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10 Best ANKR Wallets To Store Your Ankr In 2022

Hello everyone I’m Fred Haris, today we will discuss the 10 best Ankr wallets to store your Ankr coins safely.

When the world is stepping into WEB3, blockchain technology is paving the way for this digital transformation. 

With new developments every day, Cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing the concept of money and ANKR is another leap in this technological revolution. 

Crypto is everywhere and it’s not going away, anytime soon. From Bitcoin to Erethium and from Shiba Inu to ANKR, ignoring cryptocurrencies is not an option anymore.

Why Do You Really Need A Crypto Wallet?

While every crypto geek wants to take a dip into this ever-flowing and highly volatile digital market, to earn a few bucks and exit, Some of us who invested and stuck to our coins are reaping the moon with unimaginable returns.

But, not everyone is as lucky as them. According to a report published by The New York Times, Bitcoins, with a worth exceeding tens of billions, are locked into digital wallets by their owners, who somehow forgot their keys. 

Those bitcoins are there, right in front of them but locked and nobody will ever be able to use them again only because the owners forgot their keys!

Sounds scary right?

This is where the crypto wallets come into play, they are fast, secure, private and most importantly all private keys of hardware wallets will be stored through a seed phrase which you can store safely in print and thus reducing the risks of losing all of your strategically bought digital assets because of some big scale online fraud, a malware attack or simply forgetting your wallet keys.

What Is ANKR?

ANKR Token

ANKR is a crypto project started in 2017 by Anker Network co-founded by Chandler Song, CEO Akner Network, Ex-Engineer AWS, and Ryan Fang, Ex-Investment Banker, Morgan Stanley, in The Berkeley University California.

ANKR is a blockchain-based Defi infrastructure and Web3 platform that enables cross-chain staking and has built a marketplace for container-based cloud services, allowing decentralized finance through blockchain technology. 

Or in layman’s terms, Ankr is a new cryptocurrency project with a total circulating supply of more than 6,496,232,711 coins that is worth $49,811,009. 

Ankr uses verification nodes during the blockchain validation to remove any bad actors from the system.

It also uses Intel SGX in its core to reduce the chances of any hardware or software attacks by making executions inside the hardware itself.

TLS 1.3 and PFS are the main gatekeepers of Ankr in terms of data source security. 

If ANKR Token sounds like a suitable cryptocurrency, which can cater to your demands, you might be considering, taking a look and buying a few of them.

But before you rush to the crypto exchange, we do not want you to lose your Ankr coins because of any of the online catastrophes, and to avoid that you must go for a reliable wallet that makes sure that your transactions are more secure than ever before. 

10 Best ANKR Wallets For Your Ankr Tokens

There are many wallets available today to store your cryptocurrencies.

We have to be really cautious when it comes to choosing the best wallets for your digital assets. A small mistake in choosing the right wallet can end up in a real mess.

Hence we bring to you a hand-picked list of the ten best Ankr wallets in the market to assist you with this significant decision in your investment journey, take a look and choose which one of them fulfills all your needs and is made perfectly for you. 

Trust WalletTrust Wallet

Trust wallet is a mobile-based and open-source cryptocurrency wallet that can store more than one type of coin.

Binance, a world-famous crypto exchange, acquired Trust wallet in 2018 and since then the use of Trust wallet has skyrocketed with it being the officially recommended wallet by Binance for its blockchain projects. 

Trust wallet comes in with an interactive and easy-to-use UI, which makes it a great choice for non-geeks.

Trust wallet provides HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) mode of transactions which assigns a new transaction address to keep your balance 100% anonymous. 

It is open-source and can be a great choice for people who are looking for a wide range of support for NFTs. 

Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet

The atomic wallet has been in the league since 2017, created by the man who also created Changelly, a famous crypto exchange.

Achieving steady growth, Atomic wallet now supports more than 300 cryptos from around the globe. 

Atomic wallet is fast, open-source, and comes with one-click software install features along with 24/7 live customer support. With integrated exchanges like Changelly and Shapeshift.

Even though the software wallets are not as safe as hardware wallets, they still could be one of the best Ankr wallets out there.

Keepkey Hardware Wallet  KeepKey Wallet

You can not go wrong with a Keepkey wallet, It is a secure hardware wallet that comes with the support of 40+ different digital assets which includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and many more.

Its sleek design and widescreen which let you read the whole transaction number without the need to scroll around make it one of the most user-friendly hardware wallets in the market.

It comes in a very competitive price range and can be a great deal for those who are looking for a reliable Ankr hardware wallet and do not have plans to spend a fortune on it.

It is surely one of the top 10 best Ankr wallets. 

TokenPocket Wallet

TokenPocket Wallets

Token pocket is a multi-foundational blockchain wallet with its roots in Singapore making it one of the few crypto wallets based in Asia.

It comes with 25+ integrations along with platform support for Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, etc.

Flash swap, transfer, and receive crypto and trading in the decentralized exchanges are some of the key features of Token Pocket. 

Token Pocket is an open-source project and could be a suitable choice for users looking for an easy-to-use digital Ankr wallet. 

Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase Wallet

With Coinbase light node you do not need to store all the blockchain as they are accessible with one click through the mobile application.

Its unique and user-friendly interface comes with an additional two-factor authentication to keep your Ankr coins safely.

Coinbase is also planning to introduce a Crypto converter to directly exchange without the need to visit any other websites.

Even though Coinbase is a bit overpriced and it does not allow you to store your private keys locally, It could be a choice for many to consider it as their primary Ankr wallet. 

Free Wallet

Free Wallet

Well, It’s in the name, right? The Free wallet is one of the most interesting picks on the list that comes with Changelly integration and supports over 100 cryptocurrencies.

With the security measures of two-factor authentications and additional pin codes, Free Wallet appears too good to be true.

But not everything said about the wallet is great, Its unreliable customer support and the custodian nature of the wallet could be a major concern for some of the users. 

Apart from this Free Wallet could still be a good choice for the new investors looking at a free for a free wallet to start with their Ankr token investment and hence it made it to our list of top 10 best Ankr wallets. 

Trezor Model T

Trezor Wallet

Trezor Model T is undoubtedly one of the secure Ankr hardware wallets in this list of 10 best Ankr wallets.

We all know that hardware wallets are more secure than digital ones but the reason which makes the Trezor Model T, one of the two leading hardware wallets. 

It is second to none in security measures and has a touch screen user interface for hassle-free interaction with your device.

It is very easy to use and the crypto support is enormous with over 7000 cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets. 

It has firmware updates, reliable backup tools, and custom pin protection for both your public and private keys. 

Even though it is a bit pricy, It is perfect for more serious Ankr coin investors looking for a reliable and safe Ankr hardware wallet. 

Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X Wallet

Ledger Nano X is another Ankr hardware wallet in our list of 10 best Ankr wallets, surely because it is one of the best in the market.

With over 1 million devices sold Ledger Nano X cold wallet is a go-to deal for extreme security frenzies.

Even with the perk of Bluetooth connectivity, your keys and seed will never leave the device with Ledger Nano X.

It comes with the support of more than 150 coins and tokens including all the popular ones.

Its handy designs with regular updates give a pleasant user experience for the price it comes.

It is not surely the cheapest one in the market of hardware wallets but it is undeniably one of the best Ankr hardware wallets on our list. 

Coinomi Wallet

Coinomi Wallet

Coinomi is a comprehensive crypto wallet solution and the reason which it made it to our list of 10 best Ankr wallets includes its dominant position in the market since 2014, wide support of over 1700 different sources, and SegWit support for lighter transactions. 

It comes with direct DEX trading, credit cards, DApp, Web3, and DeFi support in 8 different languages which makes it an ideal Ankr wallet.

Without the perk of being completely open-source, Coinomi has an active and responsive support team and community.

Coinomi can be ideal for those Ankr token investors looking for a trustworthy digital wallet with an active community. 

MetaMask Wallet

MetaMask Wallet

Metamask is one of the few wallets out there with a browser extension that acts as a bridge between your browser and the Ethereum blockchain.

It is 100% open-source and comes with HD settings to backup user accounts. It has a robust customer interaction along with a detailed support page.

Like a good crypto wallet, Metamask stores your private keys locally to enhance security.

Are All ANKR Wallets Secure?

No, not all ANKR wallets are secure and one has to be aware of all the good security protocols.

Cross-checking whether the considered wallet services are providing you the tools that cater to your privacy priorities can go a long way. 

Do I Need An ANKR Wallet To Buy Or Trade ANKR?  

Yes, you do need an ANKR wallet to buy or trade ANKR crypto because a wallet is required to communicate with exchange, and store your private keys safely in your account.

It gives you security, flexibility, and convince while transacting cryptocurrencies. 

How Does An ANKR Wallet Work? 

An ANKR wallet stores your private ANKER keys to keep them secure while transacting on different platforms on the web, It digitally signs the transaction without letting the private key gets exposed to any third-party website or host.

It stores your private and public keys and provides you with a platform where you can trade and transact with other crypto owners.

How To Deposit And Withdraw From ANKR Wallets?

You can deposit into ANKR wallets through many different ways which include Debit cards, Credit cards, and third-party payment clients like PayPal and Robinhood and you can receive the payment directly in your bank accounts with wallets charging a minimal fee which varies from one wallet to another. 

Points To Consider When Choosing  ANKR Wallets?

Five things to look out for while choosing ANKR wallets include

👉 Variety of cryptocurrency support available

👉 User-friendly UI and backup options

👉 Shapeshift feature for crypto conversions

👉 Standardized Privacy and security protocols

👉 Good Customer support and active community

Final Thoughts On 10 Best ANKR Wallets

While looking out for an ANKR wallet can be a daunting task with so much information around we have tried our best to make this daunting task a pleasant experience with just the right amount of information vested in this list of 10 best Anker wallets. 

You need to choose an Ankr wallet that provides you with all the right tools without making it an overwhelming experience full of complications.

An ideal Anker wallet should be fast, reliable, safe, and trustworthy.

It is not only accountable for a swift transactional experience but is also a gatekeeper for all your crypto investments. 

So take all the time you need and go through this list of 10 best Ankr wallets to make sure that your investment in Ankr tokens stays safe and secure. 


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