Meme Traders Boost Coinbase Shares By 10%

Meme Traders Boost Coinbase Shares By 10%!

Amid the crypto winter, Coinbase shares have risen by 10 percent recently. They recently partnered with BlackRock, which would allow institutional clients to buy cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. According to a daily chart, the price went up by 40 percent on Thursday. 

Coinbase will offer all the excellent services to the different clients of BlackRock, a portfolio management platform. Some common services include crypto trading, prime brokerage, reporting capabilities, and custody. BlackRock manages nearly 8 trillion USD under its management, making it one of the largest asset managers in the world.

Meme Traders Boost Coinbase Shares By 10%

On Thursday, after they announced, COIN (ticker) flooded Reddit’s WallstreetBets chatroom, just like Gamestop gained short-term popularity according to the data analytics firm – Quiver Quantitative. 

Meme Traders Boost Coinbase Shares By 10%

Meanwhile, Joseph Chalom (Global Head at BlackRock for strategic ecosystem partnerships) said their clients want to gain exposure to digital asset markets and understand the dynamics. This partnership would help the interested clients manage their bitcoin expenses without changing their existing trading workflows and portfolio Management.

Coinbase Prime Services to Institutional Investor

Coinbase prime would offer services to Aladdin, A software development company that provides a suite of software tools. Aladdin is an institutional client of BlackRock and Coinbase.

This news shows how traditional institutions, including banks, pension funds, and hedge funds, have been showing a great interest in the crypto asset in the recent one and a half years and placing a bet on a new asset class that is here to stay for much longer. 

Recently Institutional trading Volumes on Coinbase have surged to 235 Billion in the first quarter and 75 Billion for retail investors as per the filings. The institutional trading volume was quite down as compared to the past three quarters but 9 percent more when compared with the same quarter previous year. 

The online space has become an exciting sport for the crypto community. The crypto industry has recently experienced a series of hacks and breaches, such as the Nomad and Solana hacks. Crypto prices have fallen, and there is a massive sell of risk. Further, early this year, the market got handicapped because of the Terra Luna Collapse. Many investors are now trying to adopt cryptocurrencies at an institutional level, eventually bringing stability and maturation of prices of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Coinbase Stock Analysis

Coinbase shares have fallen a lot, and analysts are quite perplexed about it. However, the stock has jumped by approximately 20 percent; the shares are still down by 70 percent after Wednesday’s market closed. 

This is quite an unusual jump and might be because of the investors who bet against the stock to cover their losses which led to a short squeeze. Factset analyzed that approximately 22 percent of Coinbase shares are available for trading and were sold short. 

Despite market turmoil and Coinbase’s share price drop, Citi (a worldwide bank) predicted a stock reversal in the next months.

There is some good development happening in cryptocurrency, per peter Christiansen (an Analyst). Also, there is a much-awaited transition coming around for Ethereum Ecosystem.

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