Top 7 Litecoin Wallets

Top 7 Litecoin Wallets: For Secure Storage Of Your Litecoins!

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency created by Charlie Lee in 2011. When compared to Bitcoin, it has a block time of 2.5 minutes. Litecoin also has a maximum supply limit of 84 million, when compared to the 21 million bitcoin.

Top 7 Litecoin Wallets

Since its invention, Litecoin remained in the top 5 list of cryptocurrencies in terms of market shares. Wallets, both hardware and software are used to store Litecoin securely. In this article let’s discuss the top 7 Litecoin wallets.

Top 7 Litecoin Wallets

Ledger Nano S

Leger Nanos S is the most popular hardware wallet available in the market. It is developed by a company named ledger-based in France. It also has a secure way of managing your private keys and also makes them available offline.

The device also integrates an LCD screen that helps you watch and confirm all transactions and a backup button that helps you restore your data if something wrong happens to the device.

The device provides a Pincode feature which increases security. Ledger Nano S is a multicurrency wallet supporting all major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

Nano Ledger STrezor

Trezor is also a hardware wallet which is developed by Czech Republic-based SatoshiLabs. It is considered to be the first hardware wallet. Like Ledger nano s, Trezor also has a Led screen that shows the transaction details for security.

If you are a person who deals with a large number of coins, Ledger Nano S is a better option. For an optimum user, it is better to go with Trezor.   

TrezorElectrum LTC

Electrum Ltc is a lightweight desktop wallet for Litecoin. It does not want the users to download the entire blockchain for synchronization. Electrum provides the users with a 12-digit passcode which is used to secure the transaction.

It also allows the feature of address freezing, which means the user can block a particular address, and no further transactions can be made from that address. If you are a person who deals with a large number of coins, it is advisable to pair Electrum with a hardware wallet.

Electrum LTC

Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is a multicurrency desktop wallet. It is also available on mobile devices. Atomic supports more than 300+ currencies. The atomic wallet has a built-in exchanger which allows the users to exchange LTC. 

It also allows the users to purchase LTC using their bank card. Anatomic wallet secures the transaction with a unique seed code which is generated when the application is first launched.

Atomic Wallet


Exodus wallet is another easy-to-use desktop wallet. It supports more than 100 currencies. Like most wallets exodus also provides a 12-digit passcode that can be used to recover user data. Exodus features an inbuilt converter that allows the users to trade one currency for another.



Jaxx is a multicurrency Litecoin wallet that supports both desktop and mobile devices. It supports 13 cryptocurrencies including Litecoin. Jaxx provides the users with a 12-digit privacy code. It also supports an inbuilt currency convertor. Jaxx is suitable for making quick payments.



Loafwallet is a mobile wallet which supports only the ios operating system. It is developed by the Litecoin creator Charlie Lee and is a dedicated wallet for Litecoin. It also uses a 12 work backup key for restoring the funds. 


These are the top 7 Litecoin wallets existing today. I hope you all got the right pieces of information through this article. Share your knowledge with us through the comment section given below.

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