How To Buy Crypto With A Credit Card

How To Buy Crypto With A Credit Card?- Is It Safe To Buy Crypto With Credit Card?

Like dot-com stocks in the 90s and gold in the 1850s, everyone is now into crypto and wants to buy it. Purchasing Cryptocurrency has become quite easy, unlike in 2008, during the bitcoin launch.

There are numerous ways, such as net banking, cash, and credit card, through which you can buy cryptos. In this Blog, we will discuss some important steps to buy Crypto with a Credit Card.

Can You Buy Crypto With a Credit Card?

There are different Credit cards available that you can use on any of the cryptocurrency Exchanges, such as, eToro, and Binance, to buy cryptocurrencies. Some of the most widely used credit cards are American Express, Bank of America, Barclays, Discover, Chase, and Wells Fargo. 

How To Buy Crypto With A Credit Card

If you have any regional card supported in your region, you can buy through that. Before you purchase cryptocurrencies through a credit card, you should consider some important points, such as the following.

  • Few exchanges support only Mastercard or Visa Credit Cards.
  • Many exchanges might require you to deposit funds through a credit card.
  • Only quite a few exchanges allow the use of American Express Credit Cards.

How To Buy Crypto With A Credit Card?

This section will discuss some of the basic steps that would allow you to purchase cryptocurrencies hassle-free from credit cards. 

Find An Exchange That Allows Credit Card Transactions

The fundamental step is to find some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges that support the credit card for purchasing the crypto. Once you choose cryptocurrency exchange, create an account and verify your identity by submitting the KYC documents.

Double-Check That Your Card Issuer Allows Crypto Purchases

As discussed before, quite a few credit cards do not allow users to purchase cryptocurrencies. Hence, you should check all the terms and conditions and find out if they support the exchange you chose in the first step.

Enter Your Payment Method

Most Cryptocurrency Exchanges have an in-built wallet you need to fund. You can fund that wallet with fiat currency through your credit card or any other payment mode. While you initiate the deposit process, choose a payment method as a credit card. 

💡 How To Buy Crypto With A Credit Card Note: The simplest way to buy cryptocurrency online is with a Visa or MasterCard credit card.

 Set Up Your Transaction

After you have initiated the transaction through a credit card, Verify your identity by confirming the one Time password or an email link. Soon after identity verification, your transaction will be approved, and your wallet will be deposited with the expected amount.

Pay Off Your Balance As Soon As Possible

Credit Cards require you to return the money on time and pay dues. If you don’t pay the balance on time, some heavy interest rates could be implied on your account.

Best Sites To Buy Cryptocurrency With A Credit Card

Some of the Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges to buy tokens from credit cards are listed below. is the cryptocurrency exchange that supports all the activities like trading, staking, investing, wallets, NFTs, and much more. 

How To Buy Crypto With A Credit Card On


  • A large list of several cryptocurrencies, such as altcoins and bluechip tokens.
  • Discount, competitive Fees, and Transparent Process.
  • It uses a wide range of security measures like whitelisting and Multi-Factor Authentication.


eToro allows investors and traders to access thousands of cryptocurrencies and other financial assets and invest in them.

How To Buy Crypto With A Credit Card On eToro


  • eToro allows users to copy the trading strategies of other traders and investors in return for some fees.
  • Uses intensive security measures to safeguard the wallets and users’ accounts.
  • It follows some strict regulations from ASIC (Australia), FCA(UK), GFSC (Gibraltar), and many more.


Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers users a platform to trade cryptocurrencies and store them in their wallets. 

How To Buy Crypto With A Credit Card On Binance


  • It supports more than 600 crypto tokens worldwide and 100 tokens for US Citizens.
  • Charges quite economical fees, 4.5 percent for debit card transactions and 0.10 percent for spot trading.
  • It offers a variety of charting options to do technical and fundamental analysis.

Final Verdict On How To Buy Crypto With A Credit Card

Many facilities have come up that allow crypto enthusiasts to buy crypto with a credit card. Credit cards offer numerous rewards that can be further redeemed for different utilities. Credit cards are the best mode to buy cryptocurrencies if you don’t have cryptocurrencies or are a first-time user.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital token. Some common crypto tokens are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Bitcoin Cash.

2. What are the ways to buy Cryptocurrencies?

Several payment modes like credit cards, debit cards, or net banking are available that allow users to buy cryptocurrencies.

3. Is Bitcoin Legit and Safe?

Yes, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are legit and safe. Users can store them in a non-custodial wallet or hardware wallet to keep them away from the internet connection.

4. What Cryptocurrencies should I buy?

Some popular cryptocurrencies you can buy are Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash. These crypto tokens are widely adopted.

5. What are Bitcoin miner fees, and how high are they?

Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency miner fee helps to incentivize the miners to validate the transactions. Miner Fee varies from chain to chain. 

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