Buy Sandbox (SAND) In Australia

How To Buy Sandbox (SAND) In Australia: Complete Guide For Australians

If you are aware of the recent market trends then you must have thought about how to buy Sandbox (SAND) in Australia and that is why we are creating a guide to help Aussies to buy Sandbox (SAND) tokens from the best Australian crypto exchanges.

Sandbox is built on Ethereum’s decentralized metaverse for NFT gaming, allowing non-tech users to create, sell, consume, and generate revenue from their virtual reality NFTs.

Metaverse crypto uses its SAND token to support the overall gaming economy. NFT is changing how we collect art, build community, win and play and SAND is becoming a major part of it. 

Buy Sandbox (SAND) In Australia

Many NFT-based projects evolve into the complete metaverse, with the Sandbox at the forefront and center. From other cryptocurrency projects, the Sandbox is completely different.

User-generated content contributes to the Metaverse in a simple and intuitive task for non-programming players and this is where SAND stands different from other tokens.

How To Buy Sandbox (SAND) In Australia?

Here are the steps to buy SAND from the Digital Surge exchange:-

The easiest way of buying the SAND token is from a cryptocurrency exchange like the Digital Surge offers the desired functionalities such as B. Low costs, ease of use, or 24/7 customer support.
◾ You must verify your email address and identity in order to create a Digital Surge exchange account Set up an identity with a photo and phone number.
◾ After confirmation, you can deposit AUD using the most suitable payment method for you. 
◾ You can also redeem your credits for adding the funds. 
◾ Once that is completed you can buy SAND from the Digital Surge exchange.

Where To Buy Sandbox (SAND) In Australia?

The SAND token is currently available on Swyftx, Digital Surge, and Binance. While these are all great options, Binance needs to approve your account before trading can begin, which can take some time.

With the variety of altcoins available on Binance, You have to decide whether it is worth the wait. Swyftx or Digital Surge might be better if you want to start quicker trading.

Crypto Exchanges In Australia

The three crypto exchanges which allow you to purchase Sandbox (SAND) tokens are listed below. We have shortlisted these exchanges based on some criteria like user-friendliness, fee, etc.

Buy Sandbox (SAND) On Swyftx

Swyftx is one of Australia’s leading digital currency exchanges, enabling consumers to buy and sell over 320 digital currencies in Australian dollars.

They not only are registered with AUSTRAC but also comply with all the necessary KYC/AML regulations. As per the report since its opening in 2017 it has been one of the most populous in Australia. 

Swyftx offers clients a convenient application and desktop trading platform. They are also popular for their lower transaction fees and spread fees.

They have created such an easy platform that a new buyer can also invest in The field of digital currency and can bet on 21 different coins. Easy to use for apps and desktops.

Buy Sandbox (SAND) On Digital Surge

Digital Surge is a popular Australian exchange with over 200 AUD digital currency. The platform focuses on educational tools, personalized customer service, and ease of use that make the entire trading experience easier. It has the ability to pay bills using digital wallets and bitcoins. 

Digital Surge has become one of the best cryptocurrencies for new users due to its simplicity and existing digital currency. It has to improvise for the experienced traders but It is still convenient due to low transaction fees and compatibility with bank transfers.

The main driver of Digital Surge is to create an ecosystem where users can access and trade cryptocurrencies on a regular basis.

Buy Sandbox (SAND) On Binance

Binance Exchange Is Hong Kong’s leading cryptocurrency exchange as reported in 2017. Binance offers crypto-to-crypto exchanging more than 500 cryptographic forms of money.

Renowned for crypto-to-crypto trading – trading between two pairs of cryptocurrencies – the Binance exchange has one of the lowest transaction fees of any cryptocurrency exchange. 

It has high liquidity and discounts consumers who deposit their tokens for the BNB cryptocurrency. The name “Binance” is a mix of the words “Bitcoin” and “Money.”

It asserts high-security norms with its multi-level and multi-group engineering and offers high handling efficiency – it professes to have the ability to process around 1.4 million orders each second.

Ways Of Buying Sandbox (SAND) Tokens

The SAND token is an Ethereum-based virtual world where participants can purchase, create, manage, acquire and own their own digital objects using the native digital currency SAND.

There are many ways to buy Sandbox (SAND) in Australia, but a reputable global exchange like Digital Surge Exchange is probably the easiest way for customers to buy SAND tokens. 

Digital Surge Exchange offers the lowest fees in the industry and is consistently ranked as one of the safest and most trusted digital currency exchanges in the world.

Buy SAND With Paypal

Some trading platforms, such as B. Digital Surge, allow you to buy SAND through PayPal. This deposit method is preferred over other payment methods because it is fast and cheap.

In addition, most cryptocurrency exchanges that accept PayPal do not charge a deposit processing fee, you only need to pay the processing fee paid by the provider. 

The minimum amount you can deposit using PayPal on the Digital Surge platform is $200 and the maximum is $10,000. Some PayPal transactions require multiple buyer/seller pairs. For example, connect calls and match calls require two different company accounts for different reasons.

Buy SAND With Credit Card/Debit Card

Credit/debit cards are one of the most common ways to buy The Sandbox SAND token on trading platforms like Digital Surge. It is preferred over other crypto trading platforms like banks as it allows you to buy SAND tokens instantly.

Transfers to exchanges are almost instantaneous and relatively inexpensive, and credit/debit cards are also easily accessible. In addition, most cryptocurrency trading platforms – including Digital Surge – do not charge a deposit processing fee and only need to pay the transaction fees charged by the card provider. 

At Digital Surge, the minimum card deposit is $200 and the maximum is $40,000. Digital Surge is undoubtedly an instant digital currency business. Over here you can buy The system of SAND without Any authentication using a credit, or debit card issued by some reputed companies.

Sandbox (SAND) Price And Prediction

The current price of the Sandbox SAND token is 1.301 USD. Therefore, if you possess around approx.100 dollars or so then you can expect a profit of 77 SAND.

As per the current market update, the token price can even rise up to $6.53 by 2027 and $6.1 by 2030. SAND is moreover, considered to be the 40th largest cryptocurrency by CoinMarketCap as of 11th May 2022. 

The SAND Token has recently attracted a lot of attention due to its good gameplay. So, if you are planning to buy tokens or have already bought them, you should look for SAND price predictions.

Knowing the SAND price prediction is essential because it is the best way to get the highest profit and at least the highest losses in the future. 

Benefits Of Buying Sandbox (SAND) Tokens

In the past year, the value of the Sandbox SAND token has increased by more than 11,600%. As interest in the Metaverse grew, so did its reputation. While the game faces competition from Decentral and Engine, The Sandbox attracts some well-known partners who can outperform its rivals such as Atari, Snoop Dogg, and Adidas. 

He has also booked impressive investments from Kingsway Capital, Galaxy Interactive, and Polygon Studios.

With such strong support, Sandbox SAND token will soon become a leader in the VR gaming industry. Whether the success of the gaming world directly affects the value of the SAND token depends on its ability to protect the Sandboxuser base.

Risks Of Buying Sandbox (SAND) Tokens

On 17/05/2022  the cryptocurrency market collapsed, and the Sandbox (SAND) was caught in a pullback. At 13:30 ET, the metaverse-focused token was down about 3.9% over the previous 24 hours. Sandbox already has a market cap of around $4 billion, making it the 40th largest cryptocurrency. 

Of the top 40 cryptocurrencies, only six have made gains in trading from the previous day – and half are stable coins, which are expected to remain close to $1.

Traders are currently transferring assets from risky assets. Bitcoin and Ethereum are down around 1.3% and 2.9%, respectively, over the last 24 hours at 13:30.

Detailed Step By Step Procedure Of Buying SAND From Digital Surge Exchange

Being in the cryptocurrency industry, there are chances of risks of the investment. Digital Surge Exchange comes as a savior with low risk and fraudulent activities. It helps you to sell or buy approx. 260 altcoins.

The price value is low with respect to other exchanges which makes it chosen by users. The following steps are a guide to Buy Sandbox (SAND) In Australia from the Digital Surge exchange:

Choose An Exchange That Sells Sandbox (SAND) Tokens

It is crucial for all traders to choose an ideal crypto exchange as per their needs because that can make all the difference in the trading experience.

Sandbox is a virtual ecosystem for creating, owning, managing, and, most importantly, playing in virtual worlds designed by players and constantly being developed by the same loyal players.

Digital Surge Exchange

If you are interested in buying a safe and steady environment then Digital Surge will be an ideal choice for you. It offers lower transaction fees and is one of the best markets to purchase sandy areas and other NFTs.

Create And Verify The Account

If you don’t have an account yet on Digital Surge, you will need to create an account by following the steps that are mentioned below:

  1. Visit the official website of the Digital Surge trading exchange
  2. You need to register on the official website
  3. Fill in the signup page with all the necessary details
  4. Complete the security verification
  5. Once the verification is done, you can trade on the Digital Surge trading exchange

Fund Your Account

You need to follow all the steps mentioned in the list below to make sure that funds will be added successfully to your Digital Surge wallet. 

Digital Surge Deposit
  1. Go to your Digital Surge wallet and click on the deposit button
  2. In the deposits section, fill the amount of AUD that you want to add to your Digital Surge wallet
  3. Proceed towards the payment as per your choice
  4. Complete the transaction on the Digital Surge and pay for your funds
  5. All the AUD that you have added to your wallet will be shown in your funds shortly.

Buy Sandbox (SAND) Tokens

Now is the time to buy Sandbox (SAND) tokens finally after setting all the things up for the Digital Surge exchange. Follow the steps mentioned below in the list to buy SAND and become a part of the Metaverse gaming environment.

  1. Open your Digital Surge wallet and check if your funds have been added or not
  2. If yes, find the SAND in the Digital Surge exchange using the search feature 
  3. Once you find SAND click on the ‘Buy Now’ option at the bottom of the screen
  4. Now enter the number of SAND that you want to buy using the Digital Surge exchange
  5. Here you pay for your purchase from the wallet of Digital Surge where you added funds
  6. SAND will be added to your portfolio once your transaction will be completed. 

Best Wallet To Keep Your SAND Tokens

As previously mentioned, the safest way to store digital currency is with a cryptocurrency wallet. A cryptocurrency wallet allows you to manage your cryptocurrency funds, while exchanges like Coinbase, Gemini, and others aim to keep your funds safe. Check out our top scrubbers for the best software and hardware wallets available today.

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S builds an outstanding hardware portfolio that prioritizes security without challenging your capital. The Ledger Nano S is a simple model, ideal for beginners, and the Ledger Nano X has Bluetooth functionality and a larger screen that maximizes usability.


Both devices have the same certified security chip which ensures that no one can access your cryptocurrencies without your seed phrase. Ledger Nano S supports over 1,000 cryptocurrencies and all ERC-20 tokens, including SAND.

How To Sell SAND Tokens?

After earning some profits from your SAND investments you might feel the need to exit the market and close the SAND trade. One can withdraw one’s investment using Digital Surge with ease as the process is streamlined and easy. Following are the steps to sell your SAND:

  • Login into your Digital Surge account
  • Go to the investment section in your account
  • Start looking out for SAND in your investments
  • Once you find SAND in your investments enter the amount you want to sell
  • Now finalize the transaction
  • All of your funds will be added to your Digital Surge wallet. 

Buy Sandbox (SAND) In Australia: Conclusion

Altcoins like SAND can be very volatile, hence you need to know how to sell your coins before buying them. Selling USD or USDT coins on Digital Surge is very simple. When the exchange finds the Sand/USD (or USDT) pair, it closes the trade.

You can then withdraw your US dollars to your bank account or save offers to buy other cryptocurrencies. Thus, if you are looking to buy SAND in Australia then Digital Surge could be the perfect choice for you.

We hope that this article will be a go-to guide for all those who are willing to buy Sandbox (SAND) in Australia.

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