How To Buy MATIC (Polygon) In Australia: Simple Guide[2022]

Are you wondering how to buy MATIC (Polygon) in Australia? If yes then stay tuned. MATIC is a cryptocurrency owned by Polygon with which you can pay the fees on the Polygon network to govern and stake (The process of receiving interest on holding a particular currency) on Polygon Blockchain.

MATIC was launched before Polygon in October 2017 as ‘The MATIC (Polygon) network’ but later, the creators rebranded it as ‘Polygon’ at the start of 2021. Polygon, previously called The MATIC Network, was founded in India by Jaynti Kanani, Sandeep Nailwal, and Anurag Arjun along with Mihalio Jelic in 2017. 

In this article, we will discuss how you can buy MATIC (Polygon) in Australia and also discuss the benefits and risks involved in the process. So without wasting any time let’s get started with the article. 


How To Buy MATIC (Polygon) In Australia – Quick Guide

Before jumping into the technicalities let’s dive into the steps through which you can buy MATIC (Polygon) from the world’s largest crypto exchange. All you have to do is to follow the steps mentioned below:
◾ Visit
Sign up to create a trading account
Fill in all the KYC information required
Verify Your Account
Once done, search for MATIC (Polygon)(Polygon)
Click on buy now and select the quantity
Pay in AUD and complete the transaction

There you go, Now you have all the MATIC (Polygon) (Polygon) that you bought right into your Binance wallet. 

Where To Buy MATIC (Polygon) in Australia

In this segment of the article, we are sharing some of the leading crypto exchanges in Australia that can be used to buy MATIC (Polygon) in Australia. 

Buying MATIC (Polygon) On Coinbase Exchange

When it comes to knowing how to buy MATIC (Polygon) in Australia, Coinbase is a leading crypto wallet for Australians that allows users to buy MATIC (Polygon) in Australia. Coinbase is a decentralized trading exchange that supports major crypto projects present in the market. It is one of those wallets that have native mobile application support and also entertain crypto wallet services for their users.

Coinbase has a huge customer base in Australia and it provides phone, email, and social media support to its users. Primarily Coinbase is a web-based wallet but its native apps are as good as the web version and allow its users to monitor their cryptos on the go. 

Buying MATIC (Polygon) On Binance Exchange

If you are trading cryptocurrency in Australia and claiming that you do not know Binance then It gets hard to believe. The immense popularity of this trading exchange and the versatility with which it operates, make it the leading crypto exchange in the world. With immense support for crypto projects and coins, Binance is the hub of most trading users from around the globe

Binance does not only have a trading exchange but also a dedicated wallet solution named Trust wallet. Binance offers the lowest fee in the market and ensures a wide range of crypto solutions all in one palace. 

Buying MATIC (Polygon) On Coinspot Exchange

Coinspot is another leading crypto exchange in Australia that has made trading easier than ever for Australian crypto traders. Coinspot supports over 350 cryptocurrency and crypto tokens that allow its users to have variation in their portfolios and reduce the risk while trading.

However, the key highlight of Coinspot is its reliable customer support that is accessible to its users within the first few minutes of filing a request. Reliable security features and a wide user base make Coinspot an attractive choice to buy MATIC (Polygon) and with AUD support it is perfect for those users who want to Buy MATIC (Polygon) in Australia.

Ways Of Buying MATIC (Polygon) In Australia

Before knowing how to buy MATIC (Polygon) in Australia let’s discuss various methods of buying MATIC.

Buy MATIC (Polygon) With A Bank Transfer

When it comes to the most traditional way of payment then Bank comes instantly to our minds. Most of us are comfortable with transferring money through as it is reliable and does not need any complications in the process. Centralized banking systems are changing rapidly but as of now, most MATIC (Polygon) buyers are still preferring to use regular bank transfers for their crypto payments.

All the exchanges support a basic bank payment option and that makes this an accessible way to pay your crypto bills. Buying MATIC (Polygon) using a bank transfer could be the right way for you to go as the Australian government charges a tax on crypto profits as well.

Buy MATIC (Polygon) With A Credit Card/Debit Card

Most of the users are comfortable transacting and paying bills with their credit cards and debit cards and the good news is that you can use your favorite credit card to pay the bills of your crypto investments as well.

Using credit and debit cards to buy MATIC (Polygon) is supported by most of the leading trading exchanges of the world and that makes things easier for everyone. While buying crypto from debit cards is advised, having credit card support also allows you to go beyond your present purchasing power and cash on a large dip. 

MATIC (Polygon) Price And Prediction

Predicting anything in the upcoming metaverse is nothing but mere uncalculated speculation especially when it comes to the price prediction.MATIC (Polygon) is relatively a new coin and has yet to reach its complete potential.

Major rising economies include India which is the home of MATIC (Polygon) and Indian users are willing to invest heavily in the MATIC (Polygon) which will create a price rise in the project and there is no way from which one can calculate the price surge if a country populated as much as India decides to go bullish on MATIC (Polygon), this is the right time for Australian users to buy MATIC (Polygon) as it is yet to reach its peak value.

Benefits Of Buying MATIC (Polygon)?

When It comes to calculating the benefits of having MATIC, the first thing that comes to mind is nothing but the low pricing which is being offered by this cryptocurrency. MATIC is built perfectly for building decentralized applications and not so heavy pricing is giving it the scope to be a potential breeding ground for modern applications.

The staking interests are decent and vary according from one trading exchange to the other but overall a user can earn decent passive income by holding some MATIC in its wallet. Swift transactions that are amongst the fastest in the world add to the benefits of using MATIC. 

Many more benefits would come up in the upcoming years so knowing how to buy MATIC (Polygon) in Australia is important

Risks Of Buying MATIC (Polygon)? 

There is no need to explain how volatile cryptocurrency markets are and swiftly the situation in the market can change, these changes can make you either gain or lose a lot of your money.

Unlike traditional stock markets, in crypto markets, it is almost impossible to predict the upward or downward movements of the chart and due to their low backing value price fluctuations happen for the simplest of reasons. MATIC is no different, people who monitored MATIC can know that it is having a steady growth since 2021 and this growth has seen some dips as well.

Investing in MATIC includes all the risk in investing in any other cryptocurrency but when compared with other newer projects, the risk factor is lower for MATIC.

How To Buy MATIC (Polygon)- Step by Step Procedure

After reading so much about the MATIC project there is obvious curiosity that might have inflicted in your thinking process and to quiche these curiosities we are going to cover the critical question of buying MATIC in Australia. 

Choose An Exchange That Sells MATIC (Polygon)

Before we proceed with buying MATIC from an exchange we have to decide on which exchange we are willing to put our trade-in as there are so many of them out there.

Choosing the right trading exchange could be the topic of another article but for now, choosing the trading exchange that is not only cheap for the users but also has a wide range of support for coins, becomes really important.

Binance Exchange Australia

For that purpose, we are choosing the Binance trading exchange to start investing in the MATIC token.

Create And Verify The Account

Creating and verifying an account in Binance is not difficult at all. You need to follow a number of fixed steps which will ensure a smooth experience. 

  1. Visit the official website of the Binance trading exchange
  2. Click on Register as new users which will be right there on the website
  3. You will find a signup form, enter the necessary details
  4. Now is the time to go through the security verification process
  5. After the verification is done, you will become the registered user of the Binance trading exchange

Fund Your Account

Follow the following steps to ensure that you have all the funds that you need to buy MATIC in your Binance wallet. Having funds available makes buying a smooth process. 

  1. Go to your Binance wallet and select the deposit method by which you want to fund your crypto wallet.
  2. In the deposits, enter the amount you want to add to your Binance wallet
  3. Once done proceed to the payment gateway
  4. Complete the transaction from the same method that you have selected earlier
  5. After the transaction is completely funds will be added to your wallet shortly

Buy Matic (Polygon)

After getting done with the main things in the process of buying MATIC through Binance, this is the easier part. All you have to do is to follow the steps mentioned down below. 

buy MATIC on Binance
  1. Open your Binance wallet and ensure that your funds have been added successfully
  2. If yes, search for the MATIC cryptocurrency in the search bar and select it
  3. Once you click on it you will find many options, choose the buy now option
  4. Here you will have to enter the number of crypto tokens that you are willing to buy
  5. Once down pay directly from the wallet of Binance
  6. MATIC will be added to your portfolio and you will be charged from your funds

Best Wallet To Keep Your MATIC (Polygon)

We have discussed how to buy MATIC (Polygon) in Australia in detail, now let’s discuss storing these coins in a secure place.

MATIC is one of those crypto tokens which have the potential to hit its peak at any time and no owner of MATIC is willing to lose his funds just because of some technical error from the end of the wallet solution he is using.

To avoid these situations, hardware wallets are considered the best choices when it comes to security. For MATIC it’s hard to find any wallet better than Trexor model T

Trezor Model T

If you are trading in cryptocurrencies and have taken your investments seriously then you must have paid attention to the security of your private keys. The private keys which need to be secured are usually stored in the cloud by most of the trading exchanges due to which the risk of having an online breach always remains in the head.

Trezor Model T

Trezor Model T solves this issue completely as it makes sure that all of your cryptocurrency private keys are stored safely in the offline storage in the hardware wallet. 

The portable Trezor Model T is one of those buying decisions which you will never regret as it provides ultimate safety for its users. If you are living in Australia then you can get your hands on the latest Trezor Model T at the cost of only 84 AUD and that is not a huge price to invest when it comes to ensuring safety for your private keys. 

How To Sell MATIC (Polygon)

Once you’ve invested in MATIC then the clear aim for you is to redeem the benefits as quickly as you can when it reaches its peak. Researching about it at the moment can lead to a missed chance. Hence there are some of the steps which you can follow to sell your MATIC on Binance

  1. Login into your Binance trading account
  2. Go to the investment section of the application
  3. Here you will see all of your investments, click on MATIC
  4. Here you will see all the details and a button named ‘Sell’, click on that
  5. Choose the amount of MATIC that you want to sell 
  6. Now transfer the coins to the blockchain after reviewing the transactional details

Congratulations! You just learned how you can redeem your profits while trading from one of the most widely used trading networks. 

How To Buy MATIC (Polygon) In Australia: Conclusion 

We all aim to invest in the long term to ensure that a significant amount of money can be generated but in the crypto world investments can hike or doom at any point in time and rebound in the next few days.

This makes this domain full of risks and uncertainties and this is where market leaders are the best to go for. Binance is the trading exchange with most users in the world, and this makes it the most trusting crypto exchange for Australians.

Binance offers advanced trading features for MATIC and makes your trade go smooth and easy. All the interactions which happen with the web version or the mobile application of the exchange are filled with extreme care for user experience. 

MATIC is the future for DApp development and going to compete with Ethereum and Solana in the long run. We hope that this How to buy MATIC (Polygon) in Australia guide will help you to take care of all the aspects while adding MATIC to your portfolio.  

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