Crypto Crowd Funding platforms

Top Crypto Crowdfunding Platforms

If you own a business or a startup or any project, you always look for raising funds. This is what Crowdfunding is. So what is crypto crowdfunding? It is a process of raising funds or crypto coins like Bitcoin and Litecoin for your crypto projects.

It allows businesses with great products and services to raise funds from regular people through small investments. There are many crypto crowdfunding platforms that offer the best strategies to make your venture the best one. Some of the top crypto crowdfunding platforms are explained in this article. Check it out. 

Top Crypto Crowdfunding platforms

1. WeFunder

Wefunder is a crypto crowdfunding platform launched by Mr. Nick Tommarello in 2012. It let any common person invest in your startup with a very small amount of $100. Wefunder is the first crypto crowdfunding platform to accept Bitcoin.

So it is one of the most popular crypto crowdfunding platforms. Wefunder accepts funds in terms of US dollars and the website claims that around 625,350 investors raised funds around $137 million for 386 startups.

2. BrickBlock

By using the BrickBlock crypto crowdfunding platform, people can even invest in ETF and real estate with their crypto balance. The most important feature of this crowdfunding platform is that it enables 24/7 access to the capital market.

It was founded in 2016 at Berlin, Germany. It involves enterprise software to manage real estate and other investment funds.

3. RealBlocks

RealBlocks is a crypto crowdfunding platform founded in 2015. The feature of this platform is that it is decentralized and is based on advanced blockchain technology.

Since the investment managers and real estate are limited to raising funds locally, the platform raises funds through intermediary and institutional channels. As the processes are quick and efficient, buying and selling processes are easier when compared to other platforms. 

4. KickICO

KickICO allows users to buy tokens of new startup projects at their early stages itself. So it is a perfect and ideal platform for crypto-based startups. KickICO crypto crowdfunding platform has achieved the “ICO of the Year” title award from BTC CIS in 2017.

The company claims that they have traded over 10 major crypto exchange platforms and they have around 60,000 registered users. CryptoSpace Moscow is a blockchain-based event conducted by KickICO every year.   

5. StartEngine

One of the largest equity crowdfunding platforms in the US region, StartEngine was launched in 2014. The platform has raised funds for almost around 325 plus companies and possesses regulated crowdfunding offerings.

StartEngine has more than  2 lakh registered investors. It has allowed the startups to raise funds of around 135 million-plus US dollars.

Above given are the best crypto crowdfunding platforms with a proven history. Select one among them, list your funding needs, click a few buttons, and ​poof. You’ve raised money.   

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