Digital Surge Review Australia 2022 – Is It The Best Platform To Buy Crypto Coins?

Hi, we are back and welcome you all to yet another unbiased crypto exchange review that is Digital Surge Review Australia.

A lot of decentralized and centralized exchanges have been launched lately that allow Australian users to buy crypto tokens.

Similarly, Digital surge exchange is one of the cryptocurrency trading platforms specifically for Australian citizens that offers them an easy way to buy cryptocurrencies at low fees. 

Digital Surge Review Australia – Is It Really A Beginner-Friendly Exchange?

This platform specifically targets people who are at beginner level by offering an easy-to-use user interface.

Digital Surge Review Australia

Different cryptocurrency traders can do different levels of trading with customer support services and affordable fees.

But before you make up your mind to use it for cryptocurrency trading, Do read this full Digital Surge review Australia. 

Key Points On Digital Surge Exchange

Digital Surge has listed over 300+ cryptocurrencies with an easy-to-use interface and quite a low turnaround time.

◾ For beginners and newbies, there is complete live chat support that is available for all days in a week with an average response time of 1 minute.

◾ It is ATO compliant, hence all the traders can invest in cryptos for SMSF and get a complete ATO compliant report.

◾ Users can use various Deposit methods to buy crypto tokens using fiat currencies like POLi, Osko, PayID, and bank transfer.

◾ It charges quite low trading fees that lie between 0.1-0.5%. If any trader wants to withdraw fiat currency then there are no fees but in the case of BTC withdrawal, the fee is 0.0004 BTC.

What Is Digital Surge?

Digital surge is one of the best Australian cryptocurrency exchanges that has listed over 300+ cryptocurrencies.

Digital Surge Exchange

It is an ideal platform for beginners who are new to cryptocurrency trading.

It focuses more on user experience, helping new users to onboard by providing educational material and personalized tech support. 

Users can directly purchase cryptocurrencies using AUD by making a bank transfer. This makes it a perfect choice for the Australian cryptocurrency market.

In the recent few times, Digital Surge crypto exchange has built a solid reputation. 

Digital surge cryptocurrency exchange is available as both web Applications and mobile applications. Hence cryptocurrency traders do not need to use bulky laptops or desktop devices to use a Digital surge.

Digital surge always ensures that the process is completely easy to follow despite the volatility of the crypto markets.

In recent times, it will be adding new features that will allow you to pay bills using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Digital Surge Supported Coins

Users can buy some of the coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Algorand, Tezors, Stellar Lumens, EOS, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash and much more using AUD on Digital Surge.

Digital Surge Features

Digital surge exchange is quite a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform. It offers quite unique features that are not easily available for cryptocurrency exchanges.

Here are some of the best services that you can avail of on Digital Surge.

Ability To Pay Australian Bills And Credit Cards Using Bitcoin 

If you want to use your cryptocurrency holdings, to pay the bills or credit card dues, then you can use Digital surge exchange for it.

It has integrated some of the best features like low fees to make payments. To avail of this feature, you need to put all the details of the bill and amount, it will take a few minutes to make an account.

Once the account is created you can use it to pay bills using Bitcoin.

Multi-Layered Security

When it comes to a secure cryptocurrency exchange, then digital surge is one of them. It has left no space in the room making the security low.

Digital surge security is the topmost priority. And hence it uses 2 Step Verification, multilayered security, and stores all the tokens in cold storage devices.

Buy Instantly Using AUD, With Free Secure Deposits Using PayID

Digital surge crypto trading platform allows you to use the AUD fiat currency to buy cryptocurrencies. Any new user can use different payment methods like Net Banking or Credit/Debit card payment to fund their accounts and buy tokens.

Also, there is another way to buy cryptocurrencies, which is using PayID. You can make instant deposits through PayID or Direct Deposit which is completely free to use. 

Mobile And Desktop Apps Available

The digital surge exchange has made the user experience quite simpler by developing both desktop and mobile Applications.

It features a simple and sleek user interface that does not affect the trading capabilities.

Digital Surge’s mobile Application is quite convenient for the new users since they can easily use all the features without advanced knowledge.

Digital Surge Fees Australia

Digital surge aims to offer fair fees and transparency. They have utilized some best ways to reduce the fees and are open to new suggestions.

As per many Digital Surge reviews, it is clear that the platform doesn’t charge much from its users.

Check out the various Digital Surge fees mentioned below

Deposit Fee

For depositing through Netbanking or Debit/credit card there are no deposit fees charged by the digital surge exchange.

But if you are using some tool like POLi then the minimum deposit fees are $2 and the maximum could be $3.30. For more accurate fees you can check their official website.

Withdrawal fee

Digital surge does not charge Withdrawal fees if any trader is withdrawing using fiat currency like AUD.

But if any trader is sending tokens from one wallet to another, then there is a significant amount of fees charged based on the gas fees of the network.

Digital Surge crypto exchange always displays the fees while you make withdrawals.

Trading Fees

While any trader places the trade on the digital surge exchange, then the fee is calculated based on the formula that calculates the 30 days traded volume.

For most cryptocurrencies, the trading volume is calculated every 60 mins. If you are buying any cryptocurrency instantly then the fee is 0.5%.

Digital Surge Regulation And Licensing.

Digital surge was launched in 2017 in Brisbane Australia. It is completely registered with ATO and AUSTRAC to prevent any illegal use of crypto tokens.

Also like other cryptocurrency exchanges, it does ask for KYC from their new users. This is basically done to prevent AML.

If users want to use this platform then they need to provide all the details like relevant ID, telephone number, address, name, and much more.

The verification process takes some time like up to 5 mins if all the details are valid. Once your ID has been verified then you can simply conduct trading activities like buying and selling crypto tokens.

Digital Surge User Interface Experience

Digital Surge exchange ensures that their crypto exchange is completely accessible to everyone. Hence they have beautifully designed their platform.

The user experience helps new users build confidence in cryptocurrency trading and inspires them. 

This platform is not for sophisticated investors who look forward to trading futures or options.

The design is completely made by keeping beginners’ needs on priority. Any beginner who is looking forward to HOLD cryptocurrencies then it is a good choice.

For beginners, they have built a complete section on their website that consists of all the beginner-friendly blogs like how to create an account on the Digital surge platform, all things they need to consider while trading cryptos, and much more.

Hence you can visit their website and learn more.

Digital Surge Safety And Security 

There is always some risk associated with the crypto industry, but Digital surge exchange uses the best security methods to mitigate risks for the users.

Some of the security measures that it has taken to protect its users are the following.

  • All the digital Surge Employees have gone through a criminal background check.
  • All the servers are secured and work in a closed environment.
  • All the data such as credentials are kept in different databases rather than in the code base.
  • All the passwords are salted and hashed and then stored in the database. 
  • All the website traffic runs on HTTPS and SSL layer.
  • It Regularly updates the security measures and takes actions accordingly.

Digital Surge Pros And Cons

There are quite pros and cons of the Digital Surge. Here in this Digital Surge review Australia we will provide a quick overview of its pros and cons.


  • It offers an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand user interface to exchange altcoins.
  • It has enabled 2FA ability.
  • It doesn’t charge huge fees and no deposit or withdrawal fees.
  • It allows traders to hold the funds in cold storage by providing a mechanism to transfer them to cold storage.


  • Prospective traders can deposit only AUD. And there are quite huge forex charges.
  • Traders cannot use credit card services to buy crypto tokens.

Digital Surge Customer Reviews And Complaints

When checking the Digital Surge customer review we found that a lot of users have rated it 4 stars out of 5.

There are some important features due to which people like using Digital Surge. Some of the features that people like are as follows:

  • It allows traders to set up the automatic buys and make investments
  • There is live chat support for the users. In case of any complaints users can use their live customer support services. 
  • ALl the deposit and withdrawal transactions using PayID are quite instantaneous.
  • It charges quite low fees and all the trading fees are quite transparent.

Although it is quite rare that a user faces some problems, if you have any complaints then you can always write them an email or contact their customer services. 

Digital surge Contact and Customer Service

Digital Surge crypto exchange is quite confident about their customer services since they offer instantaneous responses to people’s queries and assist them.

There is a complete section on their website, which allows people to get answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

If any user is not able to get an answer for their queries on the FAQs section then they can use an email ticket system to get their query resolved.

The email ticket system usually takes a few hours to a few days to get a response, depending upon the issue that you face.

Also as mentioned before in this  Digital Surge review Australia, Live chat service is always available. You can chat with them to ask your questions and get answers instantaneously.

How To Use Digital Surge?

As we mentioned before the Digital Surge exchange offers an easy to use interface, creating an account is quite simple

Digital Surge Account Setup

Follow the below-mentioned steps to create a Digital Surge account

Step 1: Open A Digital Surge Account 

The first basic step to use Digital surge cryptocurrency exchange is to create an account. To create an account, you need to go to their official website and click on the signup button.

Once you are landed on the signup page, you need to provide all the information about you and confirm the email ID. Once you confirm the email ID, your account will open.

Step 2: Verify Identity

Opening an account is not always sufficient, you need to do KYC(know your customer) to ensure that you won’t be using this account for any illegal activity and your identity is an AML complaint.

Usually, for identity verification, you need to provide an Identity card and a few basic information like email ID and phone number.

Step 3: Deposit Funds / Instant Buy

After your KYC is approved, you are now eligible to deposit the funds and buy crypto tokens. There are different mechanisms that you can use to buy crypto tokens.

Some of them are PayID, POli, and Netbanking. There are no charges for depositing the AUD from PayID or Net Banking but for POLi you need to pay some fees that range from 2% to 3.6%.

Step 4: Storage

Once you buy cryptocurrencies, you can either store them on exchange in their hot and cold storage or you can transfer them to your own hardware wallet.

If you want to store it in a different wallet, then you need to withdraw your crypto tokens and deposit them into your hardware wallet. 

Here you need to ensure that the network from which you withdraw and deposit should be the same.

For example, if you withdraw from the Ethereum network an erc20 token, then you should transfer it to the Ethereum network only else your tokens would be lost.

Digital Surge Review Australia – Final Thoughts

A lot of cryptocurrency exchanges are available that offer quite advanced features.

But if you are a beginner, then Digital Surge is the best choice, because they have developed in such a way that any beginner can easily buy crypto tokens without any hassle or problems.

 If you want to read some learning material and understand more about crypto tokens, then they have made a complete section that helps you to get complete information about the process and mechanism to buy altcoins or crypto.

With Digital surge you do not need to worry about anything such as security measures and user experience. Everything is perfectly designed.

We hope this  Digital Surge review Australia helped Australian crypto traders to make up their mind

Frequently Asked Questions

Does digital surge offer staking?

Currently, Digital Surge does not offer staking. Users can only buy or sell their cryptocurrencies.

Is Digital Surge crypto insured?

Digital surge websites do not have any cryptos insured. But you can use third-party tools to insure your cryptos.

Does Digital Surge have a demo account?

Currently, there is no Demo account for the users. They need to make a proper account to buy or sell crypto tokens.

Who owns Digital Surge?

John Lehman, an Australian citizen owns Digital Surge.

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