The Best Cryptocurrency Index Funds!

Best Cryptocurrency Indices of 2020 – Safest Way To Invest?

A cryptocurrency index fund is a portfolio of stocks just like a financial market index. Cryptocurrency index fund and the financial market index follows the same principle. Most people don’t have time to stay updated with the crypto markets.

The cryptocurrency index fund is probably the safest way for those people to invest in digital assets.

Best Cryptocurrency Indices of 2020

It is the easiest way to involve your money in cryptocurrency. Even if you are not familiar with the market, you will get huge profits.

Your money will be invested in multiple cryptocurrencies by industry experts and they use their knowledge and data to gain profit for you. Here we let you know about some of the best cryptocurrency indices.

The Best Cryptocurrency Index Funds!

BB Index

BB Index is a platform that is associated with Olympus Labs. behind this crypto index fund platform, there are a lot of crypto experts. Those who are already used to working with Olympus will find these indexes easy to buy into. BB Index has 26 different index funds to choose from. This increases the flexibility and reliability of the platform. 


Bit20 is one of the first cryptocurrency index funds that consist of the top 20 cryptocurrencies. They follow the form of a Contract for Difference. The most important feature of Bit20 is that it revises funds for the cryptocurrencies that make up the top 20 every month. It is a trustable and one of the oldest platforms available now.


Iconomy is a platform that offers a huge range of index funds. One among them is the Delta Summit Index(DSI). It includes digital currencies based on a vote taken among the attendees of the Delta summit.

Delta summit is one of the leading blockchain innovation events launched in October 2018. Iconomy focuses on the least volatile assets and is handling more than a quarter of a million dollars.

Cryptos Fund

Cryptos fund is a platform that claims to have the lowest management fee. They track the cryptocurrencies index 30, which gives an overall picture of the situation of the crypto market. They protect your fund from the volatile nature of the market by spreading your investment over a wide wide portfolio of cryptocurrencies. It is a completely transparent platform and provides in-depth knowledge of the cryptocurrencies and crypto market.


Coinbase is a leading platform in this crypto industry that offers an index fund that currently tracks seven cryptocurrencies. The most important features of Coinbase are its user-friendly interface and trustworthy reputation. The majority of the fund is made up of Bitcoin and it is around 75% of the total fund.

Index funds are effective long-term strategies. It tends to have better results when compared to an actively managed portfolio. It also reduces company-specific risk and has comparatively low management fees and expenses.

The crypto industry and market now acknowledge the need for cryptocurrency index funds. So the above given are some of the best among them and we hope that this article provided the right pieces of information to you.             

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