CoinJar exchange Australia

CoinJar Review Australia – Should You Use This Exchange In 2022?

Are you in search of an honest Coinjar review? Then you have landed up at the right destination.

In this CoinJar review Australia, we will cover all the key details about this crypto exchange that will allow you to know whether CoinJar could be a perfect choice for you or not. 

With a mass number of cryptocurrency exchanges present in the market, it becomes difficult for newcomers and aspiring crypto traders to select a value-providing crypto trading platform that not only supports their future trade journey but also facilitates their investment growth.

CoinJar Review Australia – Everything You Need To Know In 2022

This is where CoinJar exchange comes into the picture. Being one of the highest-rated crypto exchanges in Australia, CoinJar crypto trading platform presents great value to its users by offering one of the most user-friendly trading options in the market.

CoinJar Review Australia

With various payment options, including debit cards and credit cards, CoinJar exchange emerges to be a great trading option.

Read this CoinJar review Australia till the end to know their features, pros and cons, fees, and much more.

What Is CoinJar

CoinJar platform is the world’s leading, user-friendly, and easy-to-access crypto exchange. It was established in the year 2013 with a motto to spread the knowledge about crypto and digital assets present.

Coinjar Exchange

CoinJar welcomes people from around the world and allows them to use an easy and interactive platform for trading cryptocurrencies.

400,000+ users across the globe have benefited from their services and easy-to-use products. More than $80M digital assets are in their secure hands at present.

They ship their products and values all over the world. They allow you to store, share, and trade cryptocurrencies and connect traders from around the globe.

CoinJar exchange also has an interactive mobile application for Android and iOS that allows its users to buy, share and monitor their digital assets.

CoinJar also comes with high-end security features for its users such as Two-Factor Authentication and encrypted private keys management.

Key Points On CoinJar Australia

CoinJar is one of the most trusted, reliable, and AUSTRAC licensed crypto services providers that works efficiently in Australia. It supports all types of payment methods to buy cryptocurrencies at your ease. 

◾ It comes with the unique features of offering debit cards to spend crypto at merchants and shops which adds to be another reason to go for CoinJar.

◾ CoinJar is fully empathetic to its users and is always there to help and support, and allows them to contact CoinJar directly. 

◾ CoinJar provides all-important digital currencies present throughout the world and maintains an updated technology and system.

CoinJar Supported Coins

CoinJar buys and sells all the popular cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Where comes the first ever-popular Bitcoin but even if you are not planning to buy Bitcoins, CoinJar supports most altcoins blockchain projects.

Such as Ethereum, Ripple, USD coins, Uniswap, Maker, Compound, Litecoin, Basic Attention Token, etc. 

CoinJar Australia Useful Features 

Now in this CoinJar review Australia let’s dig deeper into the useful features and advantages of CoinJar crypto exchange that make it more reliable, empathetic, and helpful for its customers to arrive at the better decision.

We will analyze its standout features in this segment. 

Auction Windows

The auction window at CoinJar opens thrice a day for ten minutes. Large volumes of the users come daily to buy and sell their assets at desirable costs at CoinJar where they need not reveal the trading price to the market.

During the time of trading, it may be difficult for the traders to place their orders off because of the heavy volume of the trade taking place.

CoinJar Bundles

A CoinJar bundle is the set of a few popular digital currencies meant for the beginner which comes in the bundle’s form.

A user can purchase it for the diversification of the portfolio.

It is a mini tracker that you can purchase as a whole to monitor the performance of your investments.

CoinJar Card

Having a CoinJar card makes you spend the crypto like cash or any other e-payment method.

It is generated by MasterCard that allows you to put your digital currency in your pocket. It enables you to buy products from the merchants and in-stores.

You are rewarded with amazing rewards every time you spend using your CoinJar card. It is a monthly free feature users can avail of.

CoinJar Australia Fees

CoinJar charges Australian members with some sort of money depending on the transactions taking place.

There are conversion fees, deposit fees, and bank charges you will have to pay at the time of the transactions.

You will be charged while exporting, purchasing, and selling your digital assets and cryptocurrencies. 

Deposit Fees

Depository fees do not incur on various cryptocurrencies and AUDs except the Blueshyft cash deposits and instant buy purchases on Visa and MasterCard.

Pay only a 2% fee on Instant Buy purchases via Visa and MasterCard and 1.5% on the Blueshyft cash deposits. Alt is freely available to the users.

Withdrawal Fees

Australian users are supposed to pay for the successful withdrawal of their assets by using Blockchain technology.

Some currencies, i.e. LTC, XRP, ALGO, and EOS, undergo no withdrawal commission, and many currencies e.g., OMG, SUSHI, USDT, AMP, etc, incur a Dynamic fee that is calculated a moment before the transaction.  

Trading Commission

CoinJar cryptocurrency exchange has a variable trading commission plan as any other crypto exchange in the market.

The overall commission could be as high as 0.1% and as low as 0.04% according to the overall trade volume of the user. 

CoinJar Australia Buying Limits 

Once you are done with the ID verification process, you will be set some daily, monthly limits for bank withdrawal/deposits and conversions of your digital assets within the exchange.

You can navigate through your limits and can increase your routed limits by tapping the apply for increased limits in the menu section.

CoinJar Wallet

CoinJar exchange comes with its own cryptocurrency wallet with no extra other wallet solutions.

CoinJar’s wallet is user-friendly, secure, and protects all the funds and personal data of its customers with the claim of storing 90% of their users’ data in cold storage facilities.

Keeping the data secured and encrypted is very well known to CoinJar. Along with this, CoinJar crypto trading platform is the easiest platform for selling and buying cryptocurrencies worldwide.

Whether you are a beginner or pro in trading, CoinJar is one of the finest routes to start your trading journey.

Australian users can trade their assets anywhere around the world or with the users living in Australia using the CoinJar wallet.  

CoinJar Mobile App 

All the way looking at, you find the CoinJar app to be developed as one of the most influential, interactive digital service and product providers in Australia.

It has established itself on all digital platforms. Android and iOS users now can benefit from CoinJar’s applications that also come with a user-friendly interface and all the protective layers required.

You can check out the previous pricing list of all the digital assets using their applications and can deposit your assets to your digital banks in one go without the hassle of going through their website.

 Sign in to CoinJar’s app to enjoy a seamless crypto trading experience.

CoinJar User Experience

During our research for CoinJar review Australia we found that CoinJar provides a seamless experience to its users through a simple operation of trading, hassle-free account opening, and providing the value as secure crypto storage.

The simplicity and interactive website design of CoinJar exchange do not make it painful for its users to transfer their funds for any fiat to crypto exchange.

Additionally, a detailed FAQs page and well-maintained blog articles make it easy for novice traders to use the platform ease.

From secure environments to issuing over-the-counter cards for its users, CoinJar is able to deliver a satisfactory user experience for all the traders irrespective of their trading experience.

However, CoinJar also has additional tools for better management and growth for those traders who have been in the game for quite some time. 

CoinJar Australia Pros And Cons

Like any genuine product, ConinJar is also not a full-proof packet and comes with its shared pros and cons and in this segment of CoinJar review Australia we are going to discuss that, so let’s dive in. 


  • CoinJar is made specifically to cater to the needs of its Australian user base.
  • Offers over-the-counter debit and credit cards for digital currencies. 
  • CoinJar supports more than 52 crypto coins and tokens for trading
  • The Multi-Currency deposits feature of CoinJar facilitates not only fiat-to-crypto trades but also crypto-to-crypto trades


  • CoinJar has the highest trading charges in the market
  • Even with decent cryptocurrency support, CoinJar is not the exchange if you are looking for an extreme variety of coins. 

CoinJar Australia Regulation & Licensing

CoinJar is tailored to the Australian user base. It is based in Melbourne and offers native AUD fiat support all over its platform.

Boasting to be one of the fastest digital asset exchanges in Australia, CoinJar delivers up to this expectation.

Being one of the most trusted, reliable, and Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (AUSTRAC), licensed crypto services providers, CoinJar exchange has come a long way to maintain regulations and expand the licensing.

Recently, CoinJar got registered with FCA or Financial Conduct Authority, as one of the first crypto exchanges regulated by them.

These registrations and extra efforts from the end of the CoinJar cryptocurrency trading platform will lead to a strategic expansion in the UK.

It will also add layers to the trust CoinJar exchange has been able to build in the market in terms of regulation.

So, if you are looking for an exchange that is regulated with legal authorities like AUSTRAC and FCA, CoinJar crypto exchange could be the right choice for you. 

CoinJar Customer Reviews And Complaints

In the overall CoinJar customer reviews, CoinJar performs really well, with most of its reviews being good or above average.

CoinJar is one of the favorite exchanges for Australians and others living in the same region and the major reason for this trust has been the reliable services provided by CoinJar over a long period accumulating the right reviews for them.

A robust and detailed online information presence that allows its user to take care of minor problems is backed up by solid customer care support that is easily accessible across all the platforms.

Overall, great reviews of CoinJar platform justify the services they provide. 

CoinJar Contact And Customer Service

It is difficult to handle a large user base and provide them with the right technical aid and support at the very time they need them.

CoinJar exchange has achieved this feat with its reachable and detailed online information presence that allows its user to take care of all the minor technical issues which they face while using CoinJar.

These detailed pages are backed up by solid customer care support that is easily accessible across all the platforms, including email and live chat. 

How To Use CoinJar

On one hand, where technologies are getting easy to handle, on the other, sometimes it becomes not-so-easy to go through all the relevant information.

CoinJar Exchange Account Setup

Hence, if you are planning to move forward with CoinJar, here is a segment on how to do it. 

Step 1: Open A CoinJar Account

To start trading on CoinJar exchange, one needs to have an account to which all his trades will be attached.

To open a new CoinJar account, you install the mobile application of CoinJar and on the first screen click on Sign up, from there you’d be referred to the page where you’d have to fill in all the details.

To complete the process of signing up you’d have to agree to the related terms and conditions and there you go. Now you have a new CoinJar account. 

Step 2: Verify Identity

To verify your identity as per the requirements of CoinJar, follow these steps carefully. 

  1. Fill in valid ID details
  2. Select the country you want to trade in
  3. Click on ‘Get Started’
  4. In the next pop-up, fill in your personal details as per asked
  5. Now verify your Photo Identity
  6. Now it’s time for a selfie. Take a selfie to verify your identity
  7. Now wait and you’ll receive an email when the verification will be completed.

Step 3: Deposit Funds / Instant Buy

To deposit funds in your CoinJar Crypto wallet, follow the steps down below

  1. In app select ‘Deposit’ from the menu
  2. Now select PayID/NPP
  3. Select the amount to add
  4. Add Reference No. of CoinJar and login into your bank
  5. Finish the transaction to add funds to your wallet

To instantly buy, select the coin you want to buy and enter the right quantity, verify the details and click on instant buying options. 

Step 4: Storage

Any cryptocurrency that you will buy from CoinJar will automatically be stored in your CoinJar wallet without the need to go through any additional hassle. 

CoinJar Review Australia – Conclusion

When trading platforms emerging around the globe are constantly updating new features, we have to cope with all these technological advancements.

In this CoinJar review Australia, we tried to cover all the details of this wallet that sometimes remain undiscussed and we hope that by reading this article you’d be able to make an informed decision as per your needs regarding a crypto trading platform. 


How do I withdraw from CoinJar?

The process of withdrawal is easy for CoinJar. All you’d have to do is to select withdrawal from the three-dotted menu in your app and fill in the details and proceed. 

Does CoinJar require KYC?

Yes, CoinJar requires KYC. 

How long does it take CoinJar to verify?

Because of a huge user base, sometimes it might take longer than usual, but CoinJar verifies new accounts usually on time. 

Are CoinJar fees high?

Comparatively yes, but that comes for the services CoinJar offers. 

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