Wallets To Store Ethereum Based Tokens – Paper, Mobile, Web & Desktop!

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Ethereum is a blockchain protocol that allows people around the world to send and receive funds without an arbiter intervention. Ethereum wallets are software programs where Ethereum is stored. Wallets come in different forms like desktop, mobile, web, and hardware. 

Wallets To Store Ethereum Based Tokens

Establishing such a wallet is an important step in the process of storing Ether coins. Let’s make familiar about some of the wallets that store Ethereum based tokens through this article. Some of the best wallets to store Ethereum based tokens are given below.

ethereum wallet


Paper Wallets


A paper wallet is the one among the safest wallet available for you to store your Ethereum tokens. As it is not connected to any server or internet, it has greater immune against hackers. To create a paper wallet, follow the below-given steps.

  • Create a new wallet on ‘My Ether wallet’
  • Download the key store file
  • Click on the print option

The paper that prints out contains your public key, private key, and the QR code to scan them.


Mobile Wallets


The most important aspect of a mobile wallet is that you don’t want to download the entire blockchain to conduct the operations. The most positive reviewed mobile-based Ethereum wallet is Jaxx. The private key never leaves this wallet and you don’t have to provide personal information for registrations.

Mobile wallets can be used for instant and secure transactions, to buy ETH in a user-friendly atmosphere. Private keys are encrypted inside your mobile device and only you can access it.

Desktop Wallets

The easiest to set up and use is the desktop wallets. They can only be used on the computer in which they are downloaded. Thus desktop wallets are convenient and secure. Exodus, MetaMask, Mist, Atomic, etc. are some of the best desktop wallets now available.

Desktop wallets can be used as a multi-currency wallet with a user-friendly interface. You don’t have to worry about the security of your Ethereum tokens while you use a desktop wallet. You will get into a huge risk of losing your funds, once your computer is stolen. 

Web Wallets

Web wallets use cloud storage to store Ethereum tokens. So it can be accessed from anywhere. But it is extremely vulgar towards hackers and other attacks as the tokens are stored online. My Ether wallet is the safest web wallet as it is completely decentralized. It stores your keys safely in a device. 

Ethereum wallets make it easy to store and to process transactions. But finding the right one is challenging. The above given are some of the most successful wallets for Ethereum. I hope that this article provided the right pieces of information for you regarding Ethereum wallets. Comment your further queries in the comment section below and we will reach out to you.       

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