How To Buy FTM (Fantom) In Australia: Complete Step-By-Step  Process

Still, wondering how to buy FTM (Fantom) in Australia? Discover the exact, step-by-step procedure to acquire this digital currency easily.

Fantom has come out as a cheap yet solid alternative to the Ethereum blockchain. Fantom is currently one of the most popular blockchains in the crypto world. There’s a frenzy in the market to acquire some FTM( Fantom) tokens.

buy FTM (Fantom) in Australia

But how to get your hands on FTM in Australia? No worry, we will guide you on how to buy Fantom (FTM) in Australia for yourself and store the FTM tokens safely.

Moreover, we will also reveal what the Fantom network offers to potential investors and users. So bear with us till the end to learn the whole process of buying FTM(Fantom) in Australia. Let’s go!

How To Buy FTM (Fantom) In Australia – Quick Guide

FTM(Fantom) creators want to revolutionize the blockchain ecosystem and yearn to offer a contract platform that is fast, secure, scalable, and, most importantly, preserves the essence of the crypto world – decentralization.
Here is a quick overview of how to buy FTM (Fantom) tokens in Australia;
The first step is to pick an exchange that offers trading in FTM. We think Digital Surge is the best platform in Australia to buy FTM(Fantom). It’s smooth, beginner-friendly, and secure.
◾ Next comes the account registration part. The exchange may ask you to verify your details.
◾ Moving further, you have to deposit funds in your Digital Surge account.
◾ Lastly, search FTM on the digital surge exchange, specify the amount, and complete the purchase.

Where To Buy FTM (Fantom) In Australia 

Australia has a fledgling crypto ecosystem. The world’s leading exchanges offer their services to the Australian audience; therefore, there’s no shortage of options for buying FTM (Fantom) tokens in Australia. But exchanges like eToro, Swyftx, and digital surge top the chart and are indeed the best exchange to buy FTM (Fantom) in Australia.

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Buy Fantom Coin On Swyftx Exchange

Swyftx is native to Australia, making it one of the preferred choices for Aussies for all their crypto dealings. Interestingly, it’s also one of the best exchanges to trade FTMs in Australia.

The interface is simple without the unnecessary clutter, which allows easy navigation. Fees are comparatively lower as compared to other platforms. Besides, there are over 260 coins available to trade apart from FTM (Fantom).

Buy Fantom Coin On eToro Exchange

eToro is another excellent platform to trade cryptos in Australia. eToro scores full in security, regulation, choice of assets, and simplicity aspect. Besides, the platform heavily focuses on offering a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to use.

The best thing is that the platform is not limited to web interface only but also offers an equally intuitive app. It makes dealing with cryptos quite simple, and you can buy FTM (Fantom) even on the move too. There are no deposit fees, while the exchange charges are affordable.

Buy Fantom Coin On Digital Surge Exchange

Digital Surge is another Australian exchange on the list that offers seamless buying of FTM (Fantom) in Australia.

Being native to Australia allows relative ease of trading in AUD. The great thing about Digital Surge is that it does not charge anything on withdrawal on AUD.

Besides, the spread is also relatively low, only around 0.21%, which makes trading on Digital Surge quite lucrative. Besides the web interface, there’s an app too, so you continue your crypto stint from the mobile too.

Besides, there are around 300 digital assets listed on the Digital Surge platform that you can trade. FTM is also included in the list. The particular focus is on the user’s convenience; therefore, the exchange offers a Straightforward interface that allows buying FTM and other cryptocurrencies pretty easily.

Ways Of Buying FTM (Fantom)

Before knowing How to buy FTM (Fantom) in Australia let’s discuss some of the methods to buy Fantom coins in Australia. Each crypto exchange we suggested offers several ways to purchase FTM tokens. Besides, dealings in AUD are also hassle-free, which simplifies the process of buying FTM in Australia significantly.

As far as payment methods are concerned, you have credit-debit as well as PayPal available at your disposal. Bank transfers are also allowed, but we prefer instant payment methods to make the purchase as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Buy FTM (Fantom) With Paypal

Many prefer PayPal as a deposit method. However, you have to look for an exchange that supports PayPal payment. Two of the exchanges mentioned here, Swyftx and eToro offer PayPal support.

Paying with PayPal is pretty straightforward. Similar to credit and debit cards, the deposits made through PayPal are instant. Also, if there is no support for PayPal on your preferred crypto exchange, there’s an indirect way to route payment via PayPal.

You can use any exchange that supports PayPal to buy Bitcoin or other stable coins. You can transfer these stable coins to your preferred exchanges and then utilize the funds to buy FTM.

Buy FTM (Fantom) With A Credit Card/Debit Card

If you are a beginner, the simplest way to buy FTM (Fantom) on your preferred exchange is via credit or debit card deposits.

It’s the most user-friendly payment mode, and nearly every exchange supports deposits via cards. However, the charges may differ and be ready for considerable fees because ease of use comes with a cost. We are talking about 2% to 3.5% charges on deposits via cards.

Fantom Coin Price And Prediction

Cryptocurrencies are very volatile. There can be a sharp spike and a steep decline in the prices within days. FTM also is not immune to market forces and therefore faces the brunt of the market as well as rides the tide in a bull run.

Fantom had a big bull run last year. The price surged a staggering 173% within three months. There was crazy pouring of money into FTM tokens. But since then, the rally has been somewhat subdued. The investors are still drawn to the token, but overwhelming interest is missing.

The prices of FTM were at an all-time high in January this year, but since then, there’s been a downward trend in the price movement. However, the experts estimate the price to remain stable in 2022. According to the hardened crypto investors, $1.31 is the safe target in 2022, and by 2023 the price could hit the $1.44 mark.

Benefits Of Buying Fantom Coin?

The interest in FTM comes from the very nature of Fantom – Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (“aBFT”). It’s considered one of the best and cheapest alternatives to Ethereum, and it’s about the consensus that allows it to be fast and scalable.

The very fact that its performance is better than Etherium generates unprecedented interest in the coin and allows it to rise in the price charts continuously.

Besides, the FTM ecosystem is expanding at a considerable pace and therefore has enormous potential in terms of growth. Therefore, FTM could be your next big catch and can bring huge returns on your investment.

Risks Of Buying Fantom Coin?

There’s always a risk with cryptocurrencies, and FTM is no different. If you are jumping the FTM bandwagon hoping that it will somehow repeat its previous year’s bull run, you are in for a loss. There’s no guarantee that this can happen again.

Besides, several other projects with similar functionalities have cropped up too, making the market too saturated. There’s always a risk that the interest will shift to some other coin, pushing the FTM coin downward.

The best-case scenario is no look for long-term investment and not short-term gains. The fundamentals of FTM are solid. Moreover, big and reputable investors still have faith in the coin; therefore, FTM still has the potential to double your investment in the long run.

Complete Step-By-Step Procedure To Buy FTM (Fantom) In Australia

It’s time for the real deal, learning how to buy FTM (Fantom) in Australia. Follow these simple steps till you have FTM coins in your account.

Choose An Exchange That Sells Fantom 

The basic requirement to buy FTM(Fantom) in Australia is to pick up an exchange that lists FTM as a supporter cryptocurrency to trade.

Now, there are too many, and to pick one could be overwhelming. Keep in mind, though – always choose the one that offers simplicity, security, and ease. Digital Surge meets all these criteria and, therefore, is a preferred choice to buy FTM in Australia.

Digital Surge Exchange Australia

However, the other two exchanges, Swyftx and eToro, have their own advantages and will be a worthwhile choice if you prefer to go with any one of the two platforms.

Create And Verify Account

The second indispensable step is to have an account on the exchange. You cannot execute any trade without registering an account on that platform.


Digital Surge allows you to claim an account in a few simple steps. You can proceed with the signup option to register an account.

The setup will ask you to fill in some details, like your name, email address, passwords, etc. Once the details are submitted, the setup will prompt you to verify the information.

You have to complete the KYC process to move to the next level in your endeavor to buy FTM (Fantom).

Fund Your Account

To buy an asset on the exchange, you have to pay for it. And to complete the purchase, you need funds in your account.

Therefore, the next step after registration is to deposit money in your Digital Surge account.

Paying is easy, and several options are at your disposal. There are credit and debit card options, bank transfers, etc. You can choose according to your fancy.

Once your account is recharged with funds, you now have everything to claim some FTM coins.

Buy FTM (Fantom)

Now, there’s money in your account, and you can exchange it for FTM. You will find the ‘buy/sell option on the main screen.

Buy Fantom on Digital Surge

Now you have to choose FTM from the list of available cryptocurrencies. The screen will prompt you to mention the amount of AUD you want to spend on FTM.

Lastly, verify all the details once and hit the buy button to initiate the purchase. If the screen prompts you for any additional steps, follow it till the screen displays that you now own FTM(Fantom).

And now you have learned how to buy FTM (Fantom) in Australia

Best Wallet To Keep Your Fantom (FTM) Token

The process doesn’t end with the buying of FTM in Australia. You have to ensure its safety, too and therefore need a wallet with robust security features. Why are we emphasizing security so much? Because cryptocurrencies are prone to hacking if left unsecured; therefore, a secure wallet is almost indispensable.

Trezor Model T Hardware Wallet

To store FTM, we prefer Trezor Model T. It’s a hardware wallet and offers the best possible security for safeguarding all your crypto assets. Trezor Model T comes with an intuitive screen that allows all the managing of your cryptos pretty straightforward.

Trezor Model T

Besides, the hardware wallet supports around 1000 cryptocurrencies, including FTM for safekeeping. Safety-wise, Trezor Model T is robust and includes top-of-the-line features to secure your digital assets.

For the price of A$349.00, you can claim one Trezor Model T hardware wallet for yourself. Prices appear to be at the higher end but are entirely justified, considering the stringent security features.

How To Sell Fantom On Binance

Timely dispensing of your digital assets without delays could result in better profits and higher margins. That’s why the ease of selling your digital assets is as important as buying. Incidentally, the exchange of FTM to AUD on Binance is a relatively easy process and needs only a few simple steps.

You can proceed to sell your FTM via the Binance P2P network. You have to withdraw FTM to Binance P2P. The setup will prompt you to specify the amount and the currency you want to receive for your trade.

Once the money is released from the buyer, the fund will reflect in your Binance account, which you can transfer to your bank account.

How To Buy FTM (Fantom) In Australia: Conclusion

That will be the end of our guide on how to buy FTM (Fantom) in Australia. We hope that the process was easy to follow, and by now, you must have acquired FTM(Fantom) coins.

The objective of Fantom blockchain is to tackle the exorbitant charges of Ethereum transactions while at the same time addressing the scalability and performance issues that often plague the blockchain ecosystem.

What the future holds for FTM is uncertain; therefore, a strong presence of mind, keen eyes for the latest happenings in the crypto world, and an analytical approach is essential on your part to extract from investing in FTM.

If you think you are prepared and ready to venture into the world of crypto with FTM, then Digital Surge is the best platform to buy FTM in Australia. It has a clean, easy-to-navigate interface and a rather simple buying and selling process. 

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