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How To Get Free NFT’s? Best Ways to Obtain Free NFTs in 2022

Hi, all it’s me, Fred, here, today I have come up with an interesting topic that you people will be really interested in and that is ” How to get free Nfts “.

The term free NFT definitely catches attention, and more so because of the unprecedented interest NFTs have garnered in recent years.

It’s hard to miss the mention of NFTs these days; it’s sprawling every corner of the internet, the print media, the technology talk shows, and whatnot.

Can You Really Get Free NFT Arts Without Any Investment?

Even those not particularly interested in digital shenanigans wish to own NFTs. The reason is, of course, the possibility of substantial monetary gains.

How to get free Nfts

But NFTs come with price tags, often hefty ones requiring deep pockets (NFT price can vary from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars).

Not everyone can spend that much, so people obviously search for alternative means to acquire the new digital gold.

But are there any cheaper alternatives, say free NFTs? Yes, free NFTs

Read this blog post completely to know how to get free NFTs without any investments.

What Is An NFT?

Non Fungible Tokens are a rage these days, with sales of NFTs reaching an all-time high in 2022.

According to the data, there has been a 55% increase in NFT sales since 2020.

The hype surrounding these digital assets is now getting unprecedented attention and attracting tons of investment in NFTs.

Since NFTs have opened a potential revenue stream, it’s essential to understand the basics of Non Fungible Tokens if you wish to own one for yourself and achieve meaningful gains from it.

Let’s find out more about NFTs then.

Back in October last year, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would have a new name – Meta.

With Meta, Facebook confirmed, it’s pushing hard for metaverse – a virtual or a digital world. The Free-To-Play games like Fortnite etc., are a perfect example of the metaverse.

The greater internet penetration in everyday life is pushing more and more events to the digital world.

Take, for example, Facebook’s Horizon Workrooms, which allow conducting in the virtual world. Similarly, Decentraland is another excellent example of the metaverse.

You can roam around and explore the virtual world.

Ok, I get the metaverse, but how does it explain NFTs?

It’s in the virtual world that crypto technologies like NFTs are employed. NFTs are used to prove ownership of digital tradable goods in the metaverse.

These can be basically everything you can own in the digital space. It can be a digital piece of art, a meme, a tweet, a digital sneaker, clothing for a digital Avatar, anything.

Get it? Now focus on the name – ‘Non-Fungible Token.’ It has two parts, ‘Non-Fungible’ and ‘Token.’

These are the properties of NFT, and each NFT carries these two properties, so let’s see what they mean.

A token is a digitized form of an asset (like an old internet meme), therefore, has a certain value.

A token can be both fungible (exchangeable) and non-fungible (non-exchangeable), which brings us to the next property of NFTs.

NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens. Non-Fungible means not replaceable, not repeatable, or not interchangeable.

It distinguishes NFTs from cryptocurrencies. Bitcoins owned by different people have similar value, so they are exchangeable or Fungible.

Art objects like Paintings have individual values. Even if you can swap one for another, you won’t necessarily be passing the same value; hence they are non-fungible.

That’s all about what NFT actually is. Let’s move forward and understand how NFTs work.

How Do NFTs Work?

NFT Working

The same blockchain technology that powers cryptocurrencies also nourishes the whole NFT environment. But how do NFTs actually work, and what makes them unique? Let’s find out!

In theory, anything can be digitized and presented as NFT, but what determines its authenticity and ownership? Here lies the working of NFTs.

A world-class painting like Monalisa requires inspiration and skill for falsification or producing a fake copy.

It’s not the case with a digital asset. A simple click of the mouse allows you to easily copy any digital element, such as a gif, a photo, a video, or a music clip.

How, then, is it possible to demonstrate the uniqueness, for example, of an image and to own its intellectual property or define its authenticity?

The answer is NFT

NFTs use decentralized technology called blockchain to imprint a sort of unique serial number on any digital asset.

Think of it as a certificate that authenticates the uniqueness and unrepeatability of a digital good.

The process is known as the minting of NFTs on a blockchain. Without the minting process, no digital assets can be classified as NFT.

Each NFT on a blockchain has a unique block or address with its ownership and authenticity information.

Most of the NFTs are stored on the Ethereum blockchain – it provides them a digital certificate of authenticity.

The backing of blockchain allows proof of ownership and eliminates the possibility of duplicacy or false claims.

How Much Are NFTs Worth?

NFTs can be worth nothing or a lot. It mainly depends on the emotional or financial connection one makes with NFT that determines its value.

Nevertheless, some of the NFTs were sold at an exorbitant amount. For example, The First 5,000 Days (2021) by Beeple was sold for an astounding 69 million dollars.

According to JP Morgan Chase, the current value of the NFT market sits at a staggering 8 billion dollars.

However, not all NFTs bring a mind-blowing amount of cash. In fact, most of them are worthless.

Still, NFTs are garnering unprecedented attention, and the market is flooding with NFTs of all sorts, from hilarious animal figures to tweets from famous personalities.

If you think this isn’t the case, just take a look at Open Sea – one of the largest marketplaces for NFT.

On Open Sea, you will find not only collectibles of all kinds but also digital art objects or assets that can be used in virtual worlds such as Decentraland.

And their price? You will be amazed to see what people are ready to pay to claim ownership of their own digital assets.

Can You Get Free NFTs?

NFTs are indeed soaring in popularity, captivating both the technology enthusiast and general public.

The exponential rise in popularity and high demand have also rendered it impossible to obtain NFT without shedding a small fortune.

Nevertheless, there are still few legitimate methods to get free NFT arts.

In case you have a creative side like you are an artist, a musician, a video editor, etc., you can create your own NFT and list it on the marketplaces.

You still have to pay the blockchain fee. However, it will technically be a free NFT art that you can sell for profit.

How To Get Free NFTs

Here we discuss the possible ways how to get free NFT arts for yourselves.

These methods require effort, so don’t begin with the preconceived notion that you will be building a considerable NFT portfolio within a short time.

Put effort, be consistent and give time. Slowly but surely, your NFT wallet will be full of digital assets. Let’s learn how to get free NFTs.

Free NFTs Via Play-To-Earn Games

The most fun way to earn some free NFTs is to try your hands at a play-to-earn game. Recently, there has been an explosion of play-to-earn games.

Most utilize the games to impart NFT trading, transfer, and storage know-how.

These free NFT games are perfect for obtaining free NFTs. These free-to-play games reward with several different items, including coins and collectibles, which you can trade in-game.

While most of the games are free, some require an upfront cost.

You can avoid them altogether and only concentrate on free ones. Instead, you can aim for programs (Axie Infinity Scholarship) that lend NFTs to play games and obtain more NFTs.

NFT Airdrops

NFT airdrop is another way to get your hands on some free Non Fungible Tokens.

It’s a promotion tactic to grab the attention of potential buyers of a new project.

NFT space is full to the brim with numerous NFT projects. To stand out from the crowd, developers have come up with a unique promotional tactic known as an NFT airdrop.

Developers sent free NFT arts to select a few as promotions for a new project launch.

The attraction here is that the NFT is free, and the goal is to garner enough attention before the product launch.

You can frequently visit communities on Twitter, Reddit, or Discord to know about upcoming NFT airdrop opportunities and participate in them for free.

Free NFT Mints

Minting an NFT on a blockchain is an expensive process. To mint an NFT, its creator has to pay the gas charges associated with the minting process.

Since the explosion in NFT’s popularity in recent years, the minting fee has gone to the skies.

The upfront cost to mint an NFT makes owning it an expensive endeavor. However, some platforms allow you to mint Free NFTs.

With no upfront cost, your NFTs are more or less free.

If you have a digital asset you want to turn into an NFT, you can utilize platforms like coin base to mint the NFT for free. However, you have to abide by the policies of these platforms.

NFTs Through Giveaways

A straightforward way to grab some free NFT arts is to keep a lookout for giveaways.

You can look out for twitter giveaways, where many NFTs are given away regularly to those who can’t afford one for themselves.

Besides, many communities also offer free NFTs to their users for active participation and interactions.

Similarly, you can look out for NFT giveaways by Alien Worlds and cryptomonkeys or Vulpes that offer NFTs in return for scanning blockchain transactions.

NFT Breeding

NFT breeding is analogous to the real-life breeding of animals to grow the population.

There are several platforms and some very popular ones that allow users to breed NFT. The aim is simple: use existing NFTs to breed more NFTs.

Platforms like Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, DOGAMÍ, etc., are hugely popular and allow NFT breeding. Although not totally free, NFT breeding does allow obtaining additional NFTs at no extra cost.

CryptoKitties allow breeding kitties, while DOGAMÍ lets train NFT dogs and then breed them to obtain more NFT dogs.

Where To Store NFTs Safely

Similar to any digital asset, NFTs, too, can be compromised and stolen.

In the case of the NFTs, the risk is more pronounced, given the popularity and heavy return generating capacity of NFTs.

Therefore, once you own an NFT or have obtained a free NFT, you must ensure its safety. It’s prudent to have all the information needed to store at NFT safely before you delve deep and explore the fascinating space further.

Similar to cryptocurrencies, NFTs also need a wallet for storage. A wallet is software that allows you to send, receive, store and secure NFTs.

A wallet can either be a desktop application, a mobile application, or a hardware wallet.

An NFT wallet has the ability to generate private keys from the seed or rescue phrase. The private key provides the security and control of the crypto assets that the wallets hold.

Best Wallets For Keeping Your NFT

Without a wallet, you can’t hold your crypto assets or NFTs. Therefore, before you wet your feet in the NFT space, it’s essential to have a secure and reliable NFT wallet for proper storage and security.

You should understand that the security of your NFT is paramount if you want to avoid theft and prevent fraudsters from having access to your NFTs.

There are plenty of wallets claiming to be the best NFT wallet in the market. While some are highly reliable, others are a little dubious.

It’s therefore essential to choose an NFT wallet that is reliable and secure. Incidentally, we have curated a list of the best wallets for keeping your NFTs safe. Take a look!

Metamask Wallet

MetaMask Wallet

Metamask is undoubtedly the best NFT wallet available in the market. It is backed by an Ethereum foundation and maintained by ConsenSys.

One of the best selling points for Metamask is its relative ease of use. Anyone with a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies and the NFT market can efficiently operate Metamask.

Initially, Metamask only existed as a browser extension that allowed connections to decentralized apps.

However, in 2020 ConsenSys released a mobile version that allows collecting NFT tokens and interacting with other dApps.



AlphaWallet is an open-source wallet that allows users storage and collection functionality for NFTs. However, currently, AlphaWallet only supports the Ethereum blockchain.

Besides, AlphaWallet also supports apps like OpenSea, CryptoKitties, Dragonarium, Chainz Arena, etc.

Moreover, it also supports Ethereum based assets in the game and could be particularly appealing to NFT collectors.

Similar to Trust Wallet, AlphaWallet is also a mobile-only platform. However, it’s still in the development phase, so there is a possibility that more attractive features will be available in later iterations.

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet

If you are new to NFT space, there is no better wallet than Trust Wallet. Its beginner’s friendly features make it best for NFT novices.

Trust Wallet allows you to store NFTs based on Solana, Polygon, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain.

However, there is a catch too; Trust Wallet is only available for mobile platforms. This means you can’t access it via a computer or a browser.

Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X Wallet

When it comes to security, nothing beats hardware wallets. It’s simply because your NFTs and crypto data are offline and not on the system.

Unlike mobile or desktop wallets, there is no way for hackers to access a hardware wallet.

Another possible advantage is that you can also connect your Ledger wallet with desktop or mobile-based wallets like Metamask.

In hardware wallets, the ledger tops the rank. If you intend to store your NFTs for a more extended period, there is nothing better than a ledger wallet.

Until you tell your 12-word secret phrase to someone, there is no way anyone can access information on your hardware wallet.

Final Thoughts On How To Get Free NFT’s

NFTs can be a potentially profitable endeavor if done correctly. But, as with all aspects of cryptocurrencies, proper research is essential before venturing deep into the NFT market.

NFTs are currently riding the popularity wave and therefore require a significant initial investment.

However, certain methods allow you to get free NFTs. We have discussed how to get free NFTs in detail here. Our only advice is to tread carefully.

Similar to cryptocurrencies, the NFT market is also full of surprises. Try our free NFT methods to secure for yourself shining digital assets.

Indeed, it will take time to build a sizable portfolio. But you never know, one of your assets could be the next big attraction in the NFT market.

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