September 2021, EverGrow is a cryptocurrency built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This crypto project rewards its token holders in BUSD. EverGrow acts as a platform that connects crypto with fiat currency users. Moreover, this connection will add more active daily users to the EverGrow ecosystem.

What Is EverGrow (EGC)?

You can use the EverGrow platform to buy, sell or swap your cryptocurrencies. Also, the platform will reward your transactions. You can also find the EverGrow app on your mobile device from the App Store and Google Play. 

EverGrow uses the BSC network to provide 10x speed to its transactions compared to its competitors. In addition, here the gas fee charged is also low. Within the first month of the project’s launch, EverGrow succeeded in gaining its first 10,000 coin holders. Moreover, the number of coin holders reached 100,000 in another month.

EverGrow is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM). This feature supports Ethereum tools to develop decentralized applications. Moreover, developers can also benefit from the low transaction fees. 

The major features provided by EverGrow include the following:

  • LunaSky NFT Marketplace: A platform that allows users to create, buy and sell NFTs by paying lower gas fees.
  • Creator Social Media Platform: A social media platform built using a content subscription model.
  • EverGrow Crypto Wallet: A crypto wallet designed to store and trade cryptocurrencies. 
  • AbstractVR Metaverse: A Metaverse platform to reward and provide a virtual experience for its users. 

EverGrow Coin (EGC) is the native token of the EverGrow crypto project. Users and developers can use this crypto coin to pay platform fees. The EverGrow project also has a good online community with over 22,000 Reddit followers. 

EverGrow Coin Price Prediction 

EverGrow is trading at $0.00000007473 with an average daily trading volume of $26,016. The majority of EverGrow Coin’s trading volume is on decentralized exchanges.

EverGrow Coin Price Prediction 

The current market cap of this coin is $35,059,103, with a fully diluted market cap of $74,676,541. At the time of writing, the project has nearly 140,000 EGC holders. Moreover, this project has distributed more than $38 million in rewards. 

EverGrow Coin reached its all-time high price of $0.000003379 on November 01, 2021. However, the current price is trading almost 98% below its all-time-high price. 

Considering all these price factors and technical analysis, let’s look at the price predictions of EverGrow Coin.

Price Prediction For 2023

The average expected price of EverGrow Coin in 2023 is $0.00000017. Moreover, the price also has the potential to touch a high price level of $0.00000020. Moreover, you can also expect the price to reach a low of $0.00000014.

Price Prediction For 2025

Based on the demand in 2023, EverGrow Coin can reach an average trading price of $0.00000038 in 2025. However, the price of this coin also has the potential to reach $0.00000046 in that same year. Moreover, the price can also fall as low as $0.00000034 based on market conditions. 

Price Prediction For 2030

The demand for EverGrow coin can help its average price be $0.00000245 in 2030. In addition, the price can reach as high as $0.00000267.However, you can also expect the price to create a low of $0.00000232.

How To Buy EverGrow Coins (EGC)? 

You can buy EverGrow Coins from centralized exchanges like LATOKEN, DigiFinex, or Bitrue. Unfortunately, these exchanges have shallow trading volumes. In that case, it’s better to buy EverGrow Coins from PancakeSwap (V2). 

How To Buy EverGrow Coins (EGC)? 

Follow these steps to buy EverGrow Coins:

  • Visit the website of PancakeSwap(V2).
  • Connect your crypto wallet with the platform. PancakeSwap(V2) supports popular wallets such as MetaMask, Binance Wallet, Trust Wallet, WalletConnect, Brave Wallet, and more. 
  • After connecting your wallet, you need to select your preferred network among Aptos, BNB, and Ethereum. Here, select “BNB” as your network.
  • Next, load your wallet with WBNB tokens, as the PancakeSwap(V2) platform supports only the trading pair WBNB/EGC.
  • Click on the “Trade” section. You can find this section on the top left corner of the PancakeSwap(V2) homepage.
  • Next, choose “Swap.”
  • Choose WBNB as the first swap token.
  • Next, choose “EGC” as the second token.
  • Now, you’ll find the EGC coin. Click “Import.”
  •  Enter the number of WBNB tokens you want to swap for EGC coins.
  •  Finally, click “SWAP” to complete the process.


Ensure to check the liquidity provider fees before completing the swap. Also, double-check to confirm that the network selected is BNB. 


Q1: What is the total token supply of the EverGrow project?

A1: EverGrow project has a total token supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 EGC coins.

Q2: How are EGC coin holders rewarded?

A2: 8% of all transactions in the EverGrow platform get redistributed among the EGC coin holders. These coin holders get paid in BUSD on an hourly basis. 

Q3: How does ECG maintain liquidity on the PancakeSwap platform?

A3: To maintain solid liquidity on PancakeSwap, EverGrow transfers 2% of its transactions to PancakeSwap’s liquidity pool. 

Q4: Does EverGrow have strong community support?

A4: Yes, the EverGrow project is active on social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Discord, Telegram, Reddit, and Facebook. Their official Twitter page has over 65,000 followers. At the same time, their Facebook has over 12,000 followers. 

Q5: How secure is the EverGrow crypto project?

A5: EverGrow has passed audits conducted by CertiK, Techrate, and Solidity Finance. 


Based on the user demand and the features provided, the future of EverGrow looks bright. Along with the project’s growth, EverGrow Coin’s price also tends to rise. 

The price prediction of EverGrow Coin mentioned in this article is based on the technical analysis of the coin and its parameters. The predicted price can also vary based on the future activities of the EverGrow project. 

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