How To Buy Rollbit Coin, The Game Changer

How To Buy Rollbit Coin, The Game Changer

Among various cryptocurrencies, Rollbit Coin is also used as the native cryptocurrency for the trading platform Rollbit. This cryptocurrency can be easily traded with other cryptocurrencies and is based on Ethereum. In this blog, we will deep dive into the complete details of the Rollbit Coin, how you can buy and it, how it works.

What Is RollBit Coin?

Just like any other digital currency, Rollbit is one which is used on the lottery platform Rollbit. The token is currently deployed on Solana as it is one of the most cost-effective chains. The significant advantage of deploying Solana was that the value transfers were quite fast and cheaper as compared to other blockchains.

Moreover, you can use the rollBit token to trade different cryptocurrencies and other digital assets on the Rollbit platform. Users can easily buy Rollbit tokens using the cryptocurrencies like Tether, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin, and various other support cryptocurrencies.

How To Buy RollBit Coin (RLB)?

There are a lot of exchanges that are constantly adding and reviewing the cryptocurrencies that can be traded on them. If you want to buy Rollbit Coin that is not listed on major exchanges like Binance, you can follow the complete end-to-end guide below. It would help you to buy ROllbit tokens on the decentralized exchange.

  • Download and Setup the Phantom Wallet.

A lot of crypto wallets are available to choose from within the Solana Network, but the most famous one is the Phantom. You can download the phantom Wallet and set up your account there.

If you are using a PC or a laptop, then you can download the wallet chrome extension and google chrome browser. Whereas if you are using a mobile device, then the wallet can be easily downloaded from the play store or app store.

  • Create an Account in Phantom wallet.

Soon After you have registered and set up the crypto wallet, you can do to the wallet supports page to get complete details on the best practices to follow. Further, you can keep your seed phrase safe and take note of it. As it would be useful in case you lose your wallet. Without the seed phrase, it would be difficult to get your tokens back.

  • Buy and Cryptocurrency that pairs up with the Rollbit.

Solana is the commonly used cryptocurrency to buy the Rollbit token. If you don’t have Solana, then you can use some centralized exchange such as Binance or FTX to get the Solana tokens from the fiat currency. If you have not already signed up for the exchanges, then you can refer to online guides on how to buy Solana on any of the exchanges.

  • Transfer your Solana tokens to your Phantom Wallet.

After you have bought the Solana tokens, you can check the balance in your account. Follow the steps to withdraw the Solana tokens and fill up the necessary information. Soon after this, you can provide the amount to transfer and the destination wallet address. Confirm withdrawal and Solana would be transferred to your phantom wallet.

  • Select a DEX ( Decentralised Exchange).

One of the popular decentralized exchanges is Raydium. Raydium has listed the Rollbit token. By using the phantom wallet you can easily make transactions.

  • Connect your wallet.

You can click on the wallet icon in the top right corner and choose the phantom wallet. Note that you should do this from the same browser where you have downloaded the phantom Wallet.

  • Trade the Solana tokens to buy Rollbit tokens.

Choose the Rollbit/SOlana Pair and provide the details such as the total number of tokens you want to convert to Rollbit and slippage fees etc.

  • If You are able to find the Rollbit token, then you can also look for its smart contract.

If the coin you are looking for is not there on the DEX or not visible, then you can go to the Solana block explorer ( to find the Rollbit contract address. After this, you can copy and paste it into the Raydium. Always be careful of sams happening and get the contract address from the official website.

  • Confirm the Swap.

After you are done with the complete process, you can click on the swap button and the Rollbit tokens would be added to your wallet.

What To Do After Buying The Rollbit Token(RLB)?

What To Do After Buying The Rollbit Token(RLB)?

Stake or Hold the Rollbit token

Various Investors hold their Rollbit tokens and expect them to rise in value. You can also store the ROllbit tokens in different wallets if you don’t wish to use them. It is recommended to store them in cold storage instead of hot store.

Earn Rewards as Rollbit coins

You can earn rewards on top of ROllbit tokens by staking them. Staking is the best way to earn passive income, instead of keeping them idle in your wallet.

Trade or transfer Rollbit coins

You can transfer and trade Rollbit coins for various other tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Decentralised exchanges and centralized exchanges.


The RLB ( Rollbit Token) is the underlying cryptocurrency ROllbit Lottery a trading platform. The Rollbit token would act like an entry ticket for the people who want to enter the lottery and win shares in the Lottery platform. If you are excited to earn some profits and don’t know where you start, you can follow this guide to buy Rollbit tokens.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RLB ( Rollbit tokens)?

The Rollbit token was launched as an underlying cryptocurrency for the Rollbit lottery. RLB is airdropped instead of ICO for the users who were part of their online trading and casino platform

What is the total supply of ROllbit tokens?

The maximum supply of ROllbit Tokens is capped at 5 billion tokens.

Is it possible to use cash to buy Rollbit Coin?

There is no way to directly buy the Rollbit Coin ( RLB) with cash. There are centralized exchanges are there where you can buy any other cryptocurrency and convert it to Rollbit.

What are Rollbit rewards?

Rollbit Rewards is the exclusive reward program for users who bet on their lottery platform.

What are the withdrawal and deposit methods used on the Rollbit platform?

Currently, Ethereum, Litecoin, Solana, And Bitcoin support Withdrawal and deposits. You can deposit fiat currency by credit card and purchase the above-mentioned cryptocurrencies to get the Rollbit tokens.

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