New York-Solana Is All Set To Open IRL Retail Store

New York: Solana Is All Set To Open IRL Retail Store!

Last month, in June 2022, Solana Labs unveiled their new smartphone that would have a hardware wallet inbuilt. The main reason for making a smartphone was to give crypto users an easy-to-use device that lets them get to their crypto tokens and decentralised apps without having to open their laptops or desktops. And now soon they will be opening their physical store.

The Solana Themed store is now set to open in NY, USA. The new store would be located in the Hudson Yards in New york. The Solana Foundation, the organization that created the Solana Blockchain Network, will support its launch.

New York: Solana Is All Set To Open IRL Retail Store

Big brands like Ethereum and quite a Famous NFT collection, BYAC, have launched several “IRL” businesses and products. A restaurant in Los Angeles is themed the Bored Ape Yacht Club. 

The store would set up various events to guide people through the web3 concept and how Solana operates. Also, they would help the visitors to set up their wallets and do their first few on-chain transactions. According to Solana Spaces, the aim of this place would be the embassy and cultural center for the Solana Blockchain

New York-Solana Is All Set To Open IRL Retail Store

There would be many tutorials like setting up a Phantom wallet and buying the first NFT with many interactive art installations and tutorials on applications like STEPN. Also, special edition merchandise, the Blansoles sneakers, would be distributed.

On the stations and the private booths set up in the store, various tutorials will be provided. There will also be a few pieces of the Solana Saga that visitors can explore in the store. 

This will be the first time in the history of Web3 technology when there will be a physical store.

Many things will be happening inside the Solana store as the Solana team’s main goal is to help beginners onboard to the crypto space. Solana Spaces CEO Vibhu Norby believes this is an experiment that many people would like. 

But this will be a pretty pricey experiment since rent in places like Manhattan isn’t cheap and store space in the Hudson Yard isn’t cheap either. Solana Foundation believes this could be a great investment for them and the Solana ecosystem that can pay them off in the future.

Solana Is All Set To Open IRL Retail Store

Recently, a group of 30 people was selected to preview the Solana store before launching it. Some photos on Twitter increased the excitement. Meanwhile, it also got the attention of Scott Lewis (VP of Product at Uniswap). It will soon be accessible to residents of the neighborhood as well.

Solana Blockchain is the go-to alternative to Ethereum for building NFTs and creator economy Applications. Solana’s native SOL token has a $14 billion market worth, making it the ninth largest cryptocurrency. But it still lags behind Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchain in different aspects; opening a physical store might help them close the gap. 

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