An Overview Of Safest Bitcoin Debit Cards!

An Overview Of Safest Bitcoin Debit Cards!

Bitcoin debit cards are prepaid debit cards that allow you to top up your card with bitcoins. These bitcoins will be then converted into fiat currencies. This allows you to make a purchase using bitcoin debit cards.

Now, the number of shops and merchants accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is increasing. This article gives you some knowledge about the best and safest bitcoin debit cards that you can use. So read the article till the end.

Safest Bitcoin Debit Cards – An Overview

The bitcoin debit cards work the same as prepaid debit cards. Instead of loading fiat currencies in the prepaid cards, you are loading bitcoins in a bitcoin debit card. This card will convert those bitcoins into fiat currencies of your choice.

An Overview Of Safest Bitcoin Debit Cards!

How does a bitcoin debit card work?

Many leading bitcoin exchanges are now issuing their own bitcoin debit cards which are linked to your exchange accounts. This allows you to easily spend your crypto held in that exchange. Now, both virtual and physical debit cards are available.

Virtual debit cards are issued instantly and can be used anywhere at any time to spend bitcoins. Physical debit cards are not instantly issued, but they are delivered within 1 to 4 weeks. It can be used to spend bitcoins physically and online also. 

Best and Safest bitcoin debit cards

Here we provide a list of some of the best and safest bitcoin debit cards for you to use.


Nexo is a platform that allows you to take a loan using your crypto. For this, you have to deposit cryptocurrencies in their platform and they send you fiat cash. The crypto that you have deposited will be held by the Nexo until you pay back the loan.

That is you are not selling your coins, so you can avoid paying taxes. Nexo is the easiest and most reliable platform to use. If you want bitcoin debit cards, they offer you the free Nexo MasterCard which allows you to access your money from anywhere. 

Wirex bitcoin debit cards

Wirex is a rebranded company that supplies a chip and pin visa debit card that can be loaded through your wirex app on a desktop or mobile phone. The most important advantage of using Wirex is that it supports multiple types of coins.

But the card is available only to the EEI residents and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. There is a maintenance fee and it is relatively much higher than any other exchanges or companies.  

Cryptopay Bitcoin Debit Cards

Cryptopay is a wallet and payment platform founded in October 2013. This platform can be used by merchants and consumers to transact with each other.

They also issue bitcoin debit cards at a low maintenance fee and are delivered worldwide within 3 to 10 days. You have to register in crypto pay to get debit cards by providing your name and email address. So the transaction will not be anonymous.  


Plutus is a crypto card service formed in 2015. They have their own tokens(PLU) which are given to users whenever they use their debit cards. Plutus let users retain control over their private keys. This debit card can be used almost in 200 countries as of now and can be topped with ETH and PLU only. 

Debit cards issued by four different types of companies or exchanges are given above. They are the safest and best debit cards existing while considering transaction speed, privacy, cost, and convenience.

These cards make the process of spending digital coins easier. If you want to spend your digital assets for your everyday purpose, get one among these safest debit cards.             

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