Zipmex Review Australia

Zipmex Review Australia – All You Need To Know Before Signing Up

Hello everyone in this Zipmex Review Australia we will discuss all aspects of the Zipmex exchange to help Australians get a better understanding of this crypto exchange

Humans have revolutionized the world since cognitive evolution as per the requirements to fulfill the needs and their desires

Most of the time, humans are set back because of inadaptive feelings for accepting the change.

And that’s when the leaders hold hands and make the journey interesting and wonderful.

Zipmex Review Australia – Is It A Trustworthy Exchange?

In today’s digital world, the revolution in the field of finance and life itself, Crypto, seems quite challenging to the world.

Zipmex Review Australia

In this way, Zipmex came into the picture and assured the world to make their lives hassle-free and joyful.

Zipmex is one of the best crypto trading exchanges in Australia that allows you to start your crypto journey from scratch.

Read this Zipmex Review Australia to know if this exchange suits your needs.

Key Points On Zipmex Exchange

◾ Zipmex is South Asia’s one of the most trustworthy, reliable, and feasible cryptocurrency exchanges available to everyone in the world, where you can avail yourself rewards on your digital assets.

◾ Zipmex makes trading easy with its enthusiastic team. it provides you with all the ease, security, and benefits of your digital assets. 

◾ Zipmex supports cryptocurrency as well as fiat currency. It accepts bank transfers and cryptocurrencies. Zipmex is well known in the business world for protecting the user’s data with high security and technology.

◾ Zipmex, having no technicalities involved for its users, comes as a package with a very low trading fee, feasible deposit/withdrawal fee, and fast transaction feature.

◾ It allows you to invest in cryptocurrency anytime and anywhere. Zipmex supports most of the crypto currencies available in the digital world.

What Is Zipmex Australia?

The foundation step of Zipmex was taken by the CEO and co-founders Marcus Lim and Akalarp Yimwilai.


Zipmex is the fastest growing, well-known, and one of the best crypto exchanges in the world. Keeping in mind the privacy and security of the user’s data.

Zipmex was established 3 years ago by the best entrepreneurs, economists, marketers, engineers, and designers.

The leading team based in Sydney, Australia working with the purpose of making crypto users handy by providing them all the ease possible.

Zipmex has been able to gain the trust of thousands of users. It is AUSTRAC approved. Zipmex is the platform where you can buy digital assets at the best price.

Here you can trade with a tiny fee of 0.2% and will be experiencing the fast transactions happening.

Why should you also trust Zipmex? Here is why in this article. Keep digging.

Zipmex Australia Supported Coins 

Zipmex supports fiat as well as for cryptocurrencies. Supported fiat currencies are USD, AUD, SGD, IDR.

There are lots of cryptocurrency coins that are supported. Some of those are mentioned here.

Like, Bitcoin, Binance coin, Etherium, Maker, OMG network, Merit circle, Litecoin, Harmony, Holochain, Illuvium, cosmos, Ripple and Polygon, etc.

Zipmex Features & Advantages  

Zipmex is a customer-centered, user-friendly package that comes as a whole. A newcomer will be excited at first by examining its features.

Users can also use their applications for android and iOS. 24*7 customer support is also provided by Zipmex, which you can avail of via social media handles or through the chat icon on the web page.

The most important aspect that they always take care of is the privacy of the customers and Zipmex makes sure to do that. 

In this section of Zipmex Review Australia, we will talk about some of the most useful features offered by the Zipmex cryptocurrency exchange.

Earn Interest On Your Cryptocurrency

Zipup is Zipmex’s stacking feature which guarantees a promised interest with deposition of cryptocurrencies at Zipmex.

With a deposit, you can earn the highest interest rate in comparison to other websites up to 10% p.a.

Zipmex uses high-level technology for securing their customers’ funds and stores them in cold wallets at different locations.

Markets For Advanced Users

Fast trading is one of the best features that Zipmex provides. For pro users, it enhances their abilities by enabling them to trade on more than 50 cryptocurrencies.

They can use fiat money like AUD or USDT to buy digital tokens directly. Regular updates of the market values and research stand you up confidently for the next move.

Beginner Friendly

Assistance provided by Zipmex helps beginners to understand crypto from scratch. In the beginning, novice users need not go through the complications of the graphs.

The fast trading feature is mainly for beginners. This approach to deal with them does not make the users think that they are in the wrong place.

Zipmex Token (ZMT) 

Zipmex has its own coin, known as Zipmex token (ZMT) which can be used on the native exchange, Zipmex.

ZMT has its own benefits, while trading like other coins can also be bought at low prices. You can buy ZMT for a higher interest rate than the remaining other coins.

Zipmex User Experience

From the very basic to advanced, Zipmex holds its customers’ hands. From enabling users to understand the concepts of crypto and to gaining profits, its enthusiastic and cooperative team is always there working efficiently.

It shoulders the users in all the ups and downs of the market. Fast trading, a low deposit fee of only 0.2%, and higher interest rates than the other websites make the journey hassle-free and wonderful.

Officially licensed Zipmex takes care completely of users’ data and protects it with modern technologies.

Buying at low prices and selling the assets at higher market rates has fascinated the world to invest at Zipmex.

Zipmex Safety And Security

In terms of the safety and security of the users, Zipmex has always kept a tight hand over it. Protection is the very first priority.

AUSTRAC approved Zipmex, following all the norms and regulations applied to it. Bitgo, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, and digital assets custodian possess control over the security functionality of Zipmex.

Bitgo is spread over more than 50 countries, regulates Zipmex. Even if Zipmex stops working, your asset will be in the access of Bitgo with all the security and protection.

Registration is also followed by the users’ KYC. You have complete access to your account and transaction verifications because of its multi-signature protocol.

That means you will be asked more than one time before accessing your account and verifications.

You can trust Zipmex because of its liability. It is backed by the laws and regulations of Bitgo.

Zipmex Fees

Zipmex charges a fee for the platform to keep working and for its enhancement. The trading fee is charged depending on the assets that you are interested in.

As you can buy the coins and invest with the fiat money in your banks, you are charged for it. You will be charged a bit on the depository and withdrawal fee. 

Deposit Fee 

You are charged a fee of about 0% on the amount deposited. That means you can deposit in all the cryptocurrencies for free.

This custom has managed the attention of the people worldwide and helped them deposit in all the digital currencies.

Though you are supposed to pay on fiat currencies deposit. USD-10%, AUD-1% capped at 3%.

Withdrawal Fee

Like any other cryptocurrency exchange, Zipmex charges a variable withdrawal fee that changes as the amount of withdrawal and the type of currency change.

While withdrawing your amount, a flat deduction takes place for the deposit amount greater than the withdrawal amount.

The rates of the withdrawal can vary from 0.005BTC  to 25USD. This variety in the withdrawal fee gives its users an advantage in using the trading platform as per their budget. 

Trading Fees

It is one of the best, most feasible platforms that provides its users more benefit from low amounts of asset spend. It comes with a very low trading fee of about 0.2%.

By locking the Zipmex ZMT coin, time, you can avail the direct discount on the trading fee.

By holding your digital assets for a longer time, you can increase the chances of the high costs of your assets. ZipUp account is there for you for the high interest on your assets.

Zipmex Australia Pros And Cons

As we discussed before in this Zipmex Review Australia the Zipmex exchange is an easy to use platform with many features but this exchange does have some negative sides

Some of the negative aspects that we found are mentioned below along with the Pros.


  • A feasible fee of 0.2% on trading is the most availed benefit to the world. 
  • Zipmex possesses its own coins. For locking the coin, users can unlock more profit in trading.
  • High-speed trading is its best feature that stands it unique amongst other trading platforms.
  • Fiat currency supports like AUD, and USDT helps beginners. It supports bank transfers as well.


  • Zipmex comes with countable digital coins.
  • Zipmex does not provide a fee discount on even massive trades

Zipmex Customer Reviews And Complaints

One of the leading platforms worldwide that was established 3 years back has been able to be a people’s brand.

Credit to make it the most reputed exchange goes to the team, working enthusiastically and efficiently behind the scene.

Liability and the high technical privacy provided to its users’ assets make it the highest-rated people’s platform in the world of crypto.

The most secure Zipmex is standing in the world with the exception that it is not available to the residents of the USA.

As per many Zipmex customer Reviews, it is clear that some users have a flawed image on the exchange due to low coin support

Is Zipmex Legitimate?

Yes, of course. Its incredible, prominent team and 24*7 customer support provided by them is unsuspicious.

And not because it is backed by Bitgo, the custodian of your digital assets, Zipmex’s user-centered platform is legitimate.

You can trust them because of the authenticity of the platform.

Zipmex Contact And Customer Service

Users contact Zipmex via their social handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, medium, and YouTube.

You can directly connect to them with the chat icon provided in the right bottom corner of the website

You can also ask for their help in the help section. 

24*7 customer service is always provided whenever in need or you can help yourself by reading the articles, blog posts, and FAQs on their site.

And if the issue is not resolved, you can submit a contact form available at the website or you can mail them directly with your issue at [email protected]

How To Use Zipmex

Once you will land on their web page or use their mobile application available for Android and iOS users, their user-friendly interface will guide you.


Otherwise, you can read it out here in this section of Zipmex Review Australia.

Step 1: Open A Zipmex Account

For your account opening, you will have to land on their official website

With one click on the signup button on the home page, you will next be asked for your email address and password.

The minimum length for the strong password is about 8 characters long with special characters and numerics.

Read the terms and conditions before checking the box and tapping “Create my account”.

Fill in the blanks, click accept. A confirmation email would be sent to you for the verification on the registered email.

Step 2: Verify Identity Digital

Read the terms and conditions before checking the box and tapping “Create my account”.

Fill in the blanks, click the “accept” button. Next, a confirmation email will be sent to you for the verification of the registered email. Now click the “activate account” button.

Step 3: Deposit Funds 

The owner of the account can only deposit in the account. Before adding to your account, first, you will have to navigate to your wallet to find your unique Zipmex deposit address.

  1. For the USD deposits, land to your wallet tab, select deposit and then select USD.
  2. Enter the amount that you want to with, then select, place deposit ticket.
  3. You will next receive an email with a deposit ticket.
  4. Follow the instructions to deposit from your bank account. 

Step 4: Storage

Zipmex allows its users to store their cryptocurrencies and other digital assets automatically in their cloud wallet that comes with hot storage; however, if you want to transfer your digital assets from the cloud wallet to your hardware wallet, you’d need to transact these coins manually to your hardware wallet. 

Zipmex Review Australia – Conclusion

As per our research for Zipmex Review Australia we found that Zipmex is one of the most preferable trading platforms for Australians. It is simple enough to make your journey hassle-free.

It is more than enough for any kind of user. Their enthusiastic team is always there to manage all your difficulties arriving at the starting and even when you are a pro trader.

Choosing a platform like Zipmex will make you feel like Crypto was never a challenge for you.

By landing at this user-friendly platform you will be sure to never face difficulty because at the right time you were able to draw a better decision for your future money, Cryptocurrency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Zipmex be trusted?

Yes, Zipmex is a reliable trading platform on which one can trade, store, and share their cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. 

Where is Zipmex located?

Zipmex is a Singapore-based crypto trading platform that started 5 years back in 2017 and witnessed the rise of crypto in this new world order. 

Is Zipmex regulated?

Zipmex is regulated by The Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Center or AUSTRAC, which makes it a regulated crypto trading exchange. 

What is Zipmex ZipLock?

 Ziplock is a feature offered by Zipmex that allows its users to lock up their crypto assets to earn a profitable return. In other words, staking is renamed as Ziplock. 

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