The Best Cryptocurrency Trading Simulators

The Best Cryptocurrency Trading Simulators To Master Trading

The cryptocurrency market is a frequently fluctuating one. It’s hard to predict the value and price of those digital assets. The important thing in trading is the ability to forecast fluctuating values. This makes cryptocurrency trading a little bit difficult.

The Best Cryptocurrency Trading Simulators

Crypto trading simulators assures your trade accurate and profitable more than 99% of the time. They provide the traders with a virtual account that completely simulates a real exchange market. Let’s go through some of the best cryptocurrency trading simulators in this article.

The Best Cryptocurrency Trading Simulators

  • Altcoin Fantasy

This platform helps you to simulate trading of different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP. you have to signup your own account through its official website. Once you signed in your account, you will get virtual unreal USD in your account. This can be used to build up your portfolio.

The platform also provides certain tools to do researches on the coins that you invest in. this will be very helpful to frame out successful strategies. Altcoin Fantasy also gives you the guidelines to learn how to trade from scratch. 


  • Bitcoin Hero


Bitcoin Hero is apt for professional and experienced traders. This platform doesn’t provide any basic knowledge about trading as given by Altcoin Fantasy. Thus Bitcoin Hero doesn’t suit for newbie traders. The most important feature of this platform is that it has an android supporting the mobile application.

So you can start trading in your mobile itself by just installing the app and creating your own account. It supports buying and selling of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash.

  • BitMex

 Bitmex is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanging platform that supports almost all cryptocurrencies. Once you selected your crypto coin to exchange, then you have to apply leverage. This helps you to boost your potential profits by up to 100 percent.

The Bitmex tutorial will help you to get proper guidelines about the settings and usage of the platform. But this requires separate registration to practice and you are able to fund your virtual account from different sources.    

  • Cryptohopper 

Cryptohopper is an automated trading bot that works on the basis of the programmings inserted into it. The functioning of crypto hopper trading platforms is convenient for those who want to implement their trading strategies in an autonomous manner.

By setting up your account on the crypto hopper official website, it starts to execute your strategies on behalf of your identity. It operates 24 hours per day, so there is no requirement for you to spend your time monitoring the market. The basic principles associated with the crypto hopper trading robot are algorithmic trading and social trading. Using these methods the bot performs successful trading by following several technical indicators.

Buying and selling Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies is different from purchasing a stock. So investing in cryptocurrency is unlike investing in any other assets. Frequent price fluctuations are the main reason for this. This makes crypto trading more complicated for common people. Cryptocurrency trading simulators like the above given helps you to earn profit by overcoming all human limitations.    

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