Best Crypto Trading Bots Australia

Best Crypto Trading Bots Australia For Automated Crypto Trading

Today in this article we will list out the 10 best Crypto trading bots in Australia that can be used by Australians to earn money even while sleeping.

Cryptocurrencies have become quite an important asset for investors and traders to trade.

A lot of new innovative solutions are coming up, in order to maximize the yield and earn a large number of profits.

Like in Stock Markets, trading Bots plays a major role, a similar thing has been now invented for cryptocurrency trading

Top Automated Crypto Trading Bots Australia – To Make Automated Money

Innovating trading bots as per the need of the traders, would automatically create trades and do emotionless trading.

Best Crypto Trading Bots Australia

A lot of bots have been built since the inception of merging this wonderful technology for Cryptocurrencies.

Different Bots offer various subscription models based on which users use them.

Read this article till the end to know the best crypto trading bots in Australia and how they can be of use to cryptocurrency traders.

What Is Automated Crypto Trading?

Automated crypto trading is one of the most used categories of trading where people don’t actively sit in front of their computers to do technical analysis.

Rather they use various computer programs and algorithms to conduct cryptocurrency trading.

Based on the strategy that you are using, trades are executed. For more advanced trading you can use technical indicators and rebalance your portfolio. 

If you are quite keen to do cryptocurrency trading in Australia but don’t want to spend a lot of time, then you can use Algorithmic Bots to do trade activities for you.

A lot of trading bot products have come with unique strategies and set of features.

Why Use Automated Crypto Trading In Australia?

Automated crypto trading in Australia offers a variety of benefits along with profits. It allows traders to stick to the rules rather than getting emotional and making wrong decisions.

One of the greatest advantages of algorithmic trading is that it allows users to do HFT or High-frequency trading.

This helps to capitalize things like placing a large number of orders at quite high speed.

Also, the decision-making power is quite fast because all the instructions are preprogrammed and use various decision-making patterns.

Some other reasons for using Automated Crypto trading Australia are as follows.

  • All the trades are executed at the optimized price.
  • Quite accurate and instant decisions.
  • Low transaction costs.
  • No risk of any Manual Error.

What Is A Crypto Trading Bot?

Crypto Trading bots are AI-based software that is used to manage trades smartly or based on different strategies applied in the trading bot.

It helps to make trades quite efficiently and helps investors to learn about algorithms and how the market works.

Also, this plays an important role in cost-cutting since People do not rely on brokerage firms or sit in front of computers for a longer duration of time. 

Automated Crypto trading bots are relatively quite efficient than humans and do not make any frequent errors.

Also, there is no room for any sentiments or emotions. As per the different statistics, algorithmic trading bots are used mostly by 70-80 percent of the traders.

How Do Crypto Trading Bots Work?

Crypto bots use various algorithms to analyze the existing data based on which they make decisions and predict trading prices as per their estimation.

Crypro Trading Bots Working

When the conditions are met, and the price calculation is as per the crypto trading bot, it executes the trade. 

Most of the crypto trading bots are integrated with cryptocurrency exchanges, where they listen to various trading events and collect the data.

When such a bot listens about any event they send a signal to the user and do buy or sell as per the activity.

There are many automated bots available that utilize the previous data or the historical data to make decisions accurately.

Benefits Of Using A Crypto Trading Bot Australia

Investors and traders find crypto trading bots quite useful. Also, they have made good profits using cryptocurrency trading bots.

Some of the benefits that it offers are as follows.

  • Emotionless trading

Every cryptocurrency Bot is as smart as its programmer. When any developer codes cryptocurrency bots, it writes the trading strategy as defined by experts.

Based on which the code executes the trade. When a trader conducts trade, they go through various emotions such as greed or fear to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

But with Crypto bots, this is not the case. They work as per the strategies defined in the code. There is no scope for any emotion.

  • Improve Risk Management

Crypto trading bots in Australia allow you to set up different strategies such as if the trade does not go through, then the crypto trading bot automatically cancels that and doesn’t trade.

This prevents traders from losing their funds from any bad trade. People who do not have that much activity can still participate in trading activities with minimal activity.

Another advantage is that they allow you to backtest strategies on historical data collected by them. This is a kind of automated way of learning trading without losing any money.

  • Saves Time

All the beginner’s cryptocurrency traders, miners, and investors can earn a good amount of money without spending all their time trading.

Unless and until you don’t sit in front of a computer and do trading it becomes quite difficult to understand the dynamics and do trading.

But with Automated crypto trading bots in Australia, it does not require you to sit in front of a computer.

Also, it saves your time because you can utilize that time for doing other activities like building new strategies and optimizing your crypto trades.

Also, there is another advantage that keeps on working 24 hours despite you sitting in front of computers.

  • Speed & Precision

For any trade, time accuracy is quite important. For example, if you want to sell or buy cryptocurrency at a particular price then you need to monitor that.

But with the use of a cryptocurrency trading bot, you don’t need to do that because once the crypto trading bot receives the signal from the cryptocurrency exchange, it automatically conducts the trading. 

Also, it takes care of precision by simplifying the complications. For every pair, both asset quantity and price is determined automatically based on either strategy or historical data.

All the trading activities by crypto bots are completed within the specified time range in an automated manner.

Cryptocurrency Trading Bots Australia List – 2022

  • Coinrule Automated Bot
  • TradeSanta Crypto Trading Bot
  • Pionex Crypto Bot
  • Bitsgap Automated Bot
  • KuCoin Bot
  • CryptoHopper
  • Trality Crypto Trading Bot
  • eToro Bot Australia
  • 3Commas Bot
  • Shrimpy Crypto Trading Bot

Best Crypto Trading Bots Australia Reviewed

As we discussed earlier there are many crypto trading bots in Australia that help crypto traders to do automated trade, but choosing the best one is a little bit difficult task.

So to help out Australian crypto traders we have shortlisted the 10 best crypto trading bots in Australia that ensure perfect trade executions.

Coinrule  – Best Crypto Trading Bot For Advanced Traders

Coinrule was founded back in 2017 in London. The team who built this product were keen enthusiasts working in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Coinrule Crypto Trading Bot

They understood the problem that most people face during trading. 

Hence to make trading less tedious they decided to launch a cryptocurrency trading bot that users can integrate with different cryptocurrency exchanges and do automated crypto trading in Australia.

And recently in 2022, they have raised approximately USD 700,000 which was quite more than what they expected.

Here are some features of the Coinrule Cryptocurrency trading bot.

  • It offers a user-friendly interface for traders to do Automated crytpo trading. Since cryptocurrencies are quite volatile, this helps traders to avoid such volatility.
  • Users can integrate different built-in strategies and use combinations of them for automated trading.
  •  There are around 150 rules available to help users to build strategies.
  • It gives an opportunity to traders to use their strategies on historical data.
  • It supports all the trustworthy cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, or Kraken.


Trade Santa is another cryptocurrency exchange in Australia that has in-built cryptocurrency trading bots.

Trade Santa Crypto Trading Bot

Users can use these customizable bots for their trading strategy and do automated crypto trading without much learning. You can also program such bots from scratch. 

It makes the cryptocurrency trading platform quite easy and allows users to monitor them easily without any need for programming skills.

And once strategies are ready, you can integrate them with any of the cryptocurrency exchanges.

You can get a subscription package of TradingSanta at different pricing. For new people, you can also try a 3-days trial.

Some of the features of TradeSanta are as follows.

  • It offers affordable packages that consist of a robust plan to trade unlimited volume and any trading pair.
  • It is quite responsive and easy to use for beginners. The mobile chat feature allows people to contact customer care with no effort.
  • A trader can use advanced automating strategies straight from the dashboard.
  • A lot of educational content is available for beginners to learn.
  • It comes with an economic price range.

Pionex  – Trading Bots For Beginners

Pionex is one of the best-automated crypto trading platforms in Australia that allows users to do both automated and manual trading using crypto conversions.

Pionex Crypto Trading Bot

The primary Product of Pionex is a trading bot. There are a total of 18 cryptocurrency trading bots available with all the different strategies.

Here only you can do crypto to crypto trades, and not use the fiat currency to buy or sell cryptos. 

Pionex uses a fee schedule where usually traders pay the fees when they make some liquidity through their trade. Currently, the fee is approximately 0.05%.

Some of the features of Pionex are as follows.

  • It allows traders to trade and use cryptocurrency trading bots for unlimited time. 
  • It is backed by one of the largest security firms that ensure the safety of using any crypto bot on the platform.
  • The user experience is quite good for beginners. 
  • It allows traders to do simple manual trading and users can place orders without the use of any bot.
  • It offers complete details about the pair using the responsive and comprehensive user interface.


BitsGap is a new platform that allows crypto traders to conduct trade at various cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bitsgap Crypto Trading Bot

The fee structure is quite attractive as it offers the best rates to traders to manage their portfolios.

As per their official website, Bitsgap has collaborated with 30 different cryptocurrency exchanges, including the major exchanges like Bitfinex, Kraken, and binance. 

In total there are 10,000 cryptocurrency trading pairs available that you can trade with using some advanced strategies.

This platform is not only for advanced crypto traders but for beginners. So beginners can easily use it for doing trades.

Some features of Bitsgap are the following. 

  • It allows traders to place both advanced and basic orders.
  • People can take advantage of arbitrage by doing trades on different exchanges.
  • A demo account is available that you can use for learning the UI and UX of the platform.
  • You can easily compare the prices of cryptocurrencies at different crypto exchanges.

KuCoin – Good Choice For Intermediate And Beginners

KuCoin is quite a new cryptocurrency exchange and trading bot based in Hong Kong.

It was established in the year 2017, by a team of cryptocurrency and blockchain experts. They began to work on it in 2011 and after a lot of trials and errors, they launched it.

 This cryptocurrency exchange offers the best facilities and features to exchange your fiat currency for crypto tokens.

And recently they have introduced a KuCoin trading bot that supports around 4 strategies.

Some of the features of Kucoin Bot are as follows.

  • There are four different strategies available that support both leverage and rebalancing features.
  • It allows users to generate passive income at zero cost. Also, It is a beginner-friendly tool.
  • All the trading strategies and bots can be used in different markets be it, volatile, bearish, or bullish.
  • Some of the common strategies are smart balance and spot trading that uses automation.
  • The future can be applied on 79 trading pairs whereas spot trading on 665 trading pairs.


Crypto Hopper is the best crypto trading bot that simplifies the cryptocurrency trading process.

Cryptohopper Crypto Trading Bot

Any level of trader can use it to maximize their profits through different strategies. There are a number of crypto trading bots available that traders can Integrate.

Cryptohopper aims to offer traders multi-cryptocurrency pairs for trading and an easy-to-use interface. 

The official website contains the semi-automated cryptocurrency bot that allows traders to trade without any emotions and human tendencies. 

Some of the features of CryptoHopper are as follows.

  • Cryptohooppers uses API Integration to use semi-automated trades.
  • It offers a variety of tools such as a backtesting tool, various templates to customize the technical indicators and use them.
  • It allows traders to integrate bot with nine famous cryptocurrency exchanges such as Huobi, Kraken, Kucoin, Poloniex, and much more. 
  • It is a web-based solution with an easy interface. It makes use of both social trading and algorithmic trading along with various technical indicators.
  • It offers a lot of educational material and quick customer support.

Trality – Best For Creating Own Crytpo Bot

Tralityis a safe and legit cryptocurrency trading bot in Australia. It is backed by some good investors.

Trality Crypto Trading Bot

The trading bot by reality consists of comprehensive tools that can be useful or build customized bots.

Trality has built several user-friendly tools and Intelligible bots for traders from different backgrounds.

It is the first application that allows people to build trading bots using the Python programming language.

The platform is still in the beta version, so there are only a few features available. You can use it for free till the full-fledged platform is launched. 

Some of the features of Reality are following

  • It gives the traders a facility to code their own trading bot by providing a code Editor.
  • Traders can use a drag and drop facility if they don’t know how to code. The rule builder allows them to create flexible bots.
  • It allows traders to do backtesting and manual testing using paper trading.
  • It allows traders to do 24/7 trading on cloud servers.
  • It supports various cryptocurrency exchanges, hence traders can deploy it on exchanges like Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Bitpanda, and Finance.

eToro Crypto Trading Bot

eToro is one of the leading blockchain platforms that allow traders to do stock trading and cryptocurrency trading and soon they will be introducing copy trading.

eToro Crypto Trading Bot

It was launched in 2014 with BTC trading pair and soon after that, it added support for Ripple and Ethereum. 

eToro has quite a complex fee structure for cryptocurrency trading and CFD. Apart from transaction fees, there are some other fees that traders need to pay such as withdrawal fees and conversion fees.

But if we talk about security, it utilizes the best security firm to audit their platform and cold storage for cryptocurrency holdings.

Some of the features are as follows.

  • It offers insurance to cryptocurrency traders located in the UK, Australia, and the EU.
  • There are over 3000 cryptocurrencies available for traders to trade.
  • It offers an easy-to-use and user-friendly web application platform for beginners.
  • Users can do cryptocurrency trading and social copy trading on the eToro Platform.
  • It utilizes unique security features to make the trading experience quite secure and safe.

3 Commas

3Commas is the cryptocurrency trading platform that allows crypto traders to use automated trading bots.

3Commas Crypto Trading Bot

The 3Commans platform has listed some useful services that fulfill the need for cryptocurrency trading.

You can link all the services and trading booths with 13 leading crypto exchanges such as Bitmex, Coinbase PRO, BitFinex, KuCoin, and finance.

There are different subscription packages available such as starter account, advanced account, and pro account.

There are also different APIs available that you can use with different external cryptocurrency accounts to utilize the automated trading strategy.

For example, if you want to mitigate risk then you can store your funds at different cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase Pro, Kucoin, and Binance, on which you can use automated strategy.

Some of the features of 3 Commas are following.

  • You can integrate it with different cryptocurrency exchanges based on the trading volume they offer.
  • Make use of bots on different pairs available such as ETH/USD to do automated trades.
  • You can use it for portfolio tracking.
  • Integrate their special Interface also known as smart trade to manage trade on various exchanges.
  • Offers a grid bot, that allows traders to buy or sell any asset on preset levels. 

Shrimpy Crypto Trading Bot

Shrimpy or is one of the famous social trading platforms for the cryptocurrency market.

Shrimpy Crypto Trading Bot

It is quite unique and offers a variety of features with an easy-to-use interface.

With the use of Shrimpy, traders can build various trading strategies, cryptocurrency index funds, and also automated rebalance strategies. 

As per the official website, it supports almost 16 Major cryptocurrency exchanges. The two unique selling points of Shrimpy are Social trading and Copy trading. 

Some of the features of Shirmpy are following.

  • It can help you with easy crypto portfolio management.
  • You can build new applications using cryptocurrency APIs that it offers.
  • Easy to collect data from different markets and cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Offers different APIs to build new applications.
  • Automated trading strategies that traders can copy and apply.

What Is The Best Crypto Bot In Australia?

For any crypto trade beginner, Pionex is the best choice. It comes with an easy-to-use trading platform that can integrate 16 free cryptocurrency bots.

Pionex Crypto Trading Bot Australia

On Pionex there are around 120+ crypto tokens available. Also, New traders can learn through various tutorials offered by them.

As per the fees for every trade, they charge up to 0.05%.

Is Auto Trading Legal In Australia?

Automated trading is completely legal for cryptocurrency markets, currency markets, commodity markets, and equity markets.

Currently, there are no rules and regulations imposed on auto trading in Australia.

Also, the decision-making power is also with the platform that you use despite whether Australia allows it or not.

To check if the platform that you want to use allows Algo trading or not, you can check on their official website.

Is A Trading Bot Worth It?

Various factors should be considered to decide if trading bots are worthy enough for you or not.

If you are a beginner-level trader, then you can use a trading bot to learn about various strategies and dynamics of cryptocurrency trading.

Also if you are quite an experienced trader then, you can use a trading bot to automate your trading activities.

The fees charged by them are quite more than the profit that you can earn by using cryptocurrency Bot correctly and efficiently.

Best Crypto Trading Bots Australia – Conclusion

If you are a beginner, then you should take some time and learn about how the market works.

There are a lot of pretested strategies that you can learn and try to implement on the demo account to trade.

Once you have understood the trading, then you can automate your strategies through the bots.

Automated trading does help you with making a lot of profits but there are some risks associated with it.

Hence it is always recommended to do complete research about the trading bot and strategies that they use. 

Hope this article on crypto trading bots in Australia gave an overall idea to help you choose the one that suits you.

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