Best Quantstamp Wallets

10 Best Quantstamp Wallets To Secure Your QSP Coins From Hackers

Hello readers today in this article we will discuss about the 10 best Quantstamp wallets that you can use without any second thoughts to store your QSP Tokens.

We also tried to answer the most common doubts of a new Quantstamp Token owners by the end of this article so stay tuned. 

When cryptocurrencies hit a boom in 2017, none of us thought that they will create history by reaching the heights of decentralized finance.

Even after a constant attempt of regulation by governments on the blockchain currency, the widespread network of crypto does only seems expanding and Quantstamp is emerging as a significant player among all other altcoins. 

With the scaling of investments in the crypto assets, investors are looking out for variety in their portfolio and the volatility of Bitcoin is permitting altcoins to amass a considerable sum of investments.

Quanstamp is no less, with a total market cap of more than $44 million and over 700 million coins in circulation, It is one of the key altcoins which can be critical long-term and short-term investments. 

Whenever we decide to start investing in Quantstamp crypto, we need to make sure that our investments are safe over the blockchain network, our private keys are secured, our seed phrases are unique and all the investments can be cashed out in the hour of need without any painful hassle

Why Do We Need Best QSP Wallet For Our QSP Tokens?

Quantstamp wallets provide safety, security, agility in transactions, access to trading markets, take care of your unique private keys, and signs all blockchain transactions on behalf of you to make your decentralized financing much easier. 

Best Quantstamp Wallets

They allow us to send and receive Quantstamp tokens from anywhere in this world without the intervention of any third-party clients like governments or banks. 

They give us a facility to interact with other crypto users through chosen and unique usernames instead of long and forgettable public keys hence making transactions smoother and widespread.

They give us direct access to a variety of worldwide crypto exchanges where investors can monitor and trade their cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other digital assets.

Different online vendors that accept cryptocurrencies as a valid mode of payment are easily accessible through the Quantstamp wallets. 

What Is Quantstamp?

Quantstamp is a blockchain services provider, dealing with blockchain security, security audits, and other blockchain solutions.

Many crypto giants use Quantstamp to provide and audit the blockchain and crypto-related security of their applications.

QSP Token is a coin based on Ethereum and can be utilized to avail the blockchain security services, contract audits, and network upgrades.

With an expected return of over 125% in the upcoming 5 years, Quantstamp tokens are emerging to be a profitable virtual currency.

It is backed up by industry security leaders and has a strong market cap of over $44 million. With this strong back and substantial currency inflow in the market, Quantstamp coin is in the market to stay for long. 

10 Best Quantstamp Wallets For Your QSP Crypto

We brings to you a list of ten Best Quantstamp wallets, chosen by our digital experts that will take care of your personalized finance needs and deliver you with the convenience of a hassle-free blockchain transaction.

This list will inform you of all the details you need to decide which one of these QSP wallets will be the right choice for you.



Mathwallet is a multi-blockchain supported cryptocurrency wallet that comes with an elegant and user-friendly UI design.

It allows a one-click switch from blockchain nodes to EVM-blockchain. It also entertains QR codes and digital assets in terms of NFTs and other collectibles.

It does not store any of your private keys on the server and acts as a non-custodial wallet which results in a better privacy assurance and a low risk of exposing your private keys to any transactional vendor. 

It comes with Defi, NFT, Bridge, Exchange, Tools, Data, Metaverse, MVB, Staking, and other rich features in its in-app Dapp browser.

With so many features applied in its UI, Math wallet stands out in the race of 10 Best Quantstamp wallets and emerges as a great choice for advanced cryptocurrency users. 

Trust Wallet 

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is an open-source Quantstamp wallet that comes with a wide range of support for varied digital assets.

Binance, a world-famous crypto exchange, acquired Trust wallet in 2018 and that accelerated the growth of Trust wallet many folds as it being the officially recommended wallet by the Binance stock exchange. 

Its easy-to-use, interactive, and comfortable UI design is a quality that makes it the best Quantstamp wallet for blockchain beginners.

Top-notch security measures and one-key privacy features make it stand apart in this cut-throat competitive market. 

The entire source code for Trust Wallet is open for its users and accountable for unbiased and multi-level scrutiny.

Trust wallet can be an ideal QSP wallet for those who are looking for a clean design and a wide range of support for various digital assets and NFTs. 


MetaMask Wallet

Another 100% open-source crypto wallet software that made into this list of ten best QSP wallets, is Metamask which comes with feature-rich, multi-platform support, and rare browser extension support acting as a bridge between your browser and Ethereum blockchain.

It comes with HD settings to backup user accounts and has an integration with ledger devices. It has a robust customer interaction along with a detailed support page.

Like a good crypto wallet, Metamask stores your private keys locally to enhance security although the availability of Metamask on almost all the platforms makes it one of the ‘hot wallets’ in this segment.

The major disadvantage of Metamask is that it can store Ethereum-based tokens only but that suffices the usage for Quantstamp wallet and hence it could be an ideal, easy-to-use Quantstamp wallet. 

Imtoken Wallet

imToken Wallet

Imtoken comes with the feature of hierarchical deterministic backup options and the source code for its Android and iOS applications are 100% open for the user and expert scrutiny.

Even though it is only available for iOS and Android, its multi-range support to BTC, ETH, EOS, ATOM, BCH, TRX, LTC, CKB, DOT, KSM, FIL, XTZ tokens make it one of the finest choices for those users who need a primary QSP wallet that can deal with multi-currency seamlessly without worrying about switching platform for every other currency.

Imtoken wallet has an inbuilt stock exchange, DApp browser support, and hardware wallet compatibility.

Imtoken wallet is a non-custodial wallet that provides offline signing of transactions and goes through regular third-party security audits.

It can be a great choice for those Quantstamp users who are looking for multi-range support as the primary feature in their QSP wallet. 

Myether Wallet

Myether Wallet

Myether wallet can be an ideal choice for those crypto geeks who are especially looking for Ethereum dedicated wallets.

Myether wallet comes with availability to your wallet even in the offline mode which is not a common feature among other Quantstamp wallets.

Its intuitive and easy-to-use design is completely compatible with physical wallets.

Myether is customizable and allows you to buy Quantstamp token through your credit cards.

With ERC-20 support, an account overview feature, and seamless crypto transfer through a well-developed web portal could be a deal-breaker for many QSP wallet-looking customers.

This power-packed wallet could be great for those investors who need dedicated Ethereum crypto wallets and wants to use their credit cards for the crypto trade. 

Exodus Wallet


Exodus WalletExodus is a multi-currency QSP wallet that comes with a user-friendly interface. An Integration with Shapeshift can make it one of the top contenders for those who only trade at Shapeshift.

Exodus wallet comes with a free one-click installation feature and 24/7 customer support.

Exodus’s hardware wallet compatibility and the robust feature of a one-click crypto exchange make an ideal choice for Quantstamp users.

It offers two-way recovery methods including 12-word seed code and email restoration.

It does not download the entire blockchain series into the devices which makes it one of the fastest wallets in our list of  best Quantstamp wallets. 

Even though it lacks fiat to crypto transactions, Exodus wallet could be a great fit for those QSP wallet users for whom Shapeshift integration, reliable customer support, and interactive user interface matter a lot. 

Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet

With the launch of the Atomic Stock Exchange in 2017, Atomic wallet has been in the league, created by the man who also created Changelly, a famous crypto exchange.

Achieving steady growth, Atomic wallet now supports Quantstamp tokens along with more than 300 cryptos from around the globe. 

Atomic wallet is simple to navigate and comes with a concise user interface. One one-click software install feature is complemented by reliable 24/7 live customer support.

Integrated exchanges like Changelly and Shapeshift makes it one of the most diversified support wallet.

Even though Atomic wallet does not come with hardware wallet support, It still could rank as one of the best QSP wallets out there because of its swift atomic swap features and hence it made it into our list of ten best Quantstamp wallets. 

Trezor Wallet

Trezor Wallet

Trezor wallet could be an exciting pick for all of the crypto enthusiasts out there among this list of ten best Quantstamp wallets.

With the top-notch security of hardware wallets, Trezor wallet stands out as a deal-breaker for those who do not want to compromise with the security of their QSP wallets even if it comes at a bit higher cost. 

It is second to none in security measures and has a touch screen user interface for hassle-free interaction with your device.

It is very easy to use and the crypto support is enormous with over 7000 cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets. 

It has firmware updates, reliable backup tools, and custom pin protection for both your public and private keys and this is why it is undoubtedly one of the best QSP hardware wallets in the market. 

Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X Wallet

Another hardware entry in our best QSP wallets is coming from the house of Ledger, the second biggest hardware wallet company.

With a long list of power-packed tools, Ledger Nano X surely comes down to being one of the best hardware wallets in the market right now

By now Nano X has sold over 1 million devices and it will be a perfect fit for those crypto geeks for whom the security and privacy of their devices are second to nothing.

With wide-range support of more than 150 coins which includes Quantstamp coins, Ledger Nano X can be a budget-friendly solution to all of your hardware wallet needs.

It delivers everything you can expect from a good hardware wallet in this segment and comes with a perk of Bluetooth connectivity with your other devices

Even though Bluetooth connectivity sounds easily hackable, It is not anywhere close, your private keys never leave your device and hence always remain completely private.

Its handy design and regular firmware updates enrich the user experience and maintain the industry standards

It can be one of the best  QSP hardware wallet pick if you need a hardware wallet and do not have any plans to compromise with the security.

CoolWallet S Hardware Wallet

CoolWallet S Hardware Wallet

After a long list of capable devices, our show stopper must be having high expectations and thus we list CoolWallet S Hardware Wallet as our final wallet in the list of best Quantstamp wallets.

CoolWallet comes with a unique style of its own with complete and secure encryption it is one of the safest places to store your QSPs.

As the name suggests CoolWallet comes with total cool storage that, as of now, is the most secure method to store your blockchain and digital assets.

CoolWallet also allows you to transfer and receive crypto investments in the quickest way possible.

Even though it is not open-source yet, the quality standards maintained by CoolWallet are commendable.

With a multi-signature feature, it is undeniably one of the forerunners when it comes to choosing your preferred Quantstamp hardware wallets. 

Are All Quantstamp Wallets Secure?

No, all Quantstamp wallets are not secure and one has to be aware of all the good security protocols.

Even though most of them take all the necessary technical precautions and deliver a secure transactional environment, cross-checking whether the considered wallet services are providing you the tools that cater to your privacy priorities can go a long way. 

What To Look For In A Quantstamp Wallet? 

While choosing a Quantstamp wallet you need to be aware of your personalized needs.

If you need a wallet that only transact in Ether and related token your perfect choice could be very different from a person who is willing to trade in all tokes.

Hence choosing an ideal QSP wallet can make your investment journey a lot easier. 

How Does A Quantstamp Wallet Work? 

A Quantstamp wallet stores your private Quantstamp keys to keep them secure while transacting on different platforms on the web, sometimes they do not let the private keys interact with the web in any way and thus providing an extra layer of security.

It digitally signs the transaction without letting the private key gets exposed to any third-party website or host.

It stores your private and public keys and provides you with a platform where you can trade and transact with other Quantstamp crypto owners seamlessly. 

How To Deposit And Withdraw From Quantstamp Wallets?

You can deposit into Quantstamp wallets through many different ways which include Debit cards, Credit cards, and third-party payment clients like PayPal and Robinhood.

You can receive the payment directly in your bank accounts with different wallets charging a minimal fee which varies from one wallet to another.

While transacting and transferring your digital assets, maintaining digital hygiene could be a difference between a smart and not-so-smart crypto investor. 

Points To Consider When Choosing Quantstamp Wallets?

The things to look out for while choosing best Quantstamp wallets includes:

  • Variety of cryptocurrency support available
  • User-friendly UI and backup options
  • Shapeshift feature for crypto conversions
  • Hardware compatibility
  • Nature of storage provided
  • Standardized Privacy and security protocols
  • Good Customer support and active community

Final Thoughts On 10 Best Quantstamp Wallets

It could be a herculean task to decide your ideal Quantstamp wallet when so many good alternatives are available in a cut-throat competition.

With the widespread of cryptocurrency new wallets are emerging every day with cutting-edge technology and more user-friendly UI. 

Making an informed decision can not only make your life a lot easier it reduces the chances of losing your digital assets to any brute-forced cyber attacks.

You must choose a QSP wallet, which you can trust and does not make you feel shady in any course of your digital transactions.

Local preferences should also be considered while choosing your next wallet, with different govt.

Protocols around the globe, choosing a QSP wallet that aligns with the regulations of your home state can make a significant difference. 

So take all the time you need to go through our list of 10 best Quantstamp wallets and make a wise decision that compliments your crypto needs and will allow you to access the markets in the way you want to access them.


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