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Top Cryptocurrency Portfolio Trackers For Everyday Use!

There are a large number of digital coins available in the market today. Many organizations are also arising in the crypto market due to the increasing demand for these digital currencies. Due to this large number, it is very difficult for an investor to choose the best option for investing. Here comes the need for creating and maintaining a portfolio.

Top Cryptocurrency Portfolio Trackers


All the coins available in the market have different values. Most of the investors rely on more than one currency for better profits. As an investor, it is very difficult to maintain track of all the coins in the market. It is also noted that these coins are highly volatile in their values, they will be constantly changing in due course of time.

Cryptocurrency Portfolio

A crypto portfolio represents all the investments made by a person on different currencies in an understandable collective format. It also comprises of the strategies and tricks used by the investor. The nature of the portfolio will depend on the type of investment the person is involved in. Creating a portfolio is made easy by various portfolio tracker applications. Let’s discuss the top ones here.

  • CoinTracker:

Cointracker is said to be the complete portfolio tracker available in the market which is available for both desktop and mobile devices including ios and android platforms. Users can connect to more than 300 exchanges to track and analyze the investment strategies for more than 2500 digital currencies. The crypto wallet public address can also be used with a coin tracker to monitor and analyze the current investments and coins the user is trading currently.

  • Delta

Delta is a portfolio tracker that has an efficient and function-rich interface for mobile devices. Delta has android and ios apps which has a minimalistic and attractive look. It shows a clear overview of the profit and losses and also has minimal server downtime.

Delta has a watch list feature that allows the user to monitor the changes in any of the 2000 currencies supported by it. Delta uses various charts and graphs to show the change in trends in crypto prices. Delta does not have a feature to buy or sell currencies directly from it.

  • Binance

Binance is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange which also has an efficient portfolio tracker. Binance supports almost all the digital coins available in the market. They don’t allow its users to directly buy the currencies but allows them to import the coins using wallet keys. Binance is more suitable for high volume traders who manage and deal with a large number of currencies.

  • Blockfolio

Blockfolio is another highly rates mobile portfolio tracker. They are only available for mobile devices based on android and ios. Blockfolio uses coin charts to compare and analyze market values and trends. They also allow users to create an alert feature on the increase or decrease of coin value. It also provides better security using a secret PIN.

  • CryptoCompare

CryptoCompare is a complete crypto ecosystem that consists of a feature-rich portfolio tracker. It also has mining guides, reviews, news, wallet comparisons, etc. CrptoCompare uses a cloud-based platform that prevents the data loss of the users even if the device is lost. It supports multiple portfolios and also has the option to publish the portfolios. It has a website, android, and ios versions and also supports 5000 coins.

Portfolios help us to find a safe and better way to decide our investment methods. By close analysis and study of these portfolios and chart helps us to understand the trends followed by currency in a certain market which in turn helps us to make a better decision.

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