The Biggest In Bitcoin History, 4 MB Block Mined!

The Biggest In Bitcoin History, 4 MB Block Mined!

2023 is packed with lots of surprises. One of the major surprises that unfolded as soon as we hit the second month of 2023 is related to the crypto world. On 1st February 2023 crypto market and the members of the crypto community went into a frenzy as there was mining of a Bitcoin block worth 4 megabytes.

What makes it so remarkable, you must be wondering? To understand this, you must know that a Bitcoin block is traditionally limited to around one megabyte. The new Bitcoin block we are talking about is 377% over capacity.

This humongous Bitcoin block has emerged thanks to the math wizards working on mining. No wonder the Bitcoin network would have gone into a shock. We can understand that it must have picked your interest now.

However, do not worry, this article will help calm your curiosity regarding this 4-megabyte Bitcoin block. This article will talk about the features of the 4-megabyte Bitcoin block and its further implication on the cryptocurrency market and its users.

4 Megabyte Bitcoin: Blowing Everyone’s Mind

As per the crypto experts, this is not the first time that the record of mining the largest Bitcoin block has been broken. Previously the record was held by a 2.77-megabyte Bitcoin block. Alas! The 4-megabyte Bitcoin block has now snatched its crown.

4 Megabyte Bitcoin: Blowing Everyone’s Mind

The 4-megabyte pixel is precise in size, 3.96 megabytes. It was the Luxor mining pool that had mined this humongous Bitcoin block which contains 63 transactions.

The crypto experts say that one of the transactions as significant as 3.94 megabytes with Ordinals encryption featured an image of a wizard. Moreover, the crypto experts also highlighted that Bitcoin had issued a non-fungible token. 

As soon as the Luxor mining pool mined the largest block, #774628, it tweeted and made the epic achievement public. As a result, the whole Twitter community, especially those who are keen crypto enthusiasts and observed the crypto market, were left flabbergasted.

Furthermore, people were left more curious; about if there will be other mega Bitcoin mining in the future. 

Understanding The Taproot Feature

What makes the tweet even more interesting is that the Ordinal Inscription #652 came with an image of a Taproot wizard. For those who do not know, the taproot is a recently launched feature in the Bitcoin network, which was activated by adding block height 709632. Crypto experts claim that the launch of the Taproot feature in the Bitcoin network has benefited a lot of BTC users.

The taproot design allows multiple players to participate in a transaction. Due to its multi-participation feature, it can engage many users and create a single combined digital signature. The advantage of this feature is that it makes the transaction safer efficient as well as private.

The Luxor mining pool combined the taproot feature with the Segwit (Segregated Witness), and as a result, the combination created an entire block of 4 megabytes.

Segwit Is notorious for increasing block sizes and is the main culprit behind the creation of this humongous Bitcoin block. The creation of Ordinals enabled this explorative combination, which helped bypass the one-megabyte limit encoded in the Bitcoin blockchain. 

According to sources, the previously hailed most significant Bitcoin of 2.76 megabytes was created with the same technique and was mined on 11th August 2022. 

The creation of the new Bitcoin block, which is exceptionally big, has left many people in awe and confused. People are speculating about its various implications on the crypto market. Crypto experts are especially pondering whether it is ethical to mine this large Bitcoin block.

Since the crypto market is highly unregulated, ethical or non-ethical conduct is no matter of concern. The decentralized nature of the crypto market has left the crypto players free access to many crypto resources. This has also enabled them to mine as significant as this 4 megabytes of Bitcoin. Therefore it can be said that the prospects of mining are now even more extensive for Bitcoin. 

Worries Surface Regarding Bitcoin’s Infallibility

Now that the crypto players have mined the 4-megabyte Bitcoin block, its ripples in the crypto ocean will be far-reaching. The crypto experts highlight that Ordinanls were already in the lousy light as they were embroiled in a controversy.

Bitcoin enthusiast has been scratching their heads and debating over what kind of data should be stored by the Ordinals project on the Bitcoin blockchain. Moreover, the small block advocates have especially been infuriated by the attempt of the Luxor mining pool to mine the largest Bitcoin block.

Worries Surface Regarding Bitcoin’s Infallibility

As a kind of retaliation, a Bitcoin developer named Luke Dashjr has safely developed a node patch to the firewall or sensor ordinals project. It has explicitly called the Ordinals project an attack on the smaller Bitcoin miners. 

Many blockchain players have been discussing the hot topic of this most extensive Bitcoin mining and have expressed dissatisfaction. They claim that the creation of this 4-megabyte mega Bitcoin block is a hoax and that this block is full of non-realistic monetary transactions. If it were made of actual monetary transactions, the blockchain players would consider it a miracle in the real sense.

 Many crypto market analysts consider the Taproot system employed in Bitcoin mining highly dangerous. It was a consequence of an ugly image etched on one of the inscriptions with the number 668. Despite removing the image, it brings to the fore the highly unsafe content of the inscriptions.  

All these concerns about Bitcoin mining are real and need to be addressed. With more and more crypto players coming into the market, it presents us with new challenges. It is because there are neither controlling agents nor strict overseeing bodies.


It is indeed miraculous that a Bitcoin block as huge as 4 megabytes has been mined. So it also opens the door to creating an even bigger block.

However, it also presents us with some impact-related concerns. How does centralized nature of the cryptocurrency market play out in the future is something that needs to be figured out for a better crypto world in the coming years.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is it possible that larger Bitcoins will come up in the future?

Yes, mining larger Bitcoins is possible. The current incident, though historical, can be repeated.

What was, is second largest Bitcoin block produced?

At this moment, a Bitcoin block of size 2.7 MB is the second largest Bitcoin block produced.

Is decentralized nature going to be a threat?

Blockchain technologies are highly encrypted. Thus, blockchain transactions are safe. However, the transactions change hands very quickly. Thus the volatility of the crypto market could be a financial threat.

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