How To Buy Ecomi(OMI)? And Where To Buy Ecomi(OMI)?

Hello Everyone It’s me Fred Haris, today in this blog we will broadly discuss the trending Ecomi(Omi) Coin and will also try to clear all your doubts and queries regarding how to buy Ecomi (Omi)coin and where you can buy Omi coin

In recent months, millions of crypto tokens have been launched. Some of them are utility tokens, whereas some of them offer only investment.

If we talk about one such utility token that has gained popularity in the recent few months is ECOMI or OMI Coin.

Ecomi aims to create a world-class platform that allows people to trade, purchase or collect premium digital assets such as collectibles.

​​How To Buy Ecomi(OMI) Tokens In 2022?

In this blog, we will discuss some of the points that would help you how to buy Ecomi coin using decentralized or centralized exchanges.

Unlike other cryptocurrency tokens, it is not possible to buy an OMI token using fiat currency; hence it is needed for you to buy a token using BTC tokens where it is listed. 

What Is Ecomi Token?

Ecomi is a technology company founded in Singapore to contribute to the digital collectibles industry and protect them.


Econo is the one-stop solution for people who want to purchase digital collectibles of themes like 21st-century Entertainment and pop culture.

Crypto users can leverage the VeVe Application to buy such digital collectibles.

Soon after the launch of ECOMI, it collaborated with ORBIS blockchain technologies LTD and built a VeVe platform for digital collectibles.

VeVe is available on both iOS and Android devices with more than half a million NFTs that got sold during the initial launch. 

The OMI Token runs the whole economy of the Ecomi brand. This token is a GE20 or fungible token launched by Ecomi to solve two different purposes. 

To allow the purchase and sale of non Fungible tokens or digital collectibles.

✔ Launch some extra reward Programs using the ‘Master Collector Program.

The real benefit of launching Ecomi Token was to get mass adoption and reach a larger audience.

People can easily purchase the tokens through centralized Exchanges or Decentralized Exchanges where it’s listed.

As per the tokenomics, the Token allocation is as follows.

Total Supply: 750 Billion OMI

▶ Tokens For Public Sale: 450 Billion OMI

▶ Token Price: 1 Satoshi

▶ ICO (Private and public Sale): 20 Percent or 150 Billion OMI tokens

▶ In-App Purchases: 40 Percent or 300 Billion OMI tokens

▶ Business Development: 20 Percent or 150 Billion OMI tokens

▶ Board Members, Advisors, and Team: 20 Percent Or 150 Billion OMI tokens.

▶ Some Token Lockup Periods are given below, so the price is maintained.

▶ ICO : 0 Months

▶ In-App Purchases : 0 Months

▶ ECOMI Advisors/Board/Team: 1-year cliff

▶ ECOMI Founders: 2 years cliff vested at 25% quarterly.

OMI token was listed in 2019, and till now, it has managed to get 15 licenses and build a cryptocurrency wallet and support NFTs. 

Is The OMI Coin A Good Investment?

As per the Ecomi Analysis Done by, the latest price of the OMI token was 0.0065 USD.

If we talk about the safety rank, it has got 4.3 points out of 10, and expected returns could be 142.1 percent if the price reaches 0.0159 USD. 

There are quite a few predictions made by different firms below.

One of the most famous crypto brands, CoincoDex, has used around 38 indicators that have led them to conclude that out of 100, 61 people are bullish about the OMI Coin, and 39 people are bearish. 

▶ Gov’s Capital is quite bullish on the OMI coin and expecting an all-time high of $ 0.013.

To understand more about ROI, users can read independent research conducted by different investment firms.

This would help you understand the daily value and trend for the past half a year.

It is quite difficult to predict the value of any coin, and hence there is a good possibility that it reaches a new all-time high. 

Also, various experts should go through due diligence before investing in any script token.

You can try reading white papers, research done by various experts, and learn about Omi Coin’s Social Media Handle development.

Where Can You Buy ECOMI(OMI)?

Are you interested in buying OMI tokens? This is the right section to know about it because you will find some important information on buying ECOMI tokens.

There are a lot of crypto exchanges where users can buy Omi tokens. Some of the popular exchanges listed are Bitmax,, and BitForex.

OMI is listed on various decentralized exchanges, but you need to buy that using some bluechip cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

To buy on decentralized exchanges, you need to Wrap your OMI tokens to WOMI and enable them to be traded on different Decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap. 

You need to do so because ECOMI is natively a GO20 standard token deployed on KEYCHAIN; hence, you need to wrap them to ERC20 standard token to make it tradable.

The Steps To Follow To Buy An OMI Token

Register on Cryptocurrency Exchange: You need to register to a cryptocurrency exchange to buy or sell omi tokens.

But you would need to ensure that you have some cryptocurrency such as BTC to buy OMI tokens on Altcoin Exchange such as

Once you have registered, you can buy BTC and send it to a cryptocurrency exchange such as

This will not cost you much because has very low fees to trade altcoins like OMI tokens.

Once you have transferred the BTC token to the altcoin exchange, you can choose an OMI/BTC pair to trade it or buy it.

Using similar steps, you can also sell the OMI crypto. But here, you would need to transfer the BTC tokens to some cryptocurrency exchange, where you can withdraw them for some fiat currency.

One of the best exchanges is Coinbase, which allows you to send or receive cryptocurrencies and sell them for fiat.

Can I Buy OMI Token With Cash?

Unlike several other cryptocurrencies, OMI coins can not be bought by Fiat currencies directly.

Users interested in buying OMI coins need to buy Bitcoin first from either centralized exchanges or decentralized exchanges.

Once users have bought the Bitcoin, they can transfer it to some crypto exchange such as coin base or, where an OMI coin is listed. 

Before you buy OMI tokens, there are some important points that you need to consider while purchasing.

👉 OMI token has a limited supply of 750 billion tokens, out of which 150 Billion tokens are sold using a private and public sale.

They have raised around 1500 BTC. The remaining tokens are locked in the smart contract or reserved for the team members, founders, and advisers.

👉 The problem that Ecomi is trying to solve is using AR or Augmented reality. Such technology would enable digital collectibles to be more lively.

Users can project them through their smartphones. 

👉 The ECOMI team has launched a master Collector program to get early access to rare NFT collections and special Edition tokens.

People can stake their OMI tokens to some wallet known as the PowerQuest. This will make them eligible for the Master Collector program.

👉 PartnerShips are quite important for any crypto Project, and hence ECOMI marketplace has partnered with some of the best-known brands such as Ghostbuster, Superman, Harley Quinn, and many more.

Such brands’ partnership shows the trustworthiness and credibility of the platforms.

Top 3 Exchanges That Offer The Ability To Buy OMI?

There are many exchanges available today that allows us to buy Omi coin.

But keep in mind that we should always be careful when choosing an exchange while buying Cryptocurrencies.

Many scammers have come up with clone exchanges to steal coins. They will ask you to enter your wallet address and once you enter it, your entire funds will vanish from your wallet.

So here we will list out the 3 best exchanges to buy Omi Coin without any worries.



AscendEX was also known to be BitMex in its early days. It is a cryptocurrency exchange built specifically for advanced traders.

Suppose any user who has been trading for a long time can use this cryptocurrency exchange to buy OMI Coins.

The exchange allows users to do different types of trading such as Spot Trading, derivatives trading, and a lot more.

There is a quite competitive fee structure for the traders. Also, it allows users to use Defi yield farming protocols for staking.

ASD, also known to be BTMX is the native token to carry out activities on the AscendEX platform. is one of the crypto exchanges that you can use to buy OMI coins at very low fees.

As per the statistics by, the 24-hour trading volume is around USD 1.2 billion, which makes it rank four among all other cryptocurrency exchanges with a trust score of 10 from CoinGecko.

You cannot only store your ECOMI tokens after purchasing but do much more. Some of the activities that can be done on are as follows.

  • Quantitative trading offers a platform that allows users to trade ECOMI tokens with many cryptocurrencies and analyze using several available mathematical tools.

Few built-in strategies can be used for trading.

  • Contract trading

It is another form of trading where you can be part of a perpetual contract that hedges the risk and allows you to profit with correct expectations.

This is one of the few crypto exchanges that offer traders such a facility.

  • Lending

Being a trader, you can either short cryptocurrencies or borrow some stable coins like USDT for a long time.

If any user is the holder of tokens available in Gate.IO, they can lend them to other users and earn significant interest.

This is completely peer-to-peer lending and borrowing without being Middle Men.

  • Leverage allows users to leverage tokens to do a significant amount of projects. But at the same time, you can make a huge loss if the price of a token falls.

Hence it is always recommended that you don’t take huge leverage while trading different tokens.



Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to purchase cryptocurrencies using fiat deposits.

But it is a centralized exchange, and users must do KYC after they open an account on Coinbase to buy OMi Coin. 

If you would like to deposit fiat currency to your coin base account, you will be charged a significant amount of fees compared to Netbanking.

For residents of European countries, it is easy to deposit instant cash without paying such a huge fee using tools like iDeal.

Coinbase offers two different trading platforms: Coinbase platform and Coinbase PRO.

Coinbase Pro has advanced features that allow crypto traders to make peer-to-peer transactions such as limit and stop orders and place markets.

Apart from that, Coinbase has launched a new series for cryptocurrency traders that helps you learn and earn some tokens once they complete a task.

How To Buy OMI Coin On

Many people have doubts regarding how to buy Omi coins and where to buy Omi coins, here we will discuss the step-by-step process of buying Omi coins on is the best cryptocurrency exchange to buy different cryptocurrencies, such as OMI Coin.

Many people use to trade OMI coins for different tokens to leverage various features.

But before you buy an OMI token on Gate, you would need to buy a BTC token from any cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase if you don’t have BTC in your Wallet.

Step 1: To Buy an OMI token on, you need to create an account.

Sign UP for

Step 2: Once you have signed UP on, you need to wait for some time and get the KYC done.

Usually, this process takes up to 30 minutes to a few days depending upon the KYC process. Once the people approve KYC, you will get full access to your wallet.

If you are using a cryptocurrency Exchange for the first time, then it is recommended that you go through some video tutorials to get some insights into the process. 

Step 3: After getting Full access to your wallet, you can deposit some BTC tokens using any other crypto exchange or wallet Address.

There will be a choice available when you click on BTC, whether you want to send or receive tokens.

To receive tokens, you can put the address where you are transferring the BTC to wallet.

Step 4: Once you have received the BTC token in your wallet, you can go back to the Exchange page at and click on the OMI/BTC pair.

This will open a new window with a chart of OMI/BTC pairs to analyze and display a form to make a purchase. 

You can proceed with the buy option by filling up the amount of OMI tokens you need to buy from it.

Once you have confirmed Everything, you can click on Buy Button and BOOM! That’s it, congrats you have learned how to buy Omi coin on

Your wallet will be credited with the bought OMI tokens. Now it’s up to you to keep it as an investment or transfer it to some other crypto wallet that supports OMI tokens.

Best ECOMI(OMI) Wallets.

After buying Omi coin you will have to keep it safe to avoid getting scammed or losing your asset.

You will need a secure wallet to keep it safe. As we all know there are many wallets that allow you to keep your digital assets but are all the wallets safe?

No worries, we have figured out the best solution for your problem. We have shortlisted the 3 best wallets that are highly secure to store your Omi coins.

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet

Trust wallet is the most widely used wallet to store Cryptocurrencies. Once you have figured out how to buy OMI tokens, you can transfer them to the trust wallet.

To send tokens on the Trust wallet, you can download the App and set up the recovery phase.

After this, you can go to GoChain Network and Add a custom token using the OMI token contract Address given below :


This will automatically fetch the token details and display them. To save it, you need to click on the ‘Save button.’

Once this is done, the user receives or sends an OMI coin to a different wallet.

GoChain Web Wallet

GoChain Web Wallet

Users can also store their OMI coins on GoChain Web Wallet, natively to GoChain developers.

You need to create a new wallet using seed phrases and a new account like any other wallet.

It is highly recommended that you keep both the seed phrase and Private key as a secret because this might lead to loss of funds.

Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet

Ledger Nano X Wallet

If any user wants to use a hardware wallet to store cryptocurrencies or OMI coins, the Ledger Nano S would be the best choice.

Users can Download a Keychain App that will allow them to set up the custom Contract of OMI token.

Once the Custom Token has been added, the user can send or receive OMI tokens.

To do that, you would need to use a wallet like Metamask or MyEtherWallet, or MEW that supports a Ledger hardware wallet. 

Final Thoughts On How To Buy Ecomi Token

ECOMI is one of the great technologies built for digital collectibles, as mentioned before.

Veve marketplace is a quite fascinating product by them. It has seen immense growth after it launched NFT collections.

It is believed that VEVE will become more popular in the coming time and make OMI, the native token of ECOMI, rise. 

Hence if you want to buy a bunch of good Altcoins, you can try considering OMI token as one of them.

However, this is not a piece of financial advice, so it is recommended that you do your research and decide to buy or not buy an OMI token. 

Specifically, If you want to buy OMI tokens, they are not available on many exchanges; hence, you will find only a few.

In addition to that, purchasing an OMI token is a two-step process since you need to buy BTC for fiat and use that to buy an OMI token.

I hope this blog post about how to buy Ecomi(Omi) token answered your questions and doubts regarding Ecomi(Omi) coin. Stay tuned for more updates on cryptocurrencies.


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