$1.2 M Cryptocurrency Was Stolen From A Man In Bloomfield Township

$1.2 M Cryptocurrency Was Stolen From A Man In Bloomfield Township!

Recently, a few scammers scammed a person from Bloomfield Township and stole approximately 1.2 Million worth of cryptocurrency. As per the police, there haven’t been such cases come across before. Also, they have warned people to look out for scammers who steal cryptocurrencies and money in any other form. 

Community Relations Officer Nick Soley stated, “ Fraud is one of the fastest crimes happening in the country and it is quite hard to trace it.” The chances of recovering money are quite impossible as these scammers use advanced technology that it becomes difficult to detect the trail of transactions.

$1.2 M Cryptocurrency Was Stolen From A Man In Bloomfield Township

According to the victim, the hackers accessed his sim card containing all the phone data. Further, they got access to all the banking Applications and transferred funds.

$1.2 M Cryptocurrency Was Stolen From A Man In Bloomfield Township

The victim learned about the scam when he opened his phone and realized that all the funds in crypto applications were withdrawn. According to his cell phone provider, the sim card was initially swapped on a different phone. 

The Community Relations Officer, Nick Soley, had further said that until now, this is the first type of scam discovered.

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There have been some instances where scammers had stolen funds without any access to mobile phones. Recently an instance came up where some scammers tried to impersonate the Phone Company and tried to ask for 2000 USD gift cards to clear the dues of the respective person. The victim thought this was true and sent a 2000 USD gift card. 

Therefore, if some companies try to approach anyone and ask you to pay as a gift card, then mostly it is a scam, according to Nick Soly.

The third major scam happened when an older woman got messages on Facebook Messenger. The hackers tried impersonating her family members and asked her to send 40K USD to Texas. She believed it and sent money. Later she found that it was not family but a scammer who stole her funds. 

Sole Further had added, “ If users can lock in with password and ensure that they get notification about every transfer, then it would be quite easy to know about the scam and they can prevent it.”

In recent months, sim Swapping was employed in more American cities to drain user accounts. Modern financial scams have left no American of any age group and background. 

Scammers use sophisticated ways to get sympathy from the victim and commit fraud. It started from simple phishing text, robocalls, and sim swapping. It is important to inform authorities in case of any suspicious call from anyone asking you for the funds. While transacting through cryptocurrencies, it is important to be aware and ensure that you don’t trust anyone in the first instance. Especially there have been unique ways along with phishing attacks followed by hackers to steal funds from users.

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