Coinstash Review Australia – Does This Exchange Ensure Safety For Your Cryptos?

In this Coinstash Review Australia, we will dive deeper into the technical features and aspects of this emerging trading exchange.

In the times when the crypto trading market is filled with new, innovative, and technical add-on tools, the overall trading experience for a trader is getting more complex with every passing day.

The complexity of different tech details can frustrate even the veteran traders and can lead to an overall unpleasant experience.

Coinstash Review Australia: An Easy-To-Use Trading Exchange?

Amongst all these technical messes, Coinstash comes as the savior for many.

Coinstash Review Australia

With an overall simple design and easy-to-use interactive interface, Coinstash exchange undoubtedly stands out as a major player when it comes to crypto trading platforms. 

Read this Coinstash Review Australia to know if this exchange is suitable for your crypto trading needs or not

Key Points On Coinstash Exchange 

◾ Coinstash accepts only Australian Dollars in their fiat-to-crypto payment methods, making it an ideal choice for Australians. 

◾ Coinstash is well known for its great customer service and post-delivery customer handling. Having a positive customer review for customer service is the brightest feather one can have in his cap when it comes to trading exchanges. 

◾ Coinstash is one of those few trading exchanges which do not charge a withdrawal fee for Australian bank accounts, and that makes it an ideal choice for those who do not want to share a cut from their withdrawal. 

◾ One of the most simple and easy-to-use trading exchanges available in the industry, giving a refined and relaxing feel to its users rather than dumping hundreds of tools at their disposal. 

◾ Wide coverage of digital assets supported by Coinstash makes it an ideal choice for those who are looking to diversify their crypto assets. 

What Is Coinstash?

Coinstash is a cryptocurrency trading platform that is also licensed by Australian Financial Services.

Coinstash Exchange

Coinstash started in 2017 with an aim of developing a crypto trading platform specifically made for Australian users and to meet the demands of a simple and interactive trading experience.

Coinstash exchange offers a wide variety of supported coins to allow its users to diversify their portfolios as per their needs and avoid losses during a single currency crash.

With a secure storing, sharing, and trading environment, Coinstash also offers fiat-to-crypto transactions.

These transactions, however, are limited to Australian Dollars as of now. Coinstash exchange follows the rigid guidelines of Australian authorities and its affiliations with different regulatory bodies add layers to its credibility.

With a user base of over 20,000+ Australian traders, the Coinstash platform has had a trade of more than 50 Million USD.

With mass media coverage, Coinstash is a trustworthy name in Australia. 

Coinstash Supported Coins 

If your crypto trading exchange supports more coins than you need, it does not affect you, but if your exchange does not support the ones you need, it becomes a problem.

A diversified portfolio can make or break an entire crypto strategy and advancing your crypto journey without learning the art of diversification can hurt your future millionaire dream.

Thus, Coinstash plays a crucial role by supporting almost all the major blockchain projects presented in the world along with a lot of other new coins which are increasing every day.

Coinstash crypto exchange supports over 300+ crypto coins from around the globe, making diversification easy for those traders who do not want to put all their bets on one horse. 

Coinstash Features

Coinstash, even after being one of the simplest exchanges in the market, comes with a fair share of advanced features that facilitate the trade for its users. 

Here in this section of Coinstash Review Australia, we will discuss some of the best features offered by the Coinstash Crypto exchange

Earn Passive Crypto Income  

Well, if someone says that your crypto assets could fetch you interest like your fiat money does while staying in the bank, that will be surely hard to believe, but with Coinstash, probably not.

Coinstash offers its users to earn a passive income in the form of interest on their present crypto assets.

These passive interests can range from 3% to a whopping 8%, however, these rates vary with a variation in the kind of crypto one is willing to stack e.g. For Bitcoin, it is around 3.1% on one hand and on the other hand, it can go to 8% for USDT and USDC. So if you have plans to stack your crypto, Coinstash exchange could be the thing for you. 

Coinstash Bundles

Coinstash offers a unique feature for its users that allows them to reach a specified and pre-made set of cryptocurrencies.

These sets are called ‘Bundles’. The best thing about these bundles is that one can cut the amount of research that creates a diversified but personalized portfolio.

Some of the most popular bundles on Coinstash are such as The Big Two, DeFi Coins, Exchange tokens, Innovation Coins, etc.

These bundles are the collections of cryptos in which you can invest directly, e.g. If you want your investments to go to only DeFi coins, you can just pick up the DeFi bundles without going through the hassle of researching DeFi coins. 

Perfect For Beginners

Coinstash could be an ideal platform for those who are trying to start their crypto journeys as it is perfect for beginners.

The simple user interface, good customer support, and variety in trading options are some of the key features that make Coinstash one of the best trading platforms for beginners. 

Supports PayID And Bank Transfers

Coinstash exchange supports only three payment options, and that includes PayID, Cryptocurrencies, and Bank Transfers for Australians without charging any additional deposit or withdrawal fees for those living in Australia.

Coinstash has relevant bank ties to reduce the amount paid by customers during the transactions, providing a better and more economical experience to the end-user of Coinstash. 

Coinstash Fees 

Coinstash is great in terms of overall commissions. However, sometimes it could become complicated for new users to get accustomed to the rates.

Thus, in this Coinstash Review Australia we are providing a brief overview of the Coinstash fee structure

Deposit Fee 

Like most of the prominent crypto exchanges in the market, Coinstash does not charge a deposition fee at their end.

With deposit fees, Coinstash makes sure to have relevant ties with the Australian banks to ensure no hidden or additional charges for deposits for its users.

However, there could be some deposit charges from the bank’s end as Coinstash does not charge its user for depositing for trading. 

Withdrawal Fee

Now here comes the best part: unlike major crypto trading exchanges, Coinstash does not charge a withdrawal fee.

Usually, nominal charges are applied while withdrawing from the trading account not only in crypto but also in other trading accounts as well, but Coinstash looks determined to overcome this and create a new standard in the industry.

However, the default charges from the blockchain projects would be charged that are variable from currency to currency. 

Trading Fees 

Coinstash does not charge anything for using its platform and the tools that are provided; however, once you start trading, a fixed amount is charged from your fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat transactions.

Coinstash charges 0.85% of total transactions as per their non-variable fee structure, which could feel higher than some of the most famous exchanges in the market, but the services Coinstash exchange offers to justify its prices. 

Coinstash Regulation & Licensing

Coinstash works according to the digital currency laws of Australia and undergoes regular tax audits.

Coinstash is a crypto exchange that is licensed by AUSTRAC and follows all the criteria to gain an Australian Financial Services License that making it one of the few exchanges to be able to gain this advantage.

Following strict regulations of Australian authorities adds extra credibility to the overall trust built by Coinstash over the years.

Having many national and international collaborations with financial services and other services makes Coinstash crypto exchange a reliable and trustworthy solution for your cryptocurrency trading needs. 

Coinstash User Interface Experience

Now comes the main highlight and USP of Coinstash, its user interface.

How irritating it would be if you selected the costliest crypto trading exchange with the hope that it will make things easier for you, but as soon as you enter their trading environment, innumerable tools, stats, and information make you feel puzzled and exhausted.

Coinstash offers a perfect solution to this problem with an easy-to-use user interface, interactive app design, and a flexible learning curve makes it a comfortable trading experience.

With one of the most simple designs and easy-to-use websites, Coinstash stands out from its competition. 

Coinstash Safety And Security

Do not be deceived by the simple user interface of Coinstash. A lot still goes on in the background to ensure that Coinstash exchange stays safe to use for its users all the time.

With SSO-level encryption at its core, Conistash makes sure that the data of its user could not be comprehendible even if leaked in a cybersec catastrophe. Multi-layer security protocols and military-level data encryption make Coinstash a safe-to-use trading platform.

Extra conditionals from the Australian authorities make it a reliable choice even in terms of safety and security. 

Coinstash Pros And Cons

Like any other genuine product, Coinstash comes with its share of good and bad sides and in this Coinstash Review, we are going to discuss some of its pros and cons, so let’s dive into it. 


  • Perfectly tailored for those Australia-based crypto traders, making it easy and affordable for them to trade. 
  • Wide crypto coin support is backed by an easy-to-use interface that allows its users to invest even through pre-made bundles.
  • Regulated and licensed by trusted Australian authorities, followed by tough security protocols from its own end. 
  • Great customer care support with detailed internet presence and 10*7 customer care services for its users. 


  • The overall simple user interface makes it easy to use for new users but for some experienced crypto traders, a lack of tools could be felt.
  • Limited number of payment options available for Non-Australian traders. 

Coinstash Customer Reviews And Complaints

Coinstash started in 2017, five years back. From 2017 to 2022. Coinstash created a reputation for one of the most easy-to-use and interactive crypto exchanges available in the crypto world.

The overall customer experience has been a top priority for Coinstash, making it a very-well rated crypto exchange amongst Australians.

Coinstash customer reviews have largely been positive, but the trading platform has some bad reviews too that point out the limited number of coins available in comparison to other trading solutions.

However, no major complaints are out there in the domain and Coinstash is considered a good cryptocurrency trading exchange, especially for Aussies. 

Coinstash Contact And Customer Service

One of the most talked-about features of Coinstash has undoubtedly been its customer services and gladly for good reasons.

With apt information provided on their website for all the basic and moderate level problems that their users face from time to time is good enough to solve such problems with simple instructions present there.

However, if the customers have some other queries or problems, they can reach out to their customer support team, which is famous for its responsive nature.

Their customers can reach out to them on various platforms such as social media, phone, email, and mostly used live chat features. 

How To Use Coinstash

Even with the most simple-to-use user interface, sometimes we do not want to go through the hassle of reading things out in the manuals.

Coinstash Account Setup

So here in this Coinstash review Australia we will provide you a brief overview of how you can start using Coinstash. 

Step 1: Open A Coinstash Account

To start trading on Coinstash, one needs to have an account to which all his trades will be attached. To open a new CoinJar account, one must follow these steps:

  1. Install the mobile application of Coinstash or go to their website 
  2. Click on Sign up, from there you’d be referred to the page where you’d have to fill in all the details. 
  3. Now have to agree to the related terms and conditions after which you’d have a new Coinstash account. 

Step 2: Verify Identity

To verify your identity as per the requirements of Coinstash, follow these steps:

  1. Fill in valid ID details
  2. Select the country you want to trade in
  3. Click on ‘Get Started’
  4. In the next pop-up, fill in your personal details as per asked
  5. Now verify your Photo Identity
  6. Take a selfie to verify your identity
  7. Wait and your verification will be completed after some time. 

Step 3: Deposit Funds / Instant Buy 

To deposit funds in your Coinstash Crypto account, follow the steps

  1. In app select ‘Deposit’ from the menu
  2. Now select PayID/Bank Transfer
  3. Select the amount to add
  4. Add all the banking details
  5. Now finish the transaction to add funds to your wallet

Step 4: Storage 

Your cryptocurrency purchases will be stored automatically in a cloud wallet offered by Coinstash; however, if you are willing to transfer those coins, you can do that with 0% withdrawal fees. 

Coinstash Review Australia – Final Verdict

Simplicity, easy-to-use, and interactive user interface have become unique selling features for Coinstash and without a doubt, these things can take Coinstash a long way.

as we are already fed up with too much information. Hence, we hope that this Coinstash review Australia will become a one-stop solution for your Coinstash related queries.

It will surely help you to make informed decisions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Coinstash Safe? 

Yes, Coinstash is completely safe, with no bad records of security breaches. 

What countries are supported by Coinstash? 

Coinstash is perfect for Australia. However, it allows users from all other countries to use its platform. 

Does Coinstash have an app? 

Yes, Coinstash has an app. 

Can I stake my crypto on Coinstash?

Yes, you can stake your crypto with Coinstash and earn up to 8% of annual interest. 

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