How To Buy Saitama Inu In Australia: Everything You Need To Know

Whenever there is the hype about any meme coin in the crypto market, the urge to have it in our wallet becomes irresistible and if you have ever heard of Saitama Inu then you must have thought about how to buy Saitama Inu in Australia.

If that has been the case then this article is going to explain how can you buy Saitama Inu in Australia as it is not directly available in the Australian markets. We will also discuss the key benefits and risks involved in the investment in this particular coin. 

Buy Saitama Inu In Australia

Saitama Inu is an education decentralized platform that works towards educating the youth about their investments. SAITAMA is the native token to the platform and this guide will give a complete step-by-step procedure to buy it in Australia.

How to Buy Saitama Inu in Australia

Saitama Inu is available on and you can purchase it from there but for making any transaction on you will have to have Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tether in your wallet. But before we dive into the details we are giving a general overview of the steps which are needed to buy Saitama Inu. You can follow the steps mentioned in the chronological order:
You will need to create  a CoinSpot account
◾ After registration login into the account
◾ Now you will have to add AUD funds to your CoinSpot wallet
◾ After adding funds you need to buy one of the coins from Tether, Bitcoin, or Ethereum
◾ Once done you would need to move the selected coins to your wallet
◾ Now go to and create an account
◾ Here export your Bitcoin, Ether, or Tether that you have bought from CoinSpot
◾ After exporting you can search for Saitama Inu in the exchange
◾ Now you can swap your Tether with Saitama Inu and it will be added to your account.

Once these steps are completed you can use a safe crypto storage option such as Metamask which will make things easy for you.

CoinSpot Exchange – Step By Step Guide To Buy Saitama Inu In Australia

When it comes to crypto exchanges in Australia, it is hard to find someone who is trading in crypto and does not know about CoinSpot. CoinSpot is an Australian crypto exchange that has been in the market for a long time and has made a great reputation amongst Australian traders.

With a vast range of crypto coins in its supported list, CoinSpot is one of those few exchanges that is perfectly compatible with Australian payment methods including AUD. Its easy-to-use interface and advanced security features make it a perfect choice for those investors who are starting out investing in cryptocurrency.

CoinSpot offers simple and easy coin swapping along with an easy to buy options for different crypto coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and, Tether.

In this guide, we are going to use Tether(USDT) for making the purchase. You can follow the steps mentioned below to buy Tether from the CoinSpot crypto exchange.

  1. You will need to sign up on CoinSpot’s official website
  2. After the sign-up, you need to verify your credentials
  3. Adding funds to your wallet CoinSpot is the next step
  4. Now you can buy Tether from the exchange

Register Your Account With CoinSpot

The process of registration on CoinSpot is easy and simple. All you have to do is to enter your contact information and create a strong password. Once that is done you will need to enter the OTP received on the email or mobile phone and as soon as you enter it your account will be created.

CoinSpot Exchange

Verify Your Account

Once the account has been created, you will require to submit your identity card for verifying your identity to the exchange as this is mandatory for all Australian users. You can use any government ID to verify your account. 

Fund Your CoinSpot Wallet By AUD

Funding your CoinSpot wallet is easy as it supports all the payment methods that you will require to add AUD. CoinSpot provides support for Bank transfer, BPAY, Cryptocurrency, POLi, and PayID as its primary payment methods for depositing your AUD in your crypto wallet.

Buy Tether (USDT)

Now is the time to buy Tether from your CoinSpot crypto exchange. Tether is one of the coins which is accepted by and hence it will help us to swap Saitama Inu on that exchange.

Buy Tether On Coinspot

To buy Tether on CoinSpot you will have to search for the token in the search bar and click on the buy now option. Once that is done, enter the amount that you want to buy and proceed with the transaction. – How To Buy Saitama Inu In Australia

If you are aware of crypto technology for years then you would be knowing that is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. With a legacy of time, has become better and adapting to the latest methods of transacting crypto coins in the market. supports Saitama Inu and allows Australian users to buy it without any additional hassle. It supports a total of 180 tokens which includes all the primary and secondary important tokens which you will need to invest including Saitama Inu.

The process of buying Saitama Inu from is relatively simple and does not require any technical knowledge. 

You can follow the steps mentioned below to make sure that your Saitama Inu reaches your crypto wallet with ease without any confusion regarding the process.

  1. Register yourself and create your account
  2. After creating your account, transfer your Tether to the crypto wallet
  3. Search for the Saitama Inu, click on Buy Now and proceed with the transaction

These are the steps that can be followed to buy Saitama Inu in Australia. In the article ahead we are explaining these steps in detail.

Create An Account On

Enter your personal information on the sign-up page of exchange and create a strong password while creating your account. offers a smooth user experience while creating a new user account.

Transfer Your Assets To The Wallet

Transferring your assets from CoinSpot is not a complicated process and you can click on send crypto from CoinSpot and receive tokens from Once that is done you can use the received Tether to swap it for Saitama Inu

Buy Saitama Inu on Using Tether

Buy Saitama INU on

Now is the time to buy your long-awaited Saitama Inu. Search for Saitama Inu in exchange and then select the Buy Now option. Once you enter the quantity that you want to buy from Saitama Inu, you can select the swap method of payment and buy it from the Tether present in your wallet.

Benefits Of Buying Saitama Inu

There could be many benefits of buying Saitama Inu for the investors as it is still considered to be a meme token and has not gained any value as of now. The present market rate of Saitama Inu is $0.000000004437 per token.

Saitama Inu is an educational project and by the rate education technology is evolving, blockchain can also be an innovative force in it. Those who are positive about Ed-Tech can surely see a future in Saitama Inu. Another pro of this coin includes a 2% dividend to all the users from each transaction.

Risks Of Buying Saitama Inu

Saitama Inu is a meme coin and gained hyper along with all the dog-based cryptos along with Doge and Shiba but even after having a solid story behind its creation, Saitama Inu could not incorporate the profits that other meme coins could generate (not even for the short term).

As per the present market targets Saitama Inu is proposed to reach $400 Billion USD from the present 1 Billion USD that roughly translates to 400 times the current market capitalization of coins.

This target is unachievable and unrealistic if nothing extraordinary happens and thus one must take care of this aspect while Investing in Saitama Inu. 

Best Wallet To Keep Your Saitama Inu Tokens 

There is a lot of crypto wallet that are present in the market that offers great features to store your freshly brewed Saitama Inu in Australia but using the most convenient wallet such as Metamask can make the entire difference in your crypto trading experience. 

Metamask Wallet

Metamask wallet is an open-source and browser-based crypto wallet that is widely used across the globe due to the great user experience it provides. Metamask allows its users to access their crypto wallet right from a browser extension and does not charge any hefty fee for these features.

MetaMask Wallet

Metamask wallet recently came up with its intuitive mobile application to ensure a mobile-crypto wallet experience. Being an HD wallet, Metamask keeps a secure backup of its user’s accounts on the cloud.

Metamask is one of the most secure online wallets and could be a perfect choice for those who are starting in investing in Australia.

How To Buy Saitama Inu In Australia: Conclusion

There is a lot more to learn before starting to seriously invest in crypto markets and Saitama Inu is one such project that aims to educate GenZ by providing them with the right resources.

Saitama Inu might be a meme coin as of now but things are pretty unpredictable in the crypto world and a single trend across the internet can change the entire course of this crypto but investing a huge sum of money blindly with the hope to get massive returns is not a smart choice as well.

In this guide, we tried to elaborate on how to buy Saitama Inu in Australia for those who are new to the crypto world and we hope that this guide will be a useful document in that regard.

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