Keevo Harware Wallet Reviews

Keevo Wallet Reviews – Paperless Recovery Wallet!

Hello everyone In this post, we are reviewing Keevo hardware wallet – a new player in the market which claims to shatter the common perception of the security of hardware wallets and push it to a new level.ย 

Read this Keevo wallet review till the end to know about this next-generation wallet for your cryptocurrencies.

Over the last few years, there has been astounding growth in the crypto market. People are pouring their money to buy crypto assets in the hope of churning huge profits.

But the real challenge begins after you have acquired a crypto asset. Now you have to worry about its safekeeping.

And believe us, there have been numerous instances where people have lost all of their cryptocurrencies.

Keevo Wallet Reviews – Is It Safe Enough To Store Your Cryptos?

You need a wallet to safely store cryptocurrencies. They are analogous to the bank account where you put all your money.

Keevo Harware Wallet Reviews

But not all wallets provide the same level of security features. In this regard, hardware wallets are the most secured as they store cryptos offline in a hardware device – so no access to hackers.

But which hardware wallet to choose from and why?ย 

This Keevo wallet review will consider all the bells and whistles about the Keevo crypto wallet and test how authentic their claims are.

What Is A Keevo Wallet?

Keevo is a hardware wallet, and same as other hardware wallets, store your crypto assets in an offline device.

However, it claims to bring in the next generation multi-factor/multi-signature authentication to the scene to improve the security of its hardware wallet considerably.

Additionally, it also claims to nullify the fear of losing the seed phrase. Instead, it introduces carbon key and seedless recovery concepts to access your funds.

With these features, the Keevo wallet certainly seems to provide a safer alternative to interact with the crypto world with an enhanced level of convenience.

Keevo Wallet Key Components

Keevo hardware wallet has four key components,ย 

Keevo Hardware Walletwhere key information about your crypto assets is stored

Carbon Key – a revolutionary new addition to provide backup for seed phrase

Desktop App – to safely and securely manage your assetsย 

Keevo Premium Plus Service – manages all the operations related to the Keevo wallet effortlessly.

Keevo Wallet Security Features

Keevo sports some top-of-the-line security features, surpassing its competitors by a considerable margin.

Its patent Pending 4-Factor Authentication System & secure MCU is at the core of its stringent security protocols.

Moreover, the dual-chip MCU architecture (like the one used by banks) solves one serious security vulnerability: storing the private keys in the wallet.

The dual-chip MCU architecture surpassed this requirement by generating a new private key for each transaction to be carried out.

All the transactions are validated through a multi-factor and multi-signature authentication system.

These authentication layers include Keevo Digital Vault, a fingerprint sensor, a password option, and the Keevo Carbon Key.

Authentication of each layer is necessary for the hardware wallet to allow access to what it contains.

So, even if your Keevo wallet is compromised and a hacker gets a hold on your crypto vault, the other authentication factors such as password and biometric authorization will prevent it from actually accessing your funds.

This significantly reduces the chances of an unauthorized individual stealing the cryptocurrencies held in the hardware wallet.

What To Expect From The Keevo Hardware Wallet?

The primary attractions of the Keevo wallet are its out-of-league security features. Multi-factor authentication is definitely an attention-grabbing feature yet to be incorporated in other hardware wallets.

Besides, the marvelous design is another glittering feature. The shiny unorthodox design definitely catches the attention.

The carbon key component and dual-chip MCU architecture that this uniquely designed Keevo crypto wallet packs make it near invincible and definitely represent a giant leap in terms of crypto wallet security.

What To Expect From The Keevo Carbon Key?

The Keevo carbon key is the main attraction of the Keevo wallet, and it indeed nullifies a huge concern associated with hardware wallets – losing the seed phrase.

The Keevo carbon key system represents the Keevo equivalent of funds recovery seeds.

It’s a separate backup device that encrypts information with a random key and sends it to Keevo for separate storage.

Additionally, the carbon key also stores the information related to the beneficiaries of the wallet holder.

In this way, the Keevo carbon key eliminates the risk of losing the paper on which the seed phrase is written, adding an extra layer of protection to the cryptocurrency assets that the user has.

How To Activate The Keevo Hardware Wallet?

You have to set up and activate your Keevo crypto wallet before you can use it to manage your crypto funds.

You can also add the beneficiary to your Keevo wallet at the time of initialization.

Also, multi-factor authentication requires you to set up the needed factors for proper security initialization.

Here are all the steps needed to activate the Keevo hardware wallet.

Note: These are the steps you have to follow for unpaid activation. In case you want paid services too, you have to complete additional steps, which we will mention later.

๐Ÿ‘‰ First, download the Keevo wallet desktop app.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Next, follow the on-screen instructions to register your Keevo wallet app and generate login credentials.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Now, turn on and connect your Keevo hardware wallet to the system.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Once the device is paired with the app, it will ask to generate a pin.

๐Ÿ‘‰ The device then proceeds to create a master key.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Once the master key generation is complete, the app will prompt you to add the rest of the authentication factors.

๐Ÿ‘‰ You have to register your fingerprints, Pin, and Keevo Karbon key factor.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Now the app will prompt you to proceed with the paid services registration. You can skip the step if you don’t wish for paid service at the moment.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Next, the app will prompt your carbon key to sync it with your wallet.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Once the device is ready, the app will display the wallet address and QR code and prompt you to disconnect the Keevo crypto wallet.

Activation Steps To Follow If You Want To Opt For Keevo Paid Service

๐Ÿ‘‰ During the activation process of the Keevo wallet, the app will ask you to register for paid services. You can proceed with the option.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Additionally, you can log in to your Keevo app anytime and proceed with the registration of paid services.

๐Ÿ‘‰ The Keevo app will initiate the KYC process. You have to enter personal details like your name, phone number, address, etc., and set up the password.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Next, follow the instructions till the app notifies that the paid service registration is complete.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Now the app will ask to enter information about the beneficiaries.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Again follow the instructions on the Keevo crypto wallet interface and provide your fingerprint and pin.

๐Ÿ‘‰ In the end, you will get the notification that all the registration processes are complete, and you can proceed with managing your crypto assets.

Keevo Hardware Wallet Ease Of Use

In addition to all the exceptional security features, Keevo also brings simplicity and ease of use.

Keevo has replaced the typical small screens of hardware wallets for a 2.8″ full-color touch screen to manage all the crypto assets easily.

It offers a more accessible and more intuitive usage of the Keevo wallet.

Additionally, the Keevo crypto wallet also incorporates a fingerprint reader, a biometric sensor, Bluetooth connectivity, an 8V lithium battery that lasts up to 6 hours in continuous use.

All these features are packed in a sleek frame that closely resembles a tablet rather than a hardware wallet.

How To Add/Receive Crypto Into Your Keevo Hardware Wallet?

Adding Crypto To Keevo Wallet

Receiving crypto into your Keevo wallet is simple and only requires following a few simple steps.

Note: You have to set up the Keevo desktop app and activate the hardware wallet before you begin exchanging or adding cryptocurrencies.

โ–ถ Once you have your Keevo desktop wallet set up, launch it on your system. ( Make sure you have a stable internet connection)

โ–ถ Now navigate to the display window; here, you will find the public address or the QR code to receive funds into your Keevo hardware wallet.

โ–ถ Now you just have to send the address or QR code to the person who wants to send you the cryptocurrency.

โ–ถ That’s it; you just have to wait and confirm that the funds are added to your wallet or not.

How To Send Crypto From Your Keevo Hardware Wallet?

Suppose you want to send crypto from your wallets to your friend; it is as simple as receiving the funds. However, you will read the recipient’s wallet address to transfer funds to his wallet.

โ–ถ Fire up your system and launch the Keevo desktop app.

If it asks to log in, enter the credentials you set while initializing the app.

โ–ถ Once you are on your Keevo wallet app dashboard, navigate to the send icon and click on it.

โ–ถ The app will ask to enter the recipient’s wallet address and the amount you want to send. Enter the needed information in the relevant field.

โ–ถ Now connect your Keevo hardware wallet to the system and connect it to the app.

โ–ถ Once the app and the wallet are in sync, verify the transaction details and click on the Send button.

Keevo Hardware Wallet Supported Countries

Keevo wallet is a US-made device; however, there are no country restrictions regarding the usage.

Therefore if you reside in a country with no regulation on cryptocurrencies and where the shipment of Keevo hardware wallet is possible, you can easily use it to store and manage your cryptocurrencies.

Keevo Wallet Desktop App

The Keevo desktop app is the software application that complements the hardware wallet in managing all your cryptocurrencies and other related operations.

It’s a downloadable app and easily installs on the PC.

Like the Keevo wallet, the app is also equipped with stringent connection and security protocols to Keevo your crypto assets secure while operating the app over the internet.

The Keevo desktop app includes a simple user interface that helps easy management of the crypto-related process.

You can view all the coins you hold, manage public keys, and exchange cryptocurrencies.

Keevo Wallet Supported Coins And Tokens

Keevo wallet supports all the major cryptocurrencies currently in circulation across the various exchanges.

Besides, Keevo has pledged to continue adding new coins. Recently Keevo added XRP to its list of supported currencies.

Meanwhile, you can easily store the giants of the crypto world, like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

At the same time, other smaller coins and tokens, KinesesVelocityToken, Shiba Inu, Grapefruit, Farm Reward Token, Saitama Inu, Ethereum max, etc., are also fully compatible with Keevo wallet.

Keevo Wallet Customer Support

Keevo is further backed by an efficient customer support system to swiftly troubleshoot queries and concerns that users may have while using the wallet.

In case any concerns arise, you can head to the Keevo wallet customer service page on its website and register your complaint or mail your complaint.

You will have your query resolved in the minimum time possible.

Additionally, you can also head to the FAQ section, which is quite extensive, and answer most of the common queries related to using the Keevo crypto wallet.

Furthermore, Keevo wallet also offers support through its various social media handles.

You can even get in touch with Keevo crypto wallet representatives on Telegram regarding your queries.

Keevo Hardware Wallet vs. Ledger NanoX Hardware Wallet

Keevo Wallet Vs Ledger NanoX

Both Keevo hardware wallets Ledger Nano X works on the same principle – minimize the threat of unauthorized access of crypto assets by disconnecting them from the system.

Similarly, both include features such as the integrated battery Bluetooth connectivity; however, both differ in the approach of securing the seed phrase and model security features.

Therefore, while Ledger Nano X follows the traditional security path, Keevo wallet adopts a more sophisticated security approach.

There is no carbon key with the Ledger wallet. Also, multi-factor authentication is missing, while Keevo incorporates both features.

Similarly, the design and ease of use are significantly better for the Keevo crypto wallet. The screen is larger and of high quality compared to Ledger Nano X.

Keevo Wallet Pros and Cons


โœ” The design is sophisticated and sturdy at the same time, with features that enhance ease of use.

โœ” Innovative and hard-to-find security features make the Keevo wallet one of a kind device.

โœ” The revolutionary carbon key concept eliminates the fear of losing the seed phrase, thereby making the recovery process hassle-free.

โœ” The innovative beneficiary addition system ensures the protection of all the crypto assets in case of any mishap.

โœ” Support for all major cryptocurrencies currently in circulation allows easy adoption of the Keevo wallet for storing funds and crypto-assets.


โŒ Some may find the beneficiary adding process a little cumbersome, particularly about verifying the identity.

โŒ There is still not enough support available to speedily resolve issues in case of any bump while using the wallet.

What Is Unique About Keevo Wallet?

The carbon key is undoubtedly a unique feature of the Keevo wallet. Keevo is independent of the seed phrase to execute funds recovery, which you will definitely not find in other hardware wallets.

Besides, additional security features also allow it to stand apart from the crowd, adding to its uniqueness.

Let’s have a brief look at each of them;

Breakthrough In Security

At the core of Keevo wallets lies its breakthrough security features. The patent-pending Multi-Factor / Multi-Signature Authentication system makes the Keevo crypto wallet nearly impenetrable to any hacking attempt.

The authentication system works in close association with EAL 5+ secure MCU and dual-chip architecture, which further strengthens the security.

Seedless Recovery

The traditional approach that most hardware wallets follow is the paper recovery card to save seed phrase – the 12 to 24-word mnemonic phrase used to recover lost keys and recover funds.

However, writing seed phrases on a paper recovery card is a cumbersome task with a risk of losing or getting into the wrong hands. Keevo has completely replaced this unreliable method to save seed phrases with its own proprietary Carbon key.

The carbon key can store seed phrases independently from the wallet, completely replacing the paper recovery solution.

Trustless Inheritance

Another Keevo innovation is the beneficiary service and trustless inheritance.

You don’t need to share your private keys with anyone.

In case of any mishap, your Keevo wallet ownership is smoothly transferred to the beneficiaries you have named during the initialization and have their fingerprint and password saved on the carbon key.

In case of your death, after validation, all your crypto funds will smoothly transfer to your beneficiary.

Premium Design

A hard-to-miss feature of the Keevo wallet is its eye-catchy, premium design. You are almost compelled to hold it in your hand.

Besides, the design is also complemented further with a 2.8″ large full-color touch screen that allows seamless operations.

The beautiful body is forged with a precision-cast zinc alloy case and also incorporates a glass-fiber-reinforced ABS body and steel reinforcement for enhanced durability and strength.

Enterprise-Grade Backup Storage

In addition to all the outstanding security features, the Keevo wallet also offers enterprise-grade backup storage in conjunction with Iron Mountain to securely store your carbon key.

The facility offers a 24/7 air-gapped database storage and security solution with easy retrieval options.

Besides, Iron Mountain has a presence in 50 countries with around 1,480 facilities, so you will never be short of options, no matter where you reside.

Keevo Hardware Wallet Price? Keevo Care Service Paid Plans

The Keevo wallet price is higher than other hardware wallets, probably because of all the proprietary security features.

In case you wish to have a Keevo crypto wallet for yourself, the Keevo wallet will cost you $299.

The additional services attached to the Keevo crypto wallet are paid too. For Keevo care, you have to pay $3.99 per month or $39.99 annually.

Likewise, the monthly charge for secure storage is $6.99, and if you opt for an annual payment, you have shed around $69.99.

There is another service: Secure storage and beneficiary, and it comes at $9.99 for a monthly subscription or $99.9 for the yearly charge.

Keevo Care Extended Warranty And Refund Policy

There is a one-year extended warranty for the Keevo care plan covering your Keevo wallet and carbon key.

Moreover, in the event of theft or loss, there is also an option of Keevo crypto wallet replacement for $119.

Furthermore, the refund policy applies only to the direct purchase of the Keevo wallet from the official website.

For detailed information on refund policy, you can head to the refund policy page on the official website of Keevo wallet.

Keevo Wallet Reviews – Final Thoughts

There are numerous wallets available in the market today, but the one that ensures total protection for your funds should be considered.

The Keevo wallets seem to be a worth buy hardware wallet when considering its security features.

They offer many features that many other wallet companies fail to provide. The price of the wallet is affordable.

We hope this Keevo wallet review helped you clear your queries and doubts about the product. Stay tuned for more crypto content.


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