Best Meme Coins To Buy In 2022: Complete Guide For Australians

We all must have heard of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu while trading in cryptocurrencies but why are they named after Dogs? If you are curious about it then this ‘Best meme coins to buy in 2022 for Australians’ article could be a perfect introduction for you to these meme coins.

In this article, we are going to discuss what meme coins are, how they function, what are the real values of meme coins and how meme coins can change the way you look at the metaverse of the future.

Best Meme Coins To Buy In 2022

If you are someone who is excited about the future of cryptocurrency and want to understand the reasons why meme coins could be a part of your investment strategy then stay tuned to the article. Let’s just get right into the world of meme coins. 

What Is A Meme Coin?

You must have seen a Shiba go coming into your Instagram feeds in every meme that you see. That Shiba dog became a sensational hit when meme creators pushed its meme all across the world and some blockchain developers actually started a token naming ‘Dogecoin’.

Meme Coin

This Dogecoin being a fun project was not supposed to gain much attention but what happened with the Dogecoins was a scene that the entire finance world witnessed. People started using and buying Dogecoins all over the world and it became an instant hit, a currency that started and shared as a joke started to gain value and reached new heights. 

This is one such case where a coin that started as a joke became a sensation. The coins which found their foundations in this scene and were inspired by meme content over the internet are called meme coins. 

Can Meme Coins Make You Rich?

If you are someone who is willing to invest a huge sum of money in a meme coin thinking that one day it will skyrocket and you will be able to redeem the profits then we advise you to do it only if you are 100% sure about it.

Meme coins are notorious for being unpredictable and highly volatile to invest a huge sum of money into them. But yes if you want them to take care of some of your funds which, if lost, won’t be a great deal then you can surely go for them and earn some quick buck.

Do Meme Coins Have Value?

Without having no real purpose or objective and only starting for fun, meme coins do have some value that is backed by the services of the users. However, that value is way less than the price at which the coins are being traded over the internet.

The real value of any cryptocurrency coin is from the objectives of the blockchain it is operating at and the purpose of its creation.

Best Meme Coins To Buy In Australia Compared[2022]

The below table will give you some of the important information regarding the best meme coins in 2022

MemecoinYear LaunchedMarket CapCirculating Supply
Shiba Inu2020$12,496,801,070549,063.28B
Safemoon Inu2021$297,863,951585,536.37B
Akita Inu2021$64,157,086
Dogelon Mars2013$525,887,606553,932.91B 
Baby Floki2021
Hoge Finance2021 $18,167,389402.28B 
Samoyed Coin2021$55,241,2283.33B 
Doge cash2018 $11,932,77017,891,161.94

Best Meme Coins To Buy In 2022: Top Picks

If you are curious to know more about some special crypto projects that started as a joke and now hold a decent value then this Best meme coins to invest in 2022 guide will help you with an insight into the projects. 


Started as a joke by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, Dogecoin is the most famous meme coin in the world. Dogecoin is being talked about by none other than Elon Musk and the conversation became the reason for its sudden hype and made it reach almost 0.90 AUD per coin of value in a short span.

Dogecoin launched in 2013 and reached a market capitalization of over 90 Billion USD as we are writing this article. The joke which started as a mockery of the cryptocurrency speculations became one of the biggest hits of this crypto surge and allowed the holders to achieve 100s of times of profits. 

Now Dogecoin is on its low but the prices are still a table topper in the list of best meme coins to buy in 2022. The real reason for this little stabilization is due to the people who bought during the hype and now can’t sell it because of the lower prices. 

Shiba Inu

Another Dog coin on the list is none other than the ever-popular Shiba Inu. Shiba In is one of the cheapest crypto coin projects that are present in the market. Started in 2020 by an anonymous group of people known to be “Ryoshi”, Shiba Inu is one of those projects that gained an instant hit because of its prices.

The number of coins that are present in the market is immense and with this much of coins the flow it is getting hard for it to achieve highs in its graph. However, the holders are loyal to the project and waiting for it to become the new ‘Dogecoin’. 

Shiba gained more popularity during the second covid wave when one of the Ethereum founders donated more than one trillion Shiba Inu for the covid relief funds. Shiba Inu has a market capitalization of over 12 Billion USD as of now which makes it one of the best meme coins to buy in 2022.  

Safemoon Inu

Being primarily a gaming token, Safemoon Inu started as a gaming token and is now on the verge of entering the metaverse of blockchain gaming. New play-to-earn models of gaming are at their best and only going to move as more development is done in the industry.

Safemoon Inu was started in 2021 and is based on the popular Binance Blockchain. The present market capitalization of Safemoon Inu is over 46 Million USD with a limit on tokens of 1001 Trillion.

Safemoon joined the league of Dogecoin, being termed as a meme coin after a sudden rise in the valuation due to increased investments due to the social media high. 

Akita Inu

Akita Inu is another meme coin project that is owned by a community of people rather than an individual. Akita Inu backs its value, not from the initial investments but the services taken in lieu of these coins.

Akita Inu is a decentralized attempt to create a leading meme coin in the market that can ensure a fair attempt for anyone to own this meme coin. With zero team coins, Akita Inu is one of those meme coins that stands strong for the voice of decentralization. Akita Inu has a market capitalization of over $68,397,471. 

If you are a crypto trader based in Australia and looking out to invest in some of the newer coins in the market the Akita Inu could be one of the top meme coins to buy in 2022 for you. 

Dogelon Mars

A fun list of best meme coins to buy in 2022 cannot be completed without Dogelon Mars. Dogelon Mars is owned by one of the founding members of the Ethereum blockchain and is bullish on the fact that gaming tokens do have a solid future ahead of them.

Dogelon Mars is probably the only crypto meme coin that has its own comic series. With a massive following on social media handles, Dogelon Mars finds itself moving up and down in the graph quite quickly. 

With a market cap of $548.71 M and $56.05 M in the total value of coins in circulation, Dogelon Mars ranks 118 amongst the other blockchain projects. Dogelon Mars is said to be the coin of the future and will bear the results in 2030, according to the markets but saying anything with this surety is not possible even in traditional markets.

If you are someone who is looking for a super cheap meme coin to invest in 2022 then the Dogelon Mars could be the best meme coin to buy in 2020 for you. 

Baby Floki

If you think you have already seen the most interesting meme coin project then you are wrong. What could be more interesting than creating a meme coin project on the name of Elon’s pet dog? Well, this is what Baby Floki is all about.

Floki is the name of Elon Musk’s Shiba Inu pup and when he shared that on social media a group of people decided to start Baby Floki, a pure meme coin. Baby Floki started as a philanthropic token in the market and stands for sharing the profits for a cause as well as to their investors.

Baby Floki offers great holding rewards in another meme coin and could be the best coin to buy in 2022 for those investors who are hoping that one day Elon will go bullish on Baby Floki. 

Hoge Finance

Hoge Finance is another meme coin that has entered the market with lucrative offers for its users, offering 1% of all the transactions to those users who hold some Hoge Finance. With a fixed supply in the market, Hoge Finance ensures that the value of the token does not go below a certain price and thus has a safety mechanism by limiting the minting of newer coins. 

If you are someone who thinks decentralized finance is going to hit a market top in the upcoming years then holding a decent amount of Hoge Finance would not be a bad idea as it is one of the best meme coins to buy in 2022.  


If you are tired of the cryptocurrency meme tokens being named only after dogs then Monacoin won’t disappoint you. Starting in 2013 as a meme token in Japan by an unknown entity with the name ‘Mr. Whatanbe’, Monacoin is named after a cat who became a meme sensation.

Monacoin is a leading coin in Japan and backed by the services of the people who believe in the fact that it will start to rise after a certain period. Monacoin’s present market value goes over to be 6 times of a Dogecoin and that makes it one of the best meme coins to buy in 2022 for those investors who are looking for a pretty stable meme coin that is backed by the human resources. 

Samoyed Coin

Built on the futuristic layers of the Solana blockchain, Samoyed Coin is one of those meme coins that have a great market valuation, ranking below only the leading meme coins such as Doge and Shiba.

Samoyed Coin which only started as a meme coin a few months back now has an aspiration to rise as one of the coins of the future Solana transactions and the programmers behind the screens are working towards that. 

With ever-rising plans and market capital for Samoyed Coin, it could be the best meme coin to buy for those traders who believe in the future of Solana and if, as expected, Solana becomes a sizeable competitor of Ethereum then Samoyed Coin can wave a rise in its prices as well. 

Doge cash

With over 210 million coins in circulation, Doge cash is another entry into our list of best meme coins to buy in 2022. Doge Cash is a project that was started by a group of people in 2018 and has become a significant player in the meme coin market.

It is another token that is backed by the services of the people and has a proof-of-work mechanism in the palace. To reduce the harmful effect on earth’s atmosphere and wildlife, Doge cash is working towards creating a more sustainable model of transaction approvals rather than the huge mining expenses. 

Factors That Drive The Prices Of Meme Coins

The actual valuation of meme coins could be vague at times and knowing the factors that are the reasons behind the market fluctuations could add a layer to your understanding of the meme coins 

Social Media Hype

There is no better tool to hype a coin than social media. There is a full-proof way to decide what will be the next viral thing over the internet and that makes social media quite unpredictable.

Dogecoins during its mooning phase gathered all the attention from social media and that became the reason for overvaluation resulting in the meme coin reaching 100s of times its actual value.

Hence, knowing the value of a coin and keeping a track of social media updates can assist you in taking the decisions regarding your crypto investments and guide you in knowing what could be the best meme coins to invest in 2022

Volatility in Meme Coins

Volatility in the crypto market is another aspect of the meme coins that becomes the reason for regular price changes. These price changes are not stabilized by any central authority and hence can move really high or really low on the basis of the supply-demand ratio in the trade of the meme.

Even though volatility is a part of crypto markets, it increases manifolds in the case of meme coins. Hence if you are planning to invest in meme coins then better choose the most reliant one from our list of best meme coins to buy in 2022. 

Where Can I Buy Meme Coins?

If you are living in Australia and wondering about the best platform for meme coins in Australia then this segment of the article could be a help to you. In this segment, we are going to discuss one of the finest meme coin exchanges in Australia. 

About eToro Exchange

eToro is a crypto trading exchange that is based in Tel Aviv and started way back in 2007 when the blockchain technology was just getting started. eToro allows its users to trade in all the meme coins as per their needs and earn sustainable profits by allowing them to stake their assets in return for an asset.

eToro Exchange Australia

eToro supports the transactions in AUD and that makes it suitable for those Australian crypto traders that are comfortable with their native currency. eToro entertains most of the meme coins in its list of supported tokens. 

Step By Step Procedure To Buy Dogecoin

Buying your first Dogecoin from the eToro trading platform is as easy as it can be. Follow these simple steps to buy Dogecoin

  • The first thing which you would need to do is to create an eToro account by registering to its official website and then create a wallet as per your needs. 
  • For moving forward with the purchase of your meme coins all you have to do is add some money to your funds to use them for the transaction.
  • Once done you have to click on buy now and select Dogecoin on the platform. While selecting the currency you will also have to put in the amount that you want to buy.
  • Now click on the instant buy and there you go! You just bought your first Dogecoins.

Best Meme Coin Wallet 2022

Now when you just bought your first meme coin, you need to have a secure space to store the private keys to ensure that they never get into the wrong hands. To ensure extreme security for your meme coins’ private keys you need to have a hardware wallet and the Trezor wallet is one of the best in the segment. 

Trezor Wallet

 When it comes to the safety of your cryptocurrency meme coins then the security of their private keys becomes critically important and Trezor wallet is one of those hardware wallets that ensure these security protocols to another level.

Trezor Hardware Wallet

Backed with firmware verification, a secure bootloader, regular updates, and safe key operations, the Trezor wallet can never go wrong with the security of your tokens. Trezor wallet supports almost all of the meme coins in the market while supporting over 1800+ tokens based on blockchain.

Hence if you are looking out for the best meme coin wallet in Australia then the Trezor wallet could possibly be the best choice for you. 

Best Meme Coins To Buy In 2022:Conclusion

There is more to life than speeding it up but meme coins do not follow this principle even to the slightest extent. Their prices see the most vital fluctuations in the market due to their overpriced market capitalization.

But the fact of the matter is that most of the meme coins have created sizable profits for their loyal holders and still have the potential to reach new heights. Finding out the best meme coins to buy in 2022 could be the new pursuit for crypto traders and if you are planning to try out your luck in meme coins then starting as soon as you can possibly lead you to yield better results.

We hope that this article will help to provide you with all the information regarding the best meme coins in 2022

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