How To Withdraw BAT From Brave? All You Need To Know!

In this article, we are going to discuss what BAT is and how to withdraw BAT from brave

With digital transformation and remote working, a few things which have become a part of our lives include our browsers.

We cannot access the web without using a browser and that tells a great deal about why web browsers are so important. With time technology is evolving at a pace that it is hard to determine when the next innovation will come.

How To Withdraw BAT From Brave – Step By Step Guide

Brave is one such innovative browser that primarily focuses on the user’s privacy and does not entertain annoying ads by blocking the unwanted ad trackers before reaching the end-user

How To Withdraw BAT From Brave

To take away the revenue generation from creators using ad-blocking might sound harsh to most of us but Brave browser also has a solution for that.

Read this article till the end to know how to withdraw BAT from brave browser

The Brave Browser 

Those who have been using browsers for a long time must have heard about Brave. Brave is a chromium-based web browser that entered the market with a clear USP of user privacy which its competitors were making a joke of.

The promising security protocols and exceptional ad tracker gatekeeping made Brave move the market in a different direction and target a niche audience of those users who wanted to experience chromium browsing but in a safer and more private browsing environment.

Brave was a clear disruption in the browser market and still innovating various new features which are not a part of the traditional browsing experience.

Starting from nothing, Brave has become one of the leading browsers in the world and challenges Google to retain its cult audience.

Key Features of The Brave Browser

There are a lot of features in the Brave browser which cannot be discussed in a short segment but we are going to take a look at some of the most common and widely popular features of Brave which makes it one of the best browsers in the market. 

Privacy Focused Web Browsing

There are few people in this world who would prefer to live under constant surveillance and still dare to live freely. With increased internet access and tons of petabytes moving every second, privacy has become a myth.

The increasing centralization of technology and extreme gatekeeping from big organizations are making it worse and thus Brave emerges to be a breath of fresh air where it provides a clean, beautiful and private environment for browsing the web.

By blocking unwanted ad trackers, and other tracking links from the websites silently in the back-end, Brave offers satisfying browsing.

The people who have even a little bit of knowledge about data privacy and internet centralization prefer to use brave to ensure that their data is safe and not being used to train an AI. 

Browse Faster 

If you are into privacy and have an idea about how to maintain it online then you must be aware of the TOR browser which is used to provide a completely anonymous internet browsing experience by changing your IP address regularly.

But the challenge that most TOR users face is that it is extremely slow which is not the case with Brave. Brave browser has been ranked as one of the fastest browsers competing for head to head with Google Chrome.

With better aesthetics and keen attention to the UI, Brave has a fast and instant browsing experience to offer to its users. Privacy along with speed has become a dealbreaker for many of the users who are shifting towards Brave. 

Crypto Wallet Integration

When you think about a browser you expect to have regular normal features but when a browser offers you a wide variety of tools right at your disposal, it becomes a quick love.

Brave browser, apart from offering clear, private, and safe browsing to its users, also offers a crypto wallet integration that is inbuilt to cater to the needs of those users who trade and use crypto for over-the-counter transactions.

The safe crypto integration makes sure that all your transactions are secure and that none of the data is being tracked by any behind-the-stage trackers.

The increased user base of cryptocurrency is looking out for such products which integrate their assets with ease and the Brave browser does it effectively. 

Brave Rewards

The ad-blocking feature while using browsers has become essential as ads are all over the website and hardly allow you to read and watch the content. The high rate of constant ads gives a dip in all the user’s productivity.

To tackle these challenges Brave has an ad-blocking feature that provides a clean and smooth user experience.  Brave also offers a reward section for those users who willfully want to watch ads and gives them an opportunity to monetize their browsing. 

You can earn BAT tokens once you start watching clean and simple ads and you can withdraw those earned tokens in the form of different other rewards and use them to top another creator. 

About The BAT Token

BAT or Basic Attention Tokens are a form of tokens that are rewarded to those users of the Brave browser who willingly choose to watch simple ads for a selected kind.

Basic Attention Token

This feature allows the users to avoid getting ads in the middle of any important work and thus adding to the overall productivity.

BAT tokens can also be used to tip genuine creators on their websites using the native integrations. BAT tokens are based on blockchain technology and have a value of their own and could be a potential currency for browsers. 

How Does BAT Work?

BAT or Basic Attention Token is a blockchain project that is created to move toward better advertising in the decentralized metaverse.

The role of advertising is going to change in the world of blockchain and BAT is acting as a token of exchange of services and rewards. For now, it is used to monitor user time and ad promotion by giving out a fraction of the benefit to the user as well.  

Brave Browser And Uphold Crypto Wallet

When you earn BAT while browsing on the Brave browser you need a digital crypto wallet solution to store them safely.

Uphold is a crypto wallet that comes with an integration for the Brave browser and thus storing all your earned BAT tokens securely in the cloud.

To start with adding BAT tokens to your wallet all you have to do is to download and install the Brave browser on your desktop or smartphone and then connect it to Uphold using the mobile application.

Now you have to verify your identity with the Uphold wallet and then link your bank account for further transactions.  

How To Withdraw BAT From The Brave Browser 

In this segment of the article, we will discuss how you can withdraw your earned BATs from the Brave browser. 

Withdraw BAT From Desktop Version of Brave 

Once you have the Brave browser installed on your desktop you need to connect it to an Uphold account and then verify it with your identity and link your bank account to store your BATs in safe online storage.

Once done with the verification you can proceed with creating a wallet in Uphold. Now when you decide to withdraw your BATs from the Brave browser, all you will have to do is to verify your wallet and it will transfer your BTA to your Uphold account and issue you a card there. 

Withdraw BAT From Android & iOS Versions Of Brave

The process of BAT withdrawal on the desktop and Android and iOS are similar but the major change that can be found is in the minimum number of tokens that are needed to transfer them to an Uphold wallet. 

If you have above 25 BAT in your Brave account then only you can transfer them to your already verified Uphold wallet. 

How To Withdraw BAT From Brave – Conclusion 

Brave is leading the way when it comes to providing a revolutionary browsing experience. The latest browsing technology is embracing blockchain and integrating it to provide a better customer experience, making it a part of our daily life.

This article will help you not only with how to withdraw the BAT from the brave browser but also inform you about how web browsers like Brave are disrupting the way we interact with the internet.

The decentralized future is taking privacy to another level and we are going to see some major changes in the upcoming days. 

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