Best Crypto Interest Accounts Australia: Earn Passive Income In 2022

Some Australians are still unaware of the best crypto interest accounts Australia and their perks. 

Cryptocurrency has become a global level economy, and more & more people are showing interest in this volatile-digital currency. In the world of decentralized finance (DeFi), potential investors never leave any chance to get profit from these currencies

So read this article till the end to know about the crypto interest platforms in Australia and how to earn from these platforms

Best Crypto Interest Accounts Australia – Top Interest Accounts Compared

Crypto interest accounts allow you to earn interest on your digital token holdings, similar to fixed deposits in bank accounts. The major difference between crypto saving accounts & traditional banks is that these accounts provide you attractive interest rates and significantly more access to profits, unlike traditional bank accounts.

That’s the reason why the crypto market is attracting new investors every day. In this article, we will offer you a complete guide on the best Best Crypto Interest Accounts Australia in terms of supported platforms, how it works, APY, benefits, and several other important features.

Interest AccountCoins Available for SavingSavings Rates
Binance Australia140+9.25% – 12% APY
Celsius Network40+7% – 12%
Zipmex Australia72% – 7%
Coinbase AustraliaETH, ATOM, ALGO,
AqruBitcoin, Ethereum,
up to 12%.
Gemini Earn15+Varies
Best Crypto Interest Accounts Australia

What Are Crypto Savings Accounts Australia?

Cryptocurrency savings accounts are found to be a convenient way to deposit the most popular cryptocurrencies in Australia and earn favorable interests on your holding.

In other ways, we can say crypto savings accounts operate like traditional saving bank accounts because when you stake your digital currency in any crypto interest platform you will get a rate of interest on your digital currency.

Crypto saving accounts could be an option for you to earn massive returns on your interest but before investing it is important to know about the best crypto interest platforms.

For your information, every crypto interest platform offers a different rate of interest, APY, fees, supported coins, plans, etc. Read further to know about the best crypto interest accounts Australia 2022. 

Best Crypto Interest Accounts Australia 2022 List

Here is the list of platforms that allows you to create a crypto saving account.

  • Binance Australia
  • Celsius Network
  • Zipmex Australia
  • BlockFi
  • Coinbase Australia
  • Aqru
  • Gemini Earn

Best Crypto Interest Accounts Australia 2022 Reviewed

Before you opt to invest, it’s important to understand every platform and its features. Let’s get started:

Binance Australia

Binance is a global platform for trading cryptocurrency that supports more than 140 currencies. It has recently expanded its services and included crypto-saving accounts.

Binance Lending

Binance has proven to be the most inclusive platform for earning interest in cryptocurrencies. The platform has introduced a feature named ‘Binance Savings’ that will generate interest on the staking and it is available for all the users. 

Binance allows you to stake up to the top ten cryptocurrencies & earn a higher rate of interest. By choosing flexible accounts, you will earn interest daily & also withdraw funds whenever you want.

The other option is to earn interest apart from these 10 currencies, through exceptional APYs. Binance provides the highest rates in the industry, it offers 10% APY on the Axie Infinity (AXE) and offers 12% APY on CAKE accounts.

This platform of crypto saving accounts enables you to hold your funds for various lock-up terms & APYs.

Celsius Network

Celsius network comes next in the list of best Crypto Interest Accounts Australia. Celsius offers phenomenal interest rates and is available with the variable APY & option to withdraw your holdings at any time.

Celsius Network Crypto Lending 2022

In the Digifox application, under the tab ‘Earn’ you will have the option to stake your cryptocurrency with the Celsius network. 

The rate of interest on your deposit is up to 18.63% APY. The celsius platform pays interest on more than 25 cryptocurrencies, 10+ stablecoins, and on PAXG, the gold token (as of writing).

Recently, the ROI of USDC stablecoin increased to 9.32% APY on this platform, and also, you can earn $10-$60 by transferring USDT from another wallet or platform in the ‘Bitcoin Rewards’ option.

Investors can note- that there are no fees or no minimum balance to earn interest on your crypto staking and unlike other platforms, the interest payouts are on every Monday (weekly basis). 

Zipmex Australia

Zipmex is the top-leading cryptocurrency exchange and offers users the highest return on their deposits.

Zipmex earn

With global-level security technology, they ensure to secure your digital assets. They claim to have digital wallet security up to a US$100 million insurance policy which means your funds are secure.

ZipUp offers a crypto interest account where anybody can earn the interest up to 10% per annum by staking your cryptocurrencies at Zipmex.

They don’t allow fixed-term or lock-in contracts and you will have the full charge over our deposits.

The interest on your holding will be based on the daily basis payout. This platform enables you to deposit or withdraw your funds at any time with no minimum or maximum limit of holding.

Also, it is free for everyone and only withdrawal fees will be charged.


BlockFi has caught the attention of beginner investors because of the higher interest rate in Australia.


BlockFi has proven to be industry-leading in the crypto market. Currently, more than $10 billion worth of digital assets is at stake by the BlockFi platform. BlockFi claims to be the safe & secure platform for crypto interest accounts.

With a BlockFi crypto saving account, a user can gain up to 10% APY on more than 15 stablecoins like USDC, Tether, PAX, and more.

It also offers returns of up to 5% on BTC, ETH, LCH, etc. The platform supports simple account opening with no fees and no minimum deposit. The payout is dependable every month which means the interest will be compounded every month. 


Coinbase is the most popular crypto exchange application in the world. The platform offers to earn massive interest on your digital cryptocurrency through the ‘staking feature’ for the coinbase users, the process is similar to a crypto saving account. Coinbase provides a high level of security for its users. 

Coinbase Earn

Coinbase allows you to earn interest from 6 cryptocurrencies, with APY, on Cosmos with 5%, Ethereum at 4%, Tezos with 4.64%, Algorand at 4%, Dai stands at 2%, and USDC with just 1% APY.

When it comes to protocol, the user has options to choose from for earning interest including- Compound, Fulcrum & DyDx and there are different minimum deposits for each service provider with variations in current interest rates.

The platform provides a lower rate compared to other platforms but it is recommended for beginners because of the useful tools & features. You can easily start with Coinbase by creating a verified account.


Aqru tops the list of best crypto interest accounts Australia. Aqru fulfills all the essential requirements by providing high yields and delivering the finest quality security.


It has gained popularity among long-term & beginner investors because this platform supports both conventional cryptocurrency & stable coins. 

Aqru offers the highest return of 12% APY on stablecoin like USDT, USDC & DAI, and 7% APY on BTH & ETH. The payout is based daily regardless of the cryptocurrencies.

Aqru allows you to open an account with just a €100 deposit and user-friendly features help you to set up an account in just 10 minutes. Aqru platform does not charge any fee and a user can withdraw their deposit at any time by paying $20.

Aqru has become the most reliable platform in terms of crypto saving accounts due to the several options like debit/credit card, bank transfers & cryptocurrencies for the payment forms. 

Gemini Earn

Gemini has recently launched a crypto interest platform, called ‘Gemini Earn’. It provides a user-friendly platform and can be a good option for new & experienced investors. Gemini protects your holding with industry-leading technology and also provides essential tools. 

Gemini Earn

Gemini Earn supports stablecoin & non-stablecoin currency on which you can get up to 8.05% APY like on the 1INCH & CRV both at 8.05% APY, FIL with 7.25% APY, AXS with 6.83% and 1.01% APY on BTH.

You can earn favorable interest by transferring your digital assets to Gemini Earn. Unlike other platforms to earn interest on your crypto savings account, you can withdraw and transfer your cryptocurrency back to your trading account including the interest applied on your holding at any time, with no minimum limit, and no transfer or commission fees. Interest is paid on the daily basis on business days.

What Is APY In Crypto Staking?

APY refers to the Annual Percentage Yield. The APY states the percentage rate of the total amount of staking (crypto holding) earned over an annual period based on the current or previous Interest Rate compounding at a period of 365 days ( set interval ).

For example- Let’s assume that you invest the deposit of $1,000 into a crypto savings account that pays 10% per year.

So after the end of the first year, you will get $100 in interest. If you choose to withdraw this $100 amount, then your current balance will go back to $1,000 and at the end of this year, you will once again get $100 in interest – assuming that the APYs remain at 10% in both years.

However, if you reinvested the $100 amount back into the crypto saving account, the following year would get you an interest payment of $110 APY.

How Does Crypto Interest Work? 

Crypto saving accounts or crypto interest is a whole new investment plan for earning interest on your digital assets in the cryptocurrency market.

Crypto interest works similar to traditional bank accounts, by depositing fixed amounts to earn interest on your holding.

There are a few other similarities with traditional bank accounts, such as that crypto savings accounts come with fixed or lock-up terms with a withdrawal policy and in some cases, it is quite different. 

With several options to choose from the best platform for crypto interest, a user can take advantage of the wide range of available platforms like Aqru, BlockFi, and more.

Your rate of interest will depend upon the specific cryptocurrency and the choice of the platform. If you want to earn massive interest in your cryptocurrency then do research before investing and read this full article on the best crypto interest accounts Australia for the idea of a crypto saving account.

Which Cryptos Can You Earn Interest On?

Crypto savings accounts are a useful way to stake some of the most popular cryptocurrencies in Australia to earn exceptional interest on holdings, unlike traditional banks.

In an easy & simple way- you can earn interest on your choice of any cryptocurrency as the rate of interest depends upon the platform. Most of the providers support large-cap projects like Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Cardano and several other important stable coins like USDT, USDC & DAI.

However, not every platform supports all cryptocurrencies for crypto interests. If you’re planning to stake cryptocurrencies with smaller market capitalization, then the Binance platform is probably the best. And if you’re a beginner then you can start with the Aqru platform. 

Which Platforms Have The Best Crypto Interest Rates?

In the search for the best platforms for crypto interest accounts, every platform is exceptional in its way and rates can fluctuate at any time. Let’s say, the Gemini Earn platform offers a more competitive APY on AXS, its yielding on BTH might not be favorable.

So, it is important to research and clear doubts before investing in a crypto saving account. Let us take a look at the comparison of interests of different platforms. You can also read about these platforms above. 

  • Aqru offers up to 12% on stablecoin deposits, and 7% on Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • In comparison, Coinbase offers the best stablecoin at just 2%.
  • Binance offers up to 10% APY on stablecoins.
  • BlockFi provides APY of 4.5% on BTH and 5% on ETH.

The Platforms of crypto interest vary from each other. So you need to have a better understanding & proper guidance before staking. 

Benefits Of Crypto Savings Accounts Australia

As we know, the crypto market has proven to be the most emerging financial sector in the world.

Investors across the globe believe that it is the future of tomorrow. Crypto Saving Account Australia has already attracted people to earn massive interest in their digital assets. Following are the major benefits if you’re planning to invest in a crypto interest account.

  • You can earn more reliable interest APY as compared to traditional bank accounts.
  • You have the option to choose from a lock-up period and pre withdrawal period and can still earn interest on both the options on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending upon your provider.
  • Several payment options are available on a few platforms unlike traditional banks like debit/credit cards, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies.
  • A wide range of platforms is available in the market that gives you different rates of interest on different cryptocurrencies which leaves a strong choice before investing.

Although these platforms provide industry-leading technology still there are high risks involved. The cryptocurrency market is volatile and interest rates can vary.

Crypto Savings Account Pros and Cons

You are now familiar with crypto saving accounts but before thinking of yourself as a pro, let’s take a look at the pros & cons of the crypto interest account. 


  • The main reason to invest in the best crypto interest accounts Australia is to have passive income while your assets remain safe & secure.
  • Crypto Saving Account pays higher returns on your savings up to 5%-20% APY, unlike traditional bank accounts Ii.e 0.5% APY.
  • Crypto interest accounts pay the interest using crypto-based interest rates like Bitcoin interest account offers which allow investors to stake in their favorite cryptocurrency directly.
  • Some crypto interest platforms provide insurance to your digital assets and this will help beginners securely invest in crypto interest.
  • Some platforms like Binance, offer additional incentive which helps users to increase their overall earnings from tokens & bonus.


  • The Crypto market is a volatile market and the price you will see today, maybe it will be extensively low tomorrow.
  • Not all Crypto saving accounts come up with FDIC insurance means there are chances of the high risk involved in staking through these accounts. 

Crypto Savings Accounts vs Traditional Savings Accounts

Crypto savings accounts do not fully operate as traditional bank accounts. So to clarify the differences between these two let us analyze the following points.

  • Crypto savings accounts offer the same policy as traditional bank accounts but the interest rates offered by crypto savings accounts are comparatively higher than traditional banks. 
  • Crypto interest accounts are more functional as compared to traditional bank accounts because you can withdraw your assets at any time with no hidden charges.
  • Crypto interest accounts provide you interest up to 12-20% APY whereas traditional banks’ interest rates are just 0.5-0.1% APY.
  • The rate of interest offered by crypto interest depends upon the provider including daily basis, weekly or monthly basis which is a good deal for investors as compared to banks.
  • On the other hand, traditional bank accounts give tight security to your holding fund through insurance whereas crypto interest accounts are slightly behind in this race because only a few platforms have insurance for your digital assets.
  • Traditional bank accounts have fixed rate of interest unlike the cryptocurrency market which is extremely volatile,
  • As the name suggests, traditional bank accounts are much older and vintage compared to crypto savings accounts which are completely new in the financial sector. That’s the reason the number of investors in banks is still high due to trust & reliability. 

How To Earn Interest On Crypto

By now we have understood the best crypto interest accounts Australia, here in this section let’s see how to setup up an account on crypto interest platforms.

Crypto has become a popular form of investing to have a passive source of income among investors these days. There is not a huge process to set up your crypto interest account and it can be easily performed in just a few minutes.

There are several platforms available in the market which offer hassle-free processes to open your account in just 10 minutes.

In the following steps, you will learn how to set up your account on the Aqru Platform. 

Sign Up on Aqru 

Visit the official page of the Aqru website or download their mobile application. Now, click on the register now button. Fill in your name, and email address, create a strong password & choose the FIAT currency.

AQRU Account Setup

You will only be able to access the Aqru account after completing the verification process. Go to the homepage, click on ‘Aqru Verify Your Identity and now submit the live photo of your ID & click a selfie to submit. 

Deposit Funds

After signing up, you can now log in to the Aqru app with the login credentials you have created.

Now to deposit funds, you can click on the ‘Deposit’ button from your screen where you will have deposit methods like crypto deposit or credit/debit cards.

There are no charges for bank transfers and you need to wait for at least 48 hours for your funds to reach.  

Start Earning Interest

Now you will see the button on your screen ‘Buy’, click on it to choose from three options including, Stablecoin, Bitcoin & Ethereum. After this, select the desired amount in which you want to earn interest and click submit.

You will soon start earning interest on your holding. Aqru platforms give you the option to withdraw your funding at any time and the interest is compounded on a daily basis. 

Best Crypto Interest Accounts Australia – Conclusion

As we have summarized the important points on the best crypto interest accounts Australia, you must have an idea about the crypto interest accounts, their benefits, drawbacks, platforms & their ROI, and other main features discussed above. 

See, if you’re planning to invest in the crypto interest account then according to the research & popularity- Aqru-The Best Crypto Saving Account Australia provides an interest rate of 12% APY on various Stablecoins and 7% APY on BTC & ETH with no hidden charges through their convenient mobile application. 

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