Exodus Wallet Review Australia

Exodus Wallet Review Australia: Is It Safe To Use In 2022?

Reading this Exodus wallet Review Australia could be one of the finest decisions you can make before actually going for the wallet as the right decision-makers are not only those who are born leaders, but it is a skill that you also can be a master in.

Harshly, there is no single way and formula to reach the desired result, but learning the right decision-making can take you a long way.

Exodus Wallet Review Australia – All You Need To Know In 2022

Lots of extensive research back right decisions, either you read books or ask friends and relatives. 

Exodus Wallet review Australia

You are here on this page to read the Exodus wallet review Australia to make the right decision that works for you.

Not by manipulating your ideas, but by having a mental model from scratch. Perhaps, you will know shortly if you stick here, How Exodus wallet can be the right choice.

What Is Exodus Australia Wallet?

A crypto wallet is a secured, managed, and regulated space that allows you to send, receive cryptos with all the ease.

Exodus Wallet Australia

Exodus wallet is a digital wallet that is secure, manages 160+ digital assets, and allows you to send or receive a wide number of cryptocurrencies under its umbrella.

The Exodus wallet is one of the world’s leading, reliable and trustable desktop, mobile, and hardware cryptocurrency wallets.

Easy to use, learn and have no boring requirements. Exodus landed on a world platform in 2015, empowering you to manage and exchange your assets like a pro with top-class security and protection.

Key Points On Exodus Wallet

Exodus wallet comes with a bundle of applications for Android and iOS users to have better control of their assets. 

◾With no technicalities involved, Exodus wallet could be the perfect choice for those who are not too much into the technicalities. 

◾Directed from the minds of JP Richardson and Daniel Castagnoli Exodus wallet has kept the design its priority to make it user-friendly and interactive. 

◾160+ cryptocurrencies can be exchanged, sent, and received on the beautifully designed desktop, mobile, and hardware wallets and on Exodus applications. 

◾Exodus is one of the most secure ways to access your cryptocurrency.

Which Cryptocurrencies Can I Store In Exodus Wallet? 

Exodus wallet currently supports over 160 cryptocurrencies and is on its way towards bringing more assets on a single platform.

It also supports widely used and most important coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It supports most of the altcoins such as Bi-nance coin, USD coin, Dogecoin, Polygon, wrapped bitcoin, Litecoin, Cosmos, Algorand, Theta, and Tezos, etc.

Exodus Mobile App

From anywhere in the world, you can manage and have command over your digital assets. You can start without being a digital geek and start with only setting up your account.

Beautifully designed and easy-to-use applications empower you to build an efficacious portfolio in crypto.

On behalf of the easy user interface, these applications are admirable around the world among all the users of Exodus wallet. 

Exodus Wallet User Experience

Exodus is a non-custodial wallet that supports a diversity of coins and an easy-to-use interface that runs on desktops and on its various applications.

Throughout the world, Exodus is in use for its financial sovereignty. As per Exodus wallet reviews Australia, It is one of the best options for those who are new to cryptocurrency. Exodus doesn’t charge its users for sending and receiving crypto assets.

The 24/7 help desk is open to support not only novice customers but also their experienced users.

Exodus is not only a wallet but more than that, it provides a space for its users to exchange multiple currencies and to invest in some of the most popular currencies of the world.

Exodus Wallet Australia Features

Exodus is a software, decentralized wallet backed by blockchain technology.

Exodus provides outstanding features that enable users to overcome the overwhelming tedious discomfort of manual token transfers and hash signatures.

Multiple crypto exchanges can take place on one platform, as well it supports staking.

People have to download a desktop and mobile application to start using this future-proof crypto storage solution. 

Exchange Cryptos Directly From The Wallet 

Exodus allows you to direct the exchange of your currencies from third parties exchange providers.

What you have to do is to send your currency to the third party exchange provider and you will receive the exchanged amount of your money.

There will be only a minimal networking charge that you have to pay for the exchange. However, sending and receiving the exchanges are free.


Here is a way through which you can earn a passive income in your wallet. Currently, Exodus supports staking on 7 different currencies and together can earn rewards.

These are Algorand (AlGO), Cardano (ADA) Cosmos (ATOM), Ontology (ONT) and Ontology gas (ONG),

Solana (SOL), Tezos (XTZ), VeChain (VET), and Vethor (VTHO). 

Staking could be a life-changing decision if you decide to stake the right token at the right time as it could source a passive income but also hold your assets during the dips. 


This is another way to generate passive income. You will have to first install the reward application.

When you first start staking, it will take 20 days to get approved and another 5 days to complete the first cycle.

It will pay rewards after 10 days you have earned them and in this way you avail the awards from the Exodus wallet. 

How Much Does An Exodus Wallet Charge? 

As per many Exodus wallet reviews Australia, Exodus does not charge users the transaction fee.

The only fee that you have to pay is for the service of the blockchain technology to be used or a minimal fee for transactions.

It is always not possible to estimate the network fee, so users have to be aware of the network fee before the transaction as it deducts the same amount from the wallet automatically. 

How Do I Make Or Receive Payments With Exodus?

It is easy to make or receive payment on Exodus wallet. You will only have to enable yourself in the setting. You can thus receive over 160+ currencies in your wallet easily. 

When you click on the receive button, Exodus pops up your receiving crypto address. Copy the address and you will share it with the sender.

The receiving address is like your physical bank account number. You first send them your account number so the payment takes place.

You can receive payments on your desktop wallets and mobile wallets at your convenience. 

How Secure Is Exodus Wallet?

Exodus provides you with the ownership of your own assets. Exodus holds a store and provides you its custody, unlike other competitors.

Or you can say it is the mediator between you and the miners who process your money through blockchain technology in which you have complete control over your assets. 

It does not store any of your data and does not even ask you for authentication. It makes you the security manager of your assets as well.

Now, when you will protect your data on your desktop or anywhere else, it will direct you to keep it secure, and this is how Exodus works. 

Pros And Cons Of The Exodus Crypto Wallet

Like any other crypto wallet, the exodus wallet too has its own positives and negatives here in this section of Exodus wallet review Australia will discuss some of the pros and cons of the Exodus Wallet. 


  • Exodus wallet supports an enormous variety of coins.
  • The interface that Exodus provides to its users is very easy and understandable.
  • It allows you to transfer your money from your wallet with all ease.
  • It does not charge the transaction fee; it deducts the networking fee directly from your wallets and the user is aware of that.
  • It helps you earn passively in your wallet through staking or holding your money for the time being


  • It does not hold the identity of the users, so users are themselves responsible for their funds. 
  • It does not support crypto to fiat transactions.

Exodus Wallet Contact And Customer Service

There are several users who join Exodus daily, and if they feel a lack of support, they can directly contact the Exodus team.

Otherwise, the easy-to-use interface does not make them feel the need to ask for any customer support. 

You can contact the Exodus customer support team on various social media platforms like Facebook or you can directly mail them support@Exodus.com with your issue.

They will reach up to you shortly with the solution. Exodus customer service is available 24/7.

Exodus customer service does not ask you about your sensitive details and hence always remember to not share your sensitive information with anyone. 

Where Can I Get The Exodus Wallet?

Exodus is available for free to download. You can also download the Exodus wallet from its official website.

Exodus can fit anywhere, it can run anywhere. Windows, iPad, iPhone, Android, Linux, and macOS users can all download the Wallet. It might take a short time to get started. 

Android users can download it from the google play store to start their journey of exchanging assets. A customer-centered crypto wallet can work from anywhere in this world. 

Exodus Wallet Review Australia – How To Use Exodus Wallet

To benefit from the features that Exodus provides, land on the official website of the Exodus.

Be aware of fraudulent websites and check for security. Download only if you are sure it is the right website.

You can further proceed by reading the instructions given below. Visit the Exodus website and download the app.

Open your browser on whatever device or operating system you are working on. 

Windows users can go for the installation when the downloading is complete. In a while, you will get started with it.

For the macOS users, after the download is complete, click the installer and get started easily.

Backup Your Wallet

Before getting further, Exodus will ask you if the wallet is right for you or not with a quick trial. 

When you ensure the Exodus, the wallet is your choice, then it is safer for you to go for the backup.

It will not let your assets go down if you forget your access keys and allows an easy recovery process. 

Make A Deposit 

After you have established your choice to use the wallet, you can now deposit an amount in it.

This is your choice of how much you want to first deposit in your wallet or anyone out of the 160+ currencies supported by the Exodus.

You can finish the step in a few quick steps guided by the application itself. 

Exchange Cryptos

With all your ease, Exodus allows you to exchange your currencies with third-party exchange providers.

You do not need to create an account. Exodus has brought trading at your fingertip. You can trade over 70 cryptocurrencies supported, and that’s the main USP of Exodus. 

Exodus Wallet vs MetaMask Wallet

After the different analyses of the data available about both the wallets, we can conclude that Exodus has been a good service provider.

Exodus Wallet Vs MetaMask Wallet

Overall, or in particular, Exodus, provides more opportunities to its users. Several platforms like Windows, Android, iPhone, macOS, Linux, and SaaS support Exodus, on the other hand, MetaMask is supported by only a few platforms such as iPhone, Android, and iPad.

Both are online platforms, but Exodus also provides 24/7 customer service which Metamask does not.

Exodus supports multiple currencies, whereas MetaMask only supports a few.

Exodus comes with its applications to support the customers, but MetaMask does not entertain any such variety.

Exodus Wallet Review Australia – Conclusion

Anyone who is interested in the new currency or what we call future fiat must try Exodus wallet at least once.

We loved the feature that it does not store our information and sensitive details.

For many users, it might be a concern, but this makes sure that Exodus wallet does not have any interest in the personal data of its users.

In this Exodus wallet review Australia we tried our best to cover almost all the aspects of this crypto wallet and we hope that this review will help you to make a better decision while choosing a crypto-wallet as per your needs. 

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