How To Buy (TRX) TRON In Australia: Simple Ways To Buy TRX Tokens

If you are wondering how to buy TRX (TRON) in Australia, then this simple guide will be a real help to you.

TRON is a cryptocurrency – a relatively recent addition to the crypto world. However, the currency targets smart contracts, which allow it to compete with other more established blockchain networks like Ethereum. Tron assorts countless features under its umbrella and provides excellent speed and scalability over its native blockchain.

The recent price surge of the TRON token has caught the attention of many crypto investors who are jumping on the bandwagon to gain big with TRX(Tron). It’s possible to buy TRX (Tron) in Australia too. Several top crypto exchanges in Australia facilitate buying and selling of TRON tokens.

Buy (TRX) TRON In Australia

In this guide, you will find the detailed process of buying TRX(Tron) in Australia. We will also provide recommendations regarding the exchanges to buy TRON in Australia. Let’s begin!

How To Buy (TRX) TRON In Australia – Quick Guide

Buying TRON in Australia is pretty straightforward. The best thing is that exchanges in Australia allow quick transactions in AUD, which makes trading TRON reasonably easy.
Here’s is a quick overview of all the steps needed to buy TRON in Australia;
Select a platform that allows trading in TRON . Coinbase, KuCoin, and Binance are all excellent, but Binance is best to buy TRON.
After finalizing the exchange, comes account registration. On the homepage of Binance’s website, you will find the signup option. Follow it to create an account on Binance.
Moving further, you have to deposit money in your account. Binance allows credit cards, bank transfers, etc., to fund your account.
Once you have the desired credits, you can select TRON (TRX) from the available cryptocurrencies list and proceed with the purchase options.

Where to Buy (TRX) TRON In Australia

Now that you know the steps involved in buying TRON (TRX) tokens let us introduce you to the best crypto exchanges in Australia on which you can easily purchase TRX tokens. Choose wisely because the exchange is your gateway to the crypto world.

It allows you to keep pace with the latest happenings while offering you a platform to manage your digital assets. According to our test, here are the top three crypto brokers to buy TRX in Australia.

Buy TRON On Coinbase

Coinbase is a point of reference in the crypto world. It’s one of the best when it comes to digital asset management and user-friendliness. Besides, Coinbase is particularly characterized for its clearly structured and carefully designed user interface.

If you are new to the crypto market, Coinbase has everything to make your entry into the crypto space as easy as possible.

There’s a massive array of digital assets to trade, solid security measures to protect your investment, and a robust customer support infrastructure to speedily troubleshoot customer issues.

Buy TRON On KuCoin

If you need another alternative for buying TRX, KuCoin is also worthwhile.

The user interface is crisp, and the operations on KuCoin are effortless. Besides, KuCoin also impresses with the extensive range of tradable digital assets and a professional trading environment.

KuCoin also scores big in terms of affordability. The platform has an intuitive, tiered fee structure, and you are charged depending upon the size of your investment.

In our opinion, the clean user interface, a huge array of tradable cryptocurrencies and the numerous deposit options make it a preferred choice to buy TRX in Australia.

Buy TRON On Binance

Binance has truly conquered the crypto space and currently has the strongest presence as an exchange worldwide. It’s currently the biggest crypto exchange by volume, and many in Australia consider it the best crypto exchange to buy TRX.

The popularity of Binance is due to the enormous range of services it offers. You can trade in the spot market, and there’s a facility to deal in derivatives too. Staking and lending are also possible on Binance, which opens multiple avenues to make profits on your digital assets.

Fees are merely 0.10% of the trade, making Binance the cheapest exchange in comparison. UI may be a little overwhelming at first due to tons of functionalities; once you know how to navigate the dashboard, you will be a fan of the ingenuity of the platform.

Ways Of Buying (TRX) TRON 

Before jumping directly to knowing how to buy (TRX) TRON In Australia let’s discuss some methods to buy TRON From an exchange. Choosing the deposit method wisely is important because it governs how seamless the whole process will be.

Thankfully, crypto exchanges offer numerous deposit options – some allow instantaneous credit transfer, while others take a while to process the deposit request. Here are two of the most preferred deposit methods people use to buy TRON tokens.

Buy (TRX) TRON With Paypal

The use of PayPal as a means of payment on crypto exchanges is not widespread. Consequently, many well-known businesses do not yet allow transactions via PayPal. Still, the convenience and speed of PayPal payment make it one of the best modes to pay for digital assets.

Coinbase allows PayPal payments to buy TRX (Tron); however, KuCoin restricts direct payments via PayPal. You have to follow a different route that goes through the P2P Fiat market. Similarly, Binance is yet to allow direct PayPal payment.

But similar to KuCoin, you can still manage your payment via PayPal through Binance peer-to-peer (P2P) trading.

Buy (TRX) TRON With Credit Card/Debit Card

We all are familiar with Paying via cards. We have been using it for a long time to make a purchase online. It’s a convenient, fast, and reasonably secure mode of payment. The good news is that crypto exchanges also list credit/debit cards as a payment option.

The simplicity is unmatched, which is why many prefer to buy cryptocurrencies via credit/debit cards. All the three exchanges listed here allow credit/debit cards as a payment mode to buy TRX (Tron). The only catch is the higher fees – credit cards are a convenient but pricey mode of payment.

TRON Price And Predictions

TRON is a full-fledged company, and there’s a whole team working relentlessly to keep it going strong. But, TRX (Tron) is influenced by market forces similar to other cryptocurrencies.

Its value fluctuates according to the market sentiments; therefore, deep research and an analytical approach are essential to squeeze profit from TRX investment.

TRON currently sits around $0.068, but the trends indicate that it’s gearing up for a significant leap. Trade experts are confident that by 2023, TRON will hit $0.22. Also, the rally could continue well into 2024, and prices could reach a new height.

Therefore, TRON appears to be a lucrative investment in the long run. But again, there’s always risk in the crypto world, and a careful analysis is always recommended before making a move.

Benefits Of Buying TRON

TRON has Kickstarter a legacy and aims to decentralize the entertainment world. Besides, it’s faster and more scalable than other established blockchains, which allows it to stand apart from its competitors. Here are the major highlights of TRON and the benefits of investing in TRX;

  •  TRON allows faster transactions thanks to the DPoS (delegated proof of stake) consensus protocol.
  • TRON is a growing company and could potentially double or triple your investment.
  • TRX had an innovative and ambitious approach to the crypto world which offers content creators an opportunity to communicate directly with their audience.
  • TRON has forged partnerships with companies from the gaming world, which portray its conviction to revolutionize the entertainment world.
  • TRON recently acquired BitTorrent to support and boost peer-to-peer transactions further.

Risks Of Buying TRON

TRON appears to be a bankable asset given the tremendous interest in the token, high liquidity, and a considerable investor base. Nonetheless, there are risks tied with TRX that you should not overlook.

Firstly, TRON is still in a nascent stage, and several factors could hamper its growth. One such factor is overcrowding; whenever there is a rising interest in a particular project, numerous other crops up to bank upon the opportunity. It creates competition and pushes prices down.

Secondly, volatility is the very nature of cryptocurrencies, and the tiniest disturbance could create huge ripples in the crypto world. TRON is no exception, and the price could take a massive dip within days in a bear market.

Step By Step Procedure For Buying TRON From The Binance Exchange

This segment will summarize the steps you need to execute to buy Tron in Australia.

Choose An Exchange That Sells (TRX) TRON

Your journey to acquiring TRX in Australia begins with the selection of a crypto exchange. Not all platforms are made equal; they differ in peculiarities, features, functionality as well as charges.

These aspects make the selection process cumbersome, and the huge list of crypto exchanges further makes the task pretty daunting.

However, a good exchange is worth the effort and makes buying TRX relatively easy. To help you with the process, we will recommend Binance.


It has a global presence, a vast portfolio of listed cryptocurrencies, and a significantly simple trading dashboard.

Create And Verify The Account

Selecting a trading platform to buy TRX is quite a task, and you have accomplished it. Now is the time to move to the next step – registering an account on Binance. An account is a must to buy, sell or trade cryptos on Binance.


Click on the signup option on the main page of the Binance website. You have to fill up the registration form for account signup. Also, you have to complete the KYC process to verify the details you have provided. KYC will require proof of identity and address documents.

Fund Your Account

To move forward, you now need to add money to your account. Binance allows several options to deposit funds, and you can choose one, depending upon your preference. However, each deposit method has its own time to process funds. Incidentally, a credit card is the fastest, and credits appear instantly.

To fund your Binance account via credit card, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • If you are on the Binance mobile app, tap on the wallet and select the credit/debit card payment method.
  • Fill up your card details and specify the amount in AUD.
  • Go through the details once and then hit the deposit button.
  • When the transaction completes, the amount you have deposited will show in your Binance wallet

Send BTC Or ETH To Your Binance account

The next step is to send Ethereum or BTC to your binance account and wait a few minutes for confirmation.


We are at the last step of buying TRON. You have your account; you have funds in it; you just have to execute the buy order to claim your TRX.

Follow these steps;

  • In your Binance account, click on the buy option.
  • The setup will ask you to select a cryptocurrency; choose TRX/ETH or TRX/BTC pair from the list.
  • Fill in the number of coins you want. Make sure you have enough ETH or BTC to execute the order.
  • Once you have filled in the required details, proceed with the purchase option. Binance will spend your fund, and you will have TRX in your account in return.

Best Wallet To Keep Your TRON

We hope that your journey till this point has been uneventful; if that’s the case, congratulations! You have learned how to buy (TRX) TRON In Australia.

Next is to ensure the safety of these coins and store them in a safe place, as it is not recommended to leave digital assets sitting on exchanges. We recommend going with Ledger Nano S. Here’s why?

Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet

Ledger has made a name for itself in the crypto wallet market, and its flagship product – Ledger Nano S, is a highly secured cold storage solution trusted by millions worldwide. Cold storage is its fundamental characteristic, which means it stores all your private keys in an offline device away from the internet.


Besides, Nano S has tons of features under its belt that allow complete protection of the digital assets it stores. The wallet comes with an LCD screen for easy management of the assets and enables you to keep around 1100 cryptocurrencies, including TRX.

The Ledger Nano S employs two different layers of safety measures: one is the ST31H320 (security) and the STM32F042 (OS) chip. Consequently, Ledger Nano S stores your private keys and signs transactions as separate pieces of hardware.

In Australia, Ledger Nano S is available at A$105.00, which is quite affordable considering the heaps of security features.

How To Sell TRON On Binance Exchnage

One particular reason we went through Binance to buy TRX in Australia is the simplicity with which you can square off your position to make profits from your digital assets.

Binance allows you to swap TRX to AUD by selling it effortlessly. Binance offers a P2P trading platform for direct dealing between buyers and sellers to trade cryptocurrencies.

If there is a buyer for TRX, you can place a sell order on Binance P2P trading. Binance will transfer your assets to an escrow account and release the payment once the buyer has confirmed the buying request.

How To Buy (TRX) TRON In Australia: Final Thought

That will be all the information you need to buy TRX in Australia and secure it in a safe hardware wallet afterward. We have covered all the essentials of TRX buying you need to be aware of.

TRX promises Big and is making all the efforts to improve its infrastructure and grow in the fiercely competitive crypto market. Still, market forces are bigger than any crypto assets; therefore, you must have enough anchors in place when market forces drive a panic wave.

Always remember, there’s no alternative to sound research and proper analysis. A solid investment strategy is the only thing that can keep you afloat in the crypto world.

While investing in TRX, choice of exchange also matters, and therefore, choose it wisely. Besides, safety is also of utmost importance. As soon as you have TRX tokens to your name, move them to a crypto wallet, preferably a hardware wallet.

We hope this how to buy (TRX) TRON In Australia guide gave you a clear idea about purchasing TRON coins from an exchange

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