Best Ethereum Wallets Australia

Best Ethereum Wallets Australia – Compare Secure Eth Wallets

This post will help you find the best Ethereum wallets in Australia to secure your precious Ethereum coins.

Cryptocurrencies are a dime a dozen these days. Every other day there is a new coin in the market.

However, a few have been true value investments, bringing considerable returns to the investors.

One such cryptocurrency is Ethereum – a true giant of the crypto world, second only to bitcoin in market capitalization.

Best Eth Wallets Australia – Wallets That You Should Be Aware Of

Although the market is flooded with new cryptocurrencies, Ethereum still attracts a significant chunk of users, firmly holding its place as a leader in the crypto space.

Best Ethereum Wallets Australia

If you reside in Australia and want to buy, sell or trade Ethereum, you need a reliable Ethereum wallet.

Continue reading this article to know about the best Ethereum wallets Australia

Key Points on Ethereum Wallets Australia 

  • Ethereum wallets allow you to hold critical information about your Ethereum trade safely.
  • Moreover, the Ethereum wallet lets you interact with the Ethereum blockchain for trading, buying, and storing Ether.
  • Besides, these wallets also securely hold the private keys that are essential to prove the ownership of your crypto funds.
  • Additionally, the Eth wallet allows you to send or receive Ether or exchange them for other cryptocurrencies. 
  • Not only Ethereum, but a wallet also enables you to deal with other features of crypto technology, such as DeFi apps, NFTs, etc.

Best Ethereum Wallets Australia List

  • Trezor Wallet Australia
  • eToro money Wallet Australia
  • Rainbow Wallet Australia
  • Binance Wallet Australia
  • Metamask Wallet Australia
  • Exodus Wallet Australia
  • Trust Wallet Australia
  • Coinomi Wallet Australia
  • Ledger NanoX Hardware Wallet Australia
  • Jaxx Wallet Australia

Best Ethereum Wallets Australia Reviewed

You can trade in Ethereum on any crypto exchange, however, if you need to hold your Ethereum for some time, you have to ensure the safety of your investment.

Ethereum wallets serve the very same purpose. However, choosing a reliable Ethereum wallet in Australia can be a daunting endeavor, given the huge number of wallets available in the market.

To ease out the process for our readers, we sifted through the heap of crypto wallets to find the best that integrates security, reliability, simplicity, and functionality.

Here are the top ten best Ethereum wallets Australia that topped our stringent selection process.

Trezor Wallet

Trezor is an established name in the crypto space and offers one of the most secured hardware wallets for safe crypto transactions.

Trezor Wallet

Usability is smooth, with support for several native cryptocurrencies and tokens, including Ethereum.

Besides, the physical device is sleek and equipped with a touch screen that offers an intuitive interface for easy verification and approval operations.

Apart from Ethereum, Trezor also supports 1000 more coins, including the big names like Bitcoin and dash.

Furthermore, similar to its counterpart, the Ledger NanoX, Trezor also comes with a USB type C cable for uninterrupted connection with smartphone and Desktop.


✔ Ultra-secure offline storage functionality.

✔ Multiplatform Support.

✔ Extensive support for more than 1000 cryptocurrencies.


❌ A bit pricey, with limited customer support.

eToro Money Wallet

Next on the spot for best Ethereum wallet, Australia is indisputably the free online wallet – eToro.

eToro Wallet Australia

Interactive features, a straightforward interface, and seamless functionality are the major highlights of eToro’s online wallet.

You can easily download the application on the mobile platform and begin your crypto journey.

The interface is without a doubt user-friendly, and a heap of informative material incorporated with the app makes dealing with cryptocurrencies an easy ride.

Furthermore, a considerable number of cryptocurrencies support is also a positive highlight of the eToro wallet.

Moreover, funding the eToro wallet is also simple, with support for US dollars, euros, Canadian dollars, British pounds, Japanese yen, and Australian dollars.

Another point in favor of the eToro wallet is the relative ease of use. Even if you are a newbie, you can easily send and receive cryptocurrencies.


✔ Fast online support for easy transactions.

✔ Single login feature for both online platform and wallet app

✔ Beginner friendly, excellent interface, and seamless functionality.


❌ Security is not as strong as hardware wallets.

Rainbow Wallet

A relatively new entrant in the crypto space, Rainbow wallet nevertheless integrates several attractive features to secure its place on the list of best Ethereum wallets Australia.

Rainbow Wallet

The popularity of Rainbow wallet is primarily due to the enhanced user experience it provides thanks to the interactive mobile interface.

Besides an Ethereum mobile wallet, Rainbow also allows buying NFTs or transacting in WEB3 and DeFi sectors.

In addition, the rainbow wallet also allows users easy access to Optimism, Polygon, and Arbitrum networks.


✔ The User Interface is just marvelous.

✔ Extended support for several crypto coins.

✔ Easy accessibility to Polygon and Arbitrum networks.


❌ A relatively new player in the market.

Binance Wallet

Binance is one of the most trusted crypto trading platforms that allow you to create a wallet to store Ethereum coins and other crypto coins.

Binance Wallet

Binance wallet coupled with Binance wallet allows users to trade more than 150 coins.

Besides that, it also offers API integration with your current trading platform. Moreover, Binance also provides numerous tools for effortless online crypto trading.

Moreover, Binance is available for iOS, Android, and PC and offers functionalities that are curated for beginners as well as veteran crypto users.


✔ Multiple integrated tools for enhanced trading experience.

✔ One of the safest Ethereum wallets with 24/7 availability.

✔ Suited for both beginners as well as hardened crypto traders.


  • Higher transaction fees.

Metamask Wallet

Another reliable wallet to securely trade Ethereum tokens is Metamask Wallet. It’s a browser extension that allows you to secure your Ethereum coins and other ERC-20 tokens in a high-security environment.

Metamask Wallets

The hassle-free functionality and relative ease of use make Metamask a perfect choice for anyone looking to indulge in everyday crypto transactions.

Besides that, it also offers two-factor authentication with particular emphasis on easy usability.

If you are just beginning into the crypto world but wish to dig deep, the Metamask wallet is an ideal choice.


✔ The web3.js library ensures complete utilization of the Ethereum platform.

✔ Allow local storage of private keys.

✔ Multi Ethereum accounts support.


❌Being a browser extension, privacy is an issue

Exodus Wallet

For those PC lovers, who prefer to manage their Ether from Desktop only, Exodus is the best solution.

Exodus Wallet

Downloading the Exodus software solution is quite simple. Moreover, the software also integrates several user-friendly functionalities and support for numerous other coins.

The interface is clean and includes valuable materials to make your journey into the crypto world bump-free.

However, Exodus lacks two-factor authentication, which diminishes its security profile a little.

Besides, it’s not open-source software, which certainly is another weak point that may off-put some users.


✔ Access is available for both PC and mobile.

✔ Beginner friendly.

✔ Easy trading of Ethereum and other coins.


❌Two-factor authentication is missing.

Trust Wallet

Trust wallet comes with the trust of an open-source mobile solution for Ethereum trading. Besides, users can also stake their cryptocurrencies to earn additional interest.

Trust Wallet

Initially, the Trust wallet was designed to hold only ERC20 and ERC223 tokens; however, the developers have now added functionality to support leading cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Besides, the Trust wallet allows users to directly access dApps running on the Ethereum blockchain from its dashboard.

Moreover, the built-in Web3 browser allows the effortless exchange of cryptocurrencies via the native DEX (decentralized exchange) operating on the Kyber network.


✔ Free and open-source wallet.

✔ Multi-asset support for streamlining interactions with different cryptocurrencies.

✔ Simplified user interface.


❌ Limited services and few security flaws.

Coinomi Wallet

Coinomi is another excellent wallet to store, trade securely, and manage Ethereum coins and other supported cryptocurrencies.

Coinomi Wallet

It’s a high-security multi-asset wallet with support for 125 blockchains and 1,000 ERC20 tokens. Also, the Jaxx wallet is available on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Looking at its additional features, no KYC verification seems attractive; also, multi-currency and multi-asset support, coupled with ShapeShift, Changelly, and native SegWit functionality, further adds to its glory.


✔ Excellent security feature with no reported break-in incidents.

✔ Cross-platform functionality for easy trading.

✔ Client-side storage and generation of passwords.


❌ Limited updates.

Ledger NanoX Hardware Wallet

If you are hyper concerned about the security of your crypto assets, no solution is more adept for you than a hardware wallet.

Ledger Nano X Wallet

Detached from the system, all your cryptos are secured offline in a physical device. The Ledger Nano X is perhaps the best Ethereum hardware wallet available to secure Ethereum crypto.

Ledger NanoX assimilates advanced technology, proprietary operating systems, and cutting-edge security elements that give you complete control to manage your crypto assets.

Moreover, Ledger allows you to trade cryptocurrencies on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Furthermore, it supports more than 1500 tokens and about 27 coins so trading won’t be a hassle. The LED display for payment validation and secure PIN are other glittering features of Ledger Nanos.


✔ Support several platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

✔ Top-notch security for all your crypto assets.

✔ Better control over private keys.


❌ Not suitable for small-time crypto traders.

Jaxx Wallet

Jaxx wallet is another worthwhile option to safely trade Ethereum coins and secure your crypto transactions.

Jaxx Wallet

Besides its excellent support for Ethereum tokens, Jaxx wallet also supports over 85 other cryptocurrencies.

Multiplatform availability is also an attractive feature as the Jaxx digital Ethereum wallet app is available on Desktop, iOS, Android, and Google Chrome.

Another attractive feature includes native camera scanning, cross-platform pairing, relative ease of switching between different coins, and lower transaction fees.


✔ Low transaction fees.

✔ Simple cross-platform pairing.

✔ Multiple coins support


❌Unregulated service with no support for two-factor authentication.

How Do Ethereum Wallets Work?

An Ethereum wallet is an essential tool to secure, buy, sell or trade Ether – the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum blockchain.

Those who deal in Ether need an Eth wallet to confirm and validate Ethereum transactions. There is a common understanding that Ethereum wallets actually hold Ether coins; however, it’s a misconception.

An Eth wallet only holds smart contract information. Therefore, it only allows interacting with the Ethereum blockchain and making transactions in it.

Additionally, the Ethereum wallet also holds private and public keys. Think of them as addresses.

Private key lets you prove ownership of the funds on the blockchain, while public key facilitates sending and receiving cryptocurrencies.

Types of Ethereum Wallets

Not every Ethereum wallet is the same. They differ in functionality, adaptation, interaction, working as well as presentation.

Which wallet will suit you best depends on your own requirements and expectations. Here we will briefly explain each type of Eth wallet.

Ethereum Software Wallets

As the name indicates, Ethereum software wallets( hot wallets) are application or software-based wallets that remain connected to the internet.

There are mainly three types of software wallets: web wallets, desktop wallets, and mobile wallets.

Web wallets reside on the internet portal; therefore, they do not need any application to run.

They are device-independent; consequently, they can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

On the other hand, Desktop or mobile wallets require an application for their specific platforms to run their operations.

Ethereum Mobile vs Desktop Wallets

Both mobile and desktop wallets need an application to operate as a wallet; however, there is a crucial difference – both run on different platforms.

A desktop wallet works on a desktop device, such as laptops or PCs, while a mobile wallet runs on a mobile device.

Basically, Ethereum desktop wallets are software solutions that run on the Desktop and manage Ethereum coins you own.

In contrast, mobile wallets are mobile applications that you can run on smartphones for managing your crypto assets.

Hardware Ethereum Wallets

Ethereum Software wallets are vulnerable to hacking because they remain connected to the internet.

If there are not enough security measures in place, there is a risk that hackers may break into the software wallet and steal the crypto assets.

Ethereum Hardware wallets address the issue by saving crypto assets in a physical device detached from the system, limiting the wallet’s access.

These devices are similar to USB sticks, where users can store their private and public keys.

Hardware wallets or Ethereum cold wallets remain outside of the Internet network; therefore, they are considered the safest Ethereum storage solutions.

Paper Wallets For Ethereum

Ethereum Paper wallets represent the old-school method of keeping information secure: writing it down on paper.

Some people are more comfortable with a completely offline solution to store critical information about their crypto assets.

The public key or the receiving address and the private key or the access password are printed on a card or paper.

There are even websites that let you create printable pages containing all your crypto asset’s information.

However, Ethereum paper wallets have a higher risk of damage and misplacing or losing.

To make access to the critical data more secure, it can also be encrypted as a QR code; however, in any case, paper wallets require extra effort to keep them safe.

How To Choose The Right Ethereum Wallets For You?

There are several parameters to assess the quality and safety of the Eth wallet.

Here are some key points we kept in view while sifting through hundreds of options to choose only the best Ethereum wallet in Australia.

These are;

▶ Security

▶ Fees

▶ Mobile experience & Ease of Use

▶ Tools & Functionality

▶ Customer Support

▶ Supported cryptos


Security is the primary criterion to take into consideration before going with a particular Ethereum wallet app.

Especially if you are just getting your feet wet in the crypto world, you may be unable to assess all the risks involved; therefore, you better ensure your protection.


Fees are also essential criteria you must keep in mind while choosing an Ethereum wallet app.

Hardware wallets cost the most; however, they are also the most secured Eth wallets. Software wallets also have different fees structure depending upon the vendor you choose.

Moreover, many software wallets do not charge any fees for storing your crypto assets. However, several transaction fees are applicable when you trade or buy/sell Ethereum coins in Australia.

Therefore, it is imperative to assess the Fees for each wallet provider to choose the one that comfortably fits your budget.

Mobile Experience & Ease of Use

Again, an essential key point while choosing an adept Ethereum wallet.

Dealing with cryptocurrencies has several technicalities, and frankly, if an Ethereum wallet app doesn’t allow you to deal with them in a simplified manner, trading cryptos will be a headache.

Prefer a wallet with an easy-to-install setup with an enhanced and easy-to-use interface.

Tools & Functionality

There are simple wallets with limited functionality, and then there are wallets that offer seamless integration of several functions for hassle-free dealing in cryptocurrencies.

While a basic setup will be an advantage for beginners, given the rapidly evolving crypto world, it’s best to go with a wallet that integrates as much function as possible.


One should overlook the quality of support available with an Ethereum wallet while choosing one for himself.

Issues arise; there is no saving from that; however, robust customer support simplifies a lot of things with timely intervention.

Therefore customer support is another crucial point essential to consider while choosing an Ethereum wallet.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Lastly, the number of cryptocurrencies that wallet support is also an essential point.

Of course, you intend to trade in Ether; however, it’s prudent to have an Ethereum wallet that supports several different, less or more popular crypto coins.

Moreover, many exchanges only deal in cryptocurrencies and not in fiat currency. In those scenarios, too, a wallet with numerous cryptocurrencies support will come in handy.

How To Get an Ethereum Wallet Australia?

To get an Ethereum wallet for yourself in Australia, you have to download applications from a particular vendor or buy a physical device in case you prefer a hardware wallet.

Next, you have to register on the platform of your choosing to begin the process of securing Ethereum in that wallet.

Here we have taken the example of eToro, but the process is somewhat similar with every vendor. Moreover, you can quickly get additional information from their website.

Open An Account With eToro

To open an account on eToro, you need to register on their website and fill up all the details asked on the registration page.

eToro Wallet Setup

Head up to the eToro website and locate the ‘Join Now’ segment for registration. From here, you could begin the registration process.

Verify Id

Fill in all the relevant fields on the eToro page, then click on the signup button. Next, the page will ask to complete the KYC process.

Fill up the relevant details and provide the documents needed, if any, to complete the KYC process.

Once you have completed all the steps, you will have an account on the eToro platform, and you are ready to trade Ethereum.


Before you can buy Ethereum on eToro in Australia, you have to deposit funds on your eToro account to make the purchase.

The funding process is simple: log in to your eToro account by entering the login credentials.

Next, proceed to the deposit fund option and click on it. The page will prompt you to enter the amount you want to deposit and the method you wish to use.

To facilitate the fund depositing process, eToro allows several methods, including credit card, debit card, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Rapid Transfer, etc.

Once the deposit process is complete, the funds will reflect in your eToro account.

Buy Ethereum

To buy Ethereum on eToro in Australia, log in to your eToro account. In case you have not funded the account with fiat money, complete the depositing step first and then proceed with buying Ethereum.

Next, type ETH in the search bar to locate Ethereum on the website. The page will now give you the option to make the purchase of Ethereum crypto.

Fill up the amount and proceed with the purchase. eToro platform is up and running throughout the year 24/7; therefore, there are no time restrictions to buy Ethereum on eToro in Australia.

Additionally, the platform allows fractional purchasing too; consequently, you don’t have to purchase a full Ether; you can even buy Ethereum coins for a small amount.

Transfer Ethereum

Once you have Ethereum tokens on the eToro trading platform, you can quickly transfer them to an external wallet.

However, you have to install the eToro money mobile wallet app on your smartphone before you can transfer Ethereum coins.

The login credentials on eToro money are the same as that of your eToro trading account. Inside the eToro money app, you can navigate to the edit trade window to process with Ethereum transfer.

Choose the relevant trade from the window and continue with the instructions to transfer Ethereum coins in your eToro money app wallet.

Final Thoughts – Best Ethereum Wallets Australia

Now that you have a good understanding of the criteria to choose an Ethereum wallet and a list of the best Ethereum wallets in Australia, we hope that choosing the one that fits your needs and preferences will be much easier.

As an additional piece of advice, choose an online wallet in case you want only to get the feel of how things work in the crypto world.

However, if you are really into some serious Ethereum investing and want to hold a large amount of Ether, an Ethereum hardware wallet will be the best solution for you, considering the level of security attached to cold wallets disconnected from the internet network.

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