bitcoin era scam review

Bitcoin Era Scam Review – Shocking Truth Exposed!

Cryptocurrency, also known as virtual currency, has emerged as a powerful player in the 21st century. People are known to have become millionaires overnight through the Bitcoin Era.

What is Bitcoin Era?

bitcoin era scam review

Bitcoin Era is an online trading platform. It is a fake trading app and has clone software. The uncountable number of complaints that have reached the media about this app is daunting. Several clients have suffered from immense financial loss as a result of the Bitcoin Era.

Investors face a deluge of phone calls from dubious people, who call themselves brokers and affiliate marketers. Seven URLs have been unearthed, all of which claim to be the original Bitcoin Era site.

The site claims to provide 99.4 percent accurate predictions. The admins claim that they pay a lot of attention to the security of the customers. The customers need to update their credit card details to this website. So, a 128-bit encrypted password secures the website. It has a well-defined data security policy.

A team of cyber professionals is on their toes to protect the platform against cybersecurity attacks. Reputed magazines that publish information about cryptocurrency, such as LearnBonds, have praised the Bitcoin Era. The web trader of Bitcoin Era is compatible with mobile phones.

So, interested candidates don’t need to invest in a laptop to trade in cryptocurrency. Now, it is time we found out in detail about this site.

Scam Evidence

Superficially speaking, the Bitcoin Era is worthy of praise. It uses strategies that have been implied by the investors on Wall Street. This crypto robot depends on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

The admins of Bitcoin Era have provided that people who sign up get access to laser-sharp apps. It stays .01 seconds ahead of its rival trading crypto robots because it is faster. It consists of a group of cryptocurrency traders who earn a hefty sum of money. Members of this site get access to software that trades on their behalf, albeit automatically.

People may become members of this site free of cost. It has the same layout as Crypto Revolt and Bitcoin Future. Only the logo changes constantly to avoid detection. This frequent change of logo is evidence of a scam.

The data of the customers are sent to unregulated brokers. They start calling the customers and forcing them to invest a higher amount.

The scammers try their level best to convince prospective customers to invest in the Bitcoin Era. They try to prove that their app is genuine. Bitcoin Era is not based on a good algorithm. It may have a demo mode with a unique algorithm.

The algorithm uses a fake algorithm to generate fake cryptocurrency prices and garner profit. It is easy for scammers to convince inexperienced people that the software is genuine.

Interested candidates need to sign up with Bitcoin Era to generate profits. The sign-up process is free. It also provides a demo account, where people may practice before they become proficient in the art of crypto trading.

They may go through the tutorials. A dedicated account manager guides them before they start with the live trading account. The account manager equips people with relevant robot trading skills. Such intense trading helps people to reap more profits.

Fake Reviews

The admins claim that they do not need celebrities to endorse them because Bitcoin Era already has a famous robot. The robot involves a technique named scalping. It allows them to make profits from a small price shift; it follows the General Data Protection Regulation policy and multiple other privacy acts.

So, we can trust that the data of the customer is not in any danger. Yet, the platform has been accused of cheating people of their hard-earned money.

Bear Grylls, Cyril Ramaposa, and Kate Winslet are vocal about the greatness of Bitcoin Era. Pat Kenny has lauded the crypto trading platform on The Late Show. Many people have heard about the member’s ratio in the trading sector.

So, it is evident that the Bitcoin Era is making false claims. The sales video that Bitcoin Era shows to people willing to join is available on other crypto trading sites, such as Bitcoin Lifestyle and Bitcoin Trader.

How can the same video be acceptable for three sites? Multimedia artists have pointed out that the videos are just a compilation of clippings from reputed channels, such as CNN. They are not even remotely related to the Bitcoin Era.

The scammers download a few stock photos, make up some random stories about profits, and publish the combination as testimonials. The people featured in the pictures have confessed that they never advertised for Bitcoin Era.

Fake News in Media

A few reviews praising Bitcoin Era resurfaced on Youtube and Reddit. They promoted the Bitcoin Era as legitimate software that could make people rich within a short span. A site had claimed that the admin had released a press release about the Bitcoin Era’s authenticity.

When people sign up for the Bitcoin Era, they are shown a newspaper article that proclaims Bitcoin Era to be authentic. It will proclaim that Bitcoin Era is an easy way to earn money online.

Members of a show named The Shark Tank bestow their faith in Bitcoin Era. All of them have claimed how Bitcoin Era has changed their lives for the better. If the viewers closely observe any of the shows, they will see a link that redirects people to scam sites.

Fake people spun the reviews about this site in the Trust Pilot for squeezing money from people. The entire testimonial section has been copied from some authentic sites.

Experts claim that it is impossible to have 99 percent victory trading. The citizens of the United Kingdom have claimed that celebrities like Con Mcgregor, Celeste Barber, and Gordon Ramsay have endorsed the Bitcoin Era. Even Trust Pilot has a column dedicated to the authenticity of Bitcoin Era.

bitcoin era scam

A notorious media agency is promoting Bitcoin Era on Facebook. This fake media agency plays a significant role in the high SEO rankings of the Bitcoin Era across search engines. The admin uses an app that is deceptive enough to fool seasoned business people.

Scammers have pointed out that Bitcoin Era has positive reviews on reputed platforms such as BBC and The Mirror. They also boast that celebrities like Elon Musk and Bill Gates have invested in the Bitcoin Era.

However, such claims are baseless. A show named Dragon’s Den is popular on BBC UK. The show has emerged as a popular forum for discussing and promoting business-related ideas. A few articles testify that the Bitcoin Era has been the center of attraction in the front.

Another show named “Good Morning Britain,” hosted by Piers Morgan, has been associated with Bitcoin Era. Such reports are baseless.

Holly Willoughby, the co-host of the “This Morning Show,” was rumored to be endorsing the Bitcoin Era. She denied the claims.

The trading robot depends upon specific strategies that make it possible to earn profits. The strategies predict when the price rises and falls.

Whether Bitcoin Era is Scam or Legitimate?

Many analysts have claimed that Bitcoin Era has generated the highest number of millionaires within a short span of time. Major credit cards such as Nuttella and Skrill are compatible with the Bitcoin Era.

The platform has no hidden fees. On the contrary, the makers of the Bitcoin Era have invested in a blockchain to maintain transparency. It allows wire transfer and provides the option to deposit multiple times.

Even the US trading Association has praised it. The security of the users is a priority for this platform. It has received high reviews on independent cryptocurrency platforms. The brokers try to convince the customers that the higher the deposit, the higher is their income potential.

Multiple complaints have been launched against the Bitcoin Era. This platform had been accused of being a scam. All the numbers, including the profits made by investors, are fake. Even non-specialists can identify the site as fake.

It may also be described as a club exclusively for people who have become millionaires through a cryptocurrency exchange. It doesn’t display any license number on its landing page. No traces of a contact number or registered mobile number can be found.

Is Bitcoin Era for Free?

Interested candidates may join the site for free. However, before they start trading, they are asked to deposit at least $250 with a broker. The admin of Bitcoin Era selects the broker for the customer.

Once they deposit the money, they will not get the chance to get it back. The brokers and affiliate marketers will keep forcing them to deposit more money. Investing through a licensed and registered broker is always safer than investing through Bitcoin Era. Licensed and registered brokers ensure that the money is safe.

A Deeper Understanding

I have been working in cryptocurrency for the last ten years. The lack of a registered address, a phone number, and a license have made me doubt Bitcoin Era credentials. It is mentioned in the FAQ section that the brokers do not charge any extra amount.

However, many customers have complained that the brokers have tried to wheedle them into paying more money.

Final Takeaway

The factors discussed above prove that Bitcoin Era is a scam software. People shouldn’t invest in it. So, make sure to stay vigilant and be wise with your money.

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