Crypto Engine Review Australia: Hidden Truth Exposed To Public!!!

Readers today we are back with a platform review, Crypto Engine Review Australia, A crypto trading platform that claims to be a trustworthy exchange.

We are here to give you complete information about this exchange that nobody ever told you about before.

In this era of digitalization, the term ‘cryptocurrency’ is also known as the virtual currency that has made a name for itself in these recent years.

It is a tool for which customers can invest their money at their own risk in the volatility of the market with high accuracy of calculations in the hope of earning a massive amount of profit.

This process needs to be done through any software that speculates on the uncertain crypto market by making accurate calculations and predictions about the chances of your profit amount.

Crypto Engine Review Australia – Is This Platform Legit?

Trading in cryptocurrency is rather most popular amongst a particular section of society. Several trading platforms have flooded in swarms into the market.

And many of these trading platforms are daily caught as self-profiting frauds and scams.

Read this Crypto Engine Review Australia to know about the truth behind this exchange

Robot NameCrypto Engine
Robot TypeBitcoin Trading Robot
Supported AssetsBTC,XRP,BCH,BTG,ADA,LTC,
Minimum Deposit250$
Claimed Success Rate90%
Withdrawal Period24 hours
Mobile AppNo

What Is Crypto Engine?

Crypto engine is one of those trading platforms that offer a chance to earn a huge amount of profit by the accuracy of predictions and fortune through Bitcoins.

Crypto Engine Review

The Crypto Engine claims itself as an automated trading app or a Crypto Robot that is able to give you more than 99% accuracy.

The Crypto engine is a fake crypto robot as this platform leads innocent customers to invest with an unlicensed broker.

It has made some sales videos to attract a huge mass of customers.

Scam Alert: Their video claims that customers may earn $500,000 in three years. It has gone viral and acquired huge fame for itself.

Few people also have commented that this platform has very advanced technology. But we came to about it when we deposited 350 Pounds in this scam unfortunately by going through a fake news article.

Yes, the Crypto Engine scam also promotes fake success stories through various reports so that you get tempted by those fake stories and get trapped by them.

They also claim that the founder of Crypto Engine is a renowned trader who had earned many millions by speculating in cryptocurrency.

The Crypto Engine Scam Evidence

It is marketed as a live trading platform that generates massive profits. The more money its investor losses, the more the profits its broker earns.

The brokers, in turn, also pay some of their earnings to the affiliates who are involved in this scam.

The tagline of the website is “Trading you can trust.” The financial supervisory authority of Denmark has also banned the Crypto Engine.

It is the official regulating body by the government on all investments and of all financial matters.

Reviews claim that daily profitability of up to 400 percent can be derived from it. There are many experienced traders who are very curious to know how a verified and lawful trading platform can provide such high-earning potential.

They all doubt their license.

This site tricks people into signing up with an unknown hidden broker. Then these brokers call innocent customers and force them by tempting offers and fake consolations to invest in this platform.

Then they want the customers to make a deposit of a minimum amount that is $10,000 and assure that it will be about 25 percent monthly returns.

And this is totally unethical for any broker, especially from any registered company to use such type of pressure tactics.

About Fake Product Reviews

Many people look into the product review before investing in it. Unfortunately, the Crypto Engine has collaborated with many sites that provide fake reviews about it.

crypto engine fake product review

The Crypto Engine pays these websites to provide such fake reviews. These websites give Crypto Engine more than 92 percent out of 100.

Even you will also be able to see the Crypto Engine’s promotions on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sometimes.

Fake News In Media About The Crypto Engine Scam

The fake news that had been circulated is stating that Martin Lewis had earned thousands of pounds through the Crypto Engine trading platform.

A fake video of Melissa Lee, a famous anchor of a show named “Fast Money,” has also been incorporated in the sales video of Crypto Engine.

The people who followed the television show had claimed that she is even found narrating the same dialogue which is copied into the Crypto Engine video.

Many news sources are also showing that the Crypto Engine is involved in exchange for money. And they are not worried about the reputation of their websites.

crypto engine fake media news

On the contrary, they are busy in earning a massive amount of money in exchange for these fake testimonials.

The fake ratings and appreciations of these websites are visible on various famous social news platforms like Reddit, Trustpilot, etc.

Such fake testimonials mostly helped the Crypto Engine Scam to rise in Google rankings.

Even the rumors are not to be believed, that the celebrities like Meghan Markle, Princes William and Harry have built up their fortune around this silly Crypto Engine.

Is Crypto Engine A Scam Or Legitimate?

Multiple affiliated networks are dealing with this fraudulent software to receive a huge commission when a customer deposits some amount.

The Fake Mirror pages are also being used in the “Click Ads” section to promote this section. Journalists have identified a fraudulent affiliated network actively promoting this Crypto Engine as a liable and the best platform.

The employees of these affiliated network sites are ready to make any commitments to sign up customers.

More the people sign up on the fraud website, the more commission these affiliates they will get.

Thus, many customers have complained about the representatives of this site that they called those people even at abnormal times which the people found very disturbing.

There is no legitimate company that will allow their employees to contact their customers even at such odd hours.

When a customer opens the main sales page and the Crypto Engine’s website registration area, a video of Melissa where shows how $500,000 can be made within three weeks, these pictures and the claims are entirely taken and copied from a different show.

Many customers mostly complain that they are unable to withdraw their deposits.

The Crypto Engine is also blacklisted by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority which is available on the Danish FSA website.

This is an official regulatory body of the government that looks over all the matters regarding the stock market, financial instruments, and in general investing.

Is Crypto Engine For Free?

Crypto Engine is not a free trading platform. People need to invest at least 250 pounds, if not more, to start trading here.

Brokers such as “My coin banking” charge the credit card of the customer for the amount.

Actually, this is also a part of their business scheme as most people find it suspicious about a trading platform when it offers free joining.

Diving Deeper Into Crypto Engine Review Australia

The Crypto Engine claims that it works on a crypto robot that is programmed upon artificial intelligence to provide its customers with the best and most accurate information.

They also further said that both freshers and experienced people find this trading platform the easiest to operate than any other trading platform.

To be a millionaire, there is no need for any prior experience as it is very swift to handle. It has a minimum trading capital of $250.

The deposits can be made through any major debit or credit card, or e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill.

They make all the promises without any transaction fees. The policy for protecting passwords is firm, and the site is encrypted.

So, the privacy information of the customers is maintained. The deposit of the customer stays intact, even if any of their brokers try for bankruptcy.

All these promises had made many people doubt whether the Crypto Engine is a scam or legit.

Crypto Engine is an automated software. However, people should not start with massive investments to generate returns.

The minimum deposit amount is $250. Initially, it is better not to start with more than that amount.

Also, it is a good idea to trade for at least eight hours daily. The best time to use the Crypto Engine is when the markets on Wall Street start.

Tapping the trading market of the USA is essential.

Crypto Engine Review Australia – Final Takeaway

I have been working with cryptocurrency for the last seven years. It has been sufficient time to gather a lot of experience.

The Crypto Engine has made me realize how absolute freshers with very little knowledge may invest in this trading platform and can turn their investments into huge profits earning.

I do not have any personal issues with the Crypto Engine company, but we only want to beware the innocent people of all the incidents and worst that can happen to them.

The Crypto Engine has also claimed that it has interactive customer service as well. No government, except the financial regulatory body of Denmark, has directly outlawed the Crypto Engine.

Also, the virtual currency market is so uncertain that the Crypto Engine cannot be now accused of falsification. So, in my opinion, it may be considered very risky.

Hope this Crypto Engine Review Australia Helped you to get an overall idea about the platform.

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