Mailchimp Continues Crackdown On Crypto Newsletters Including Messari, Edge

Mailchimp Continues Crackdown On Crypto Newsletters Including Messari, Edge!

Mailchimp has started suspending crypto niche content providers and media agencies’ accounts. Mailchimp continues Crackdown on Crypto Newsletters Including Messari, Edge accounts this week.

A lot of accounts that have been blacklisted are Crypto Intelligence firm Messari, crypto wallet Edge, and Decrypt. Such companies have been using Mailchimp to share newsletters for the past 4-5 years.

Mailchimp Continues Crackdown On Crypto Newsletters Including Messari, Edge

Recently, Ryan Selkis (Messari founder) had shown aggression by tweeting “Thank you for re-platforming some of the crypto’s most reputable brands in the past 48 Hours”. He went on to clarify that there should be a reduction in all of the speech sensors.

Messari had received zero warnings and now after suspension, they can’t get access to the subscriber’s list. He further asked if Mailchimp believes crypto clients are dangerous, what does Mailchimp do when there are genuine bad actors? 

Decrypt also experienced similar things. Their account was suspended without explanation or prior notification.

Key Points About Recent Bans

A lot of crypto influencers on Twitter came with tweets that talked about how Mailchimp suspended some big accounts in the recent past few days. Edge (a crypto wallet company) began to face this problem when it tried to send a biweekly newsletter. Joelly Gloria, Edge’s marketing lead, attempted to log on but was denied.

Paul Puey, CEO of Edge, says there is a problem with web2 email and its impacts haven’t been observed in web3.

A lot of people are trying to find solutions to a quite famous problem, Web3 application to communicate with people. If you utilize email to send a newsletter, Edge’s CEO recommends Mailchimp and other services.

Long ago, a few Independent artists also faced similar problems and tweeted about it. An NFT artist Ocarina was trying to send information about a new NFT Drop and she found that her account was disabled. Mailchimp has given a reason that the content doesn’t align with the Acceptable Use Policy and conflicts with it.

Different Companies Are Trying To Impose Anti-Crypto Guidelines

A year ago, Mailchimp suspended accounts of ShapeShift and blockwork. Mailchimp tweeted a few years ago that users can share crypto-related information as long as it doesn’t involve token manufacturing, storage, marketing, or trading. Further in their User Policy, they had mentioned that Cryptocurrency or any other digital token is not allowed nor do they offer such kinds of services. 

Mailchimp History.

Intuit, a significant provider of financial services, just purchased Mailchimp. The Intuit insider said a phishing attempt targeted several trezor wallet users. This affected the users and they filed a lawsuit against Intuit. Mailchimp isn’t the only platform that bans crypto news and articles.

A lot of Mailchimp users from the Crypto Community are now trying to switch to different platforms to share the Crypto niche content.

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