Top 7 Litecoin Wallets: For Secure Storage Of Your Litecoins!

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Litecoin is a cryptocurrency created by Charlie Lee in 2011. When compared to Bitcoin, it has a block time of 2.5 minutes. Litecoin also has a maximum supply limit of 84 million, when compared to the 21 million bitcoin.

Top 7 Litecoin Wallets

Since its invention, Litecoin remained in the top 5 list of cryptocurrencies in terms of market shares. Wallets, both hardware and software are used to store Litecoin securely. In this article let’s discuss the top 7 Litecoin wallets.

Top 7 Litecoin Wallets

Ledger Nano S

Leger Nanos S is the most popular hardware wallet available in the markets. It is developed by a company named ledger based on France. It also has a secure way of managing your private keys and also makes it available offline. The device also integrates an LCD screen which helps you watch and confirm all transactions and a backup button which helps you restore your data if something wrong happens to the device. The device provides a Pincode feature which increases security. Ledger Nano S is a multicurrency wallet supporting all major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

Nano Ledger STrezor

Trezor is also a hardware wallet which is developed by Czech Republic-based SatoshiLabs. It is considered to be the first hardware wallet. Like Ledger nano s, Trezor also has a Led screen which shows the transaction details for security. If you are a person who deals with a large number of coins, Ledger Nano S is a better option. For an optimum user, it is better to go with Trezor.   

TrezorElectrum LTC

Electrum Ltc is a lightweight desktop wallet for Litecoin. It does not want the users to download the entire blockchain for synchronization. Electrum provides the users with a 12 digit passcode which is used to secure the transaction. It also allows the feature of address freezing, which means the user can block a particular address and not further transactions can be made from that address. If you are a person who deals with a large number of coins, it is advisable to pair Electrum with a hardware wallet.

Electrum LTC

Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is a multicurrency desktop wallet. It is also available on mobile devices. Atomic supports more than 300+ currencies. The atomic wallet has a builtin exchanger which allows the users to exchange LTC.  It also allows the users to purchase LTC using their bank card. An atomic wallet secures the transaction with a unique seed code which is generated when the application is first launched.

Atomic Wallet


Exodus is another easy to use the desktop wallet. It supports more than 100 currencies. Like most of the wallets exodus also provides a 12 digit passcode that can be used to recover user data. Exodus features an inbuilt converter that allows the users to trade one currency for another.



Jaxx is a multicurrency Litecoin wallet which supports both desktop and mobile device. It supports 13 cryptocurrencies including Litecoin. Jaxx provides the users with a 12 digit privacy code. It also supports an inbuilt currency convertor. Jaxx is suitable for making quick payments.



Loafwallet is a mobile wallet which supports only ios operating system. It is developed by the Litecoin creator Charlie Lee and is a dedicated wallet for Litecoin. It also uses a 12 work backup key for restoring the funds. 


These are the top 7 Litecoin wallets existing today. I hope you all got the right pieces of information through this article. Share your knowledge with us through the comment section given below.

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