Ledger Nano X Review Australia

Ledger Nano X Review Australia – Bluetooth Hardware Wallet!

Hi, everyone welcome to Ledger Nano X review Australia. Are you scrolling around the internet to select your ideal crypto wallet that will suit your needs in Australia?

It could be a daunting task to narrow down your selection amidst this plethora of ‘good-looking’ options in the market.

Ledger Nano X Review Australia – Is It Worth The Price

If you are looking for a hardware crypto wallet, Ledger’s NanoX appears to be a popular choice amongst DeFi investors but do it justify its’s price?

Ledger Nano X Review Australia

Should you move forward with this purchase if you are an Australian crypto investor?

This Ledger Nano X review Australia will equip you with the right knowledge to make a smart buying decision. Let’s start by discussing key points for a hardware wallet.

Key Points On Hardware Wallets

A hardware wallet is a device that is used to store all of your digital assets in one offline cold storage, secured by long keys or phrased passcodes called seeds

 ◾ A good crypto hardware wallet solution must be backed with regular and timely firmware updates to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats

◾ Your crypto hardware wallet must have a completely open-source, structural code that is verifiable by a trustworthy tech community

◾ Accessibility and an easy-to-use user interface of your hardware wallet are another key aspects that will decide your overall experience with the wallet.

◾ Last but not least, your hardware wallet choice should be based upon the history, reliability, user reviews, and market opinion of the product and its manufacturer. 

What Is Ledger Nano X

Launched in 2019, Ledger Nano X is a crypto hardware wallet that is designed and manufactured by Ledger, a blockchain security and infrastructure solution developing company

Coming from the house of a leading and trustworthy crypto-security solution, Ledger Nano X hardware wallet is designed to suit the users who prioritize user experience and top-notch security over a few extra bucks.

Ledger Nano X comes with a strong but sleek metal body that adds to its overall premium appearance.

A big enough touch screen of this device makes it easy to monitor your transactional hash without the effort of too much scrolling on a smaller screen. 

Ledger Nano X cold storage entertains robust connectivity options from USB-C cable to secure Bluetooth connectivity that allows it to be operated with your mobile device effectively.

Considered as one of the most secure hardware wallets in the market, Ledger Nano X cold wallet justifies its price with additional security features like multi-signature and paraphrase support. 

What Is In The Box?

Ledger Nano X wallet gives a premium unboxing experience and the white box comes with a plastic seal, ensuring that the device is never been taken out of the box before reaching you.

Ledger Nano X Unboxed

Inside the box you can see your hardware wallet as the first thing, followed by a manual to guide you through its setup and three recovery sheets as an additional recovery tool. 

In the lower section of the box, you will find a desktop connecting cable, some cool Ledger stickers, and a strong key chain cord to make your Ledger Nano X hardware wallet a perfect fit among your other secure key chains. 

Ledger Nano X Wallet Setup

Even though you’d find a detailed manual in the box, here is a short tutorial to set up your brand new Ledger Nano X Australia

Setting A PIN code

To start with your Ledger Nano X, you would need to download the Ledger Live application either to your mobile or your desktop that will guide you throughout the process.

Now turn on your hardware wallet and it will ask you to set up an 8-digit PIN, decide a unique PIN and enter it to proceed with the process. 

Writing Down Your Seed Phrase

After setting up your 8-digit PIN, your Nano X’s screen will show a series of 24 words with one word at a time.

This is your seed phrase, which you’d need to write down on the recovery sheets you received within the box.

This is a critical part of the process and hence makes sure that the words are strictly in the right order and take an extra effort to avoid any typos. Store those three recovery cards separately in a safe place. 

Pairing The Ledger Nano X With Your Mobile

After recording your seed, you can access the dashboard of your device, and to pair it up with your mobile, you’d need to enable Bluetooth on both devices.

Use Ledger Live mobile app to scan your device and once it is visible, you can pair them up after confirming the same pairing code on device screens.

Pair from the mobile app and then press both the buttons on your Ledger Nano X wallet to confirm the pairing.

Pressing the buttons again will allow Ledger Manager to authenticate your device with Ledger’s servers.

Installing Apps

To start using your new Ledger Nano X cold wallet, you’d need to install the respective applications of cryptocurrencies you want to store, e.g Bitcoin app for storing your Bitcoins.

You can install these apps easily from the Ledger Live application’s dashboard.

While using your Ledger Nano X wallet you must know that all the cryptocurrencies will have a specific app that you will be required to install in your hardware wallet. 

Adding Accounts

 You can easily add or remove accounts from the left panel of your Ledger Live app’s dashboard.

Go to left panel > Portfolio > Add Account > Continue. Now connect your device and unlock it.

Now you can add an account to your portfolio by using ‘Add New Account. Use ‘Add More’ to add any more accounts. 

Ledger Nano X Interface And Ease Of Use

Ledger Nano X hardware wallet comes with a solid metal body and a widescreen operated by two navigation buttons.

The metal finish makes the device a bit heavy, but the well-balanced design justifies its weight.

The quick Bluetooth connectivity feature along with USB-C cable support makes this device easy to connect with your other trusted devices.

Easy coin swap features and user-friendly interface of the Ledger application add up to its overall accessibility. 

Ledger Nano X Supported Coins

As no wallet supports all cryptocurrencies present in the market, the users must be aware of the coins and tokens supported by their wallets.

Ledger Nano X cold storage supports more than 1500 crypto tokens from around the globe and almost all the cryptocurrencies from Australia.

A wide range of support to a diverse and lesser-known crypto token does not make Ledger Nano X crypto wallet compromise with the popular choices of the market.

Ledger Nano X wallet supports all the major blockchain tokens and emerging crypto choices.

With regular firmware updates, this number of supported crypto tokens and digital assets is only bound to increase, making Ledger Nano X crypto wallet a future-proof choice. 

Ledger NanoX Wallet Safety & Security

When it comes to the major advantages of having a hardware wallet, safety and security are considered to be the core features.

Ledger Nano X is a cold wallet that provides its users with an ultimate security advantage. Ledger Nano X has received a CSPN certificate, a certificate issued by the France National Cyber Security Agency for its safety features.

It is a complete cold storage device, which means that your crypto token will never leave your offline wallet.

Even the worst of a security breach would not let your device be exposed to an online hacker.

So does it make Ledger Nano X crypto wallet, the safest hardware wallet choice for Australians? Yes!

Ledger Nano X Benefits 

In this Ledger Nano X review Australia, we are highlighting a few benefits of this hardware wallet.

Ledger Nano X supports a huge number of cryptocurrencies present in the market, and this makes it suitable for both traditional crypto investors and those who love to experiment with new crypto assets.

Its ultimate security protocols, clean and user-friendly UI, better connectivity options, and solid hardware design are some of the major benefits of owning a Ledger Nano X crypto wallet in 2022. 

Ledger Nano X Pros And Cons

As per Ledger Nano X Australia review Ledger Nano X also has some negative sides they are mentioned below


  • Uncompromised and top-notch security features
  • Interactive, clean, and user-friendly interface with a widescreen display
  • Wired and secured wireless (Bluetooth) connectivity options
  • Wide range support of over 1500 crypto assets
  • Good customer support and a satisfied users community


  • One of the most expensive choices in the market
  • No Bluetooth support for the desktop

Ledger Nano X Pricing

If you are living in Australia, you can get your hands upon a brand new Ledger Nano X wallet at the cost of $199 AUD.

Being on the expensive side in terms of its pricing, Ledger Nano X cold wallet presents an extremely good value to your money with second to none security options.

Its flagship-level performance and sleek metal design make it a premium device that justifies its higher prices up to an extent.

When people are preferring software wallets just because of their lower pricing, the security of your crypto assets must not be compromised and Ledger Nano X wallet offers you just that. 

Ledger Nano X vsTrezor Wallet

The ultimate rivalry of hardware wallet market leaders, NanoX and Trezor, is well known.

Ledger Nano X vs Trezor Wallet

On one hand, where Trezor wallet leads over the Nano X in terms of having a colored touch screen and availability of Shamir Backup feature, Ledger Nano X on the other hand leaves Trezor wallet far behind when it comes to secured Bluetooth connectivity, better metal design, and having a mobile application.

The Trezor wallet utilizes open-source programming and firmware, however, Ledger has its own working framework, BOLOS.

The Ledger Live application is an unquestionable requirement have for clients with Ledger wallet.

But Trezor wallet doesn’t have a mobile application yet, instead, they have a desktop application called Trezor Suite, which gives data on portfolio and exchanges supported.

The Trezor models are based on a solitary chip base, while Ledger wallets utilize a twofold chip base.

Ledger’s chip is a bank-grade secure component that gives extra protection from any hardware attacks.

Here we can see Ledger Nano X out beating Trezor wallets when comparing several features offered by them

Ledger Nano X Customer Support

With a detailed FAQ page, Ledger support provides a simple solution to most of the problems you might be facing with your device.

An active community of a wide user base has developed an accessible forum for discussing technical aspects of the Ledger Nano X.

Ledger supports an email help center and social media accessibility for its customers.

However, Ledger does not support any kind of live telephonic support for security reasons and the safety of its customers.

Ledger has an active presence over Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and even TikTok, to interact with its users. 

Ledger Nano X Review Australia – Final Verdict

This detailed Ledger Nano X review Australia presents you with a three-dimensional overview of this hardware wallet.

Nano X is undoubtedly a market leader with its uncompromised security features, secured connectivity options, and completely offline nature of storage.

Ledger Nano X crypto wallet provides better usability and interactive application support to manage your device with your smartphone.

Coming with a comfortable design and a wide range of digital asset support makes Ledger Nano X one of the finest choices for Australian Crypto holders. 

We hope this Ledger Nano X Australia review will help you to know more about the different aspects of a hardware wallet.

It will also allow you to make an informed decision before investing your money in a hardware wallet solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about the Ledger Nano X wallet that we tried to answer in short. 

1. Is the Nano Ledger x worth it?

Yes, Its second to none security features and wide range of crypto support is worth its price.

2. Can you buy Ledger Nano X in Australia?

Yes, you can buy a Ledger Nano X in Australia directly from the website of Ledger. 

3. Are Ledger wallets safe after the 2020 hack?

In 2020, when Ledger faced a major data breach that affected 272,000 of its customers, none of the Ledger devices were compromised. Even today, Ledger devices are one of the safest in the market. 

4. Is Ledger NanoX safer than Binance?

Yes, being a hardware wallet with a completely cold storage facility, Ledger is a safer choice than Binance which stores your crypto assets in the cloud. 

5. How do I Transfer Bitcoins to My Ledger Wallet?

Connect your ledger wallet to your device > Open Ledger Live > Click ‘Receive’ from the left menu > Choose an account > Open Bitcoin app on your Ledger wallet > Verify the address > Login to your cloud wallet > Send Bitcoin > Enter your Ledger Address > Click continue. Done your Bitcoins will reach your Ledger wallet soon. 

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