TRON 4.0: Introducing Cross-chain Interoperability!

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The area of decentralized applications is enlarging and growing fast day by day. TRON 4.0 which is the latest launch by the decentralized platform will introduce the cross-chain interoperability and customized applications on the blockchain.

TRON 4.0

What actually is DApps? How it is useful and helpful for those using cryptocurrencies and blockchain platform? Are you eager to know about DApps and its new launch TRON 4.0? Read on this article till the end with the same enthusiasm. I am sure that at the end of this article your thirst will be fulfilled. 

Tron 4.0

What actually is DApps?

Before describing TRON 4.0, let’s see what is DApps and how much is it important for those who use the blockchain platform. DApps or decentralized applications are the digital applications that run on the blockchain platform. Blockchain is a peer to peer network or a ledger of records which linked together by cryptographic validation.

What is the purpose of DApps? Actually, it is used to store data in a decentralized database. To do so it uses a decentralized computing resource to work. It also connects users with services directly through a smart contract. 

Introduction to TRON 4.0

Are you curious to know about the new release TRON 4.0? Here is an overview of TRON 4.0. Basically, TRON 4.0 is founded in 2017 by TRON foundation, an organization that works on the blockchain platform. To remove the need for an intermediary existence in the blockchain network.

TRON foundation is one of the largest blockchain-based operators that offer a wide variety of features in the platform. CEO of the organization, TRON foundation is Justin Sun and on May 2020 he announced the launch of TRON 4.0. TRON 4.0 mainly focuses on users’ privacy, interoperability, and scalability. 

Features of TRON 4.0

The most important features of TRON 4.0 are:

  • Faster block confirmation times and cross-confirmation time
  • Provide enterprise-grade customized solutions for businesses
  • Helps to get more businesses on the blockchain platform
  • Build a free, global, digital, content, entertainment system 
  • Provides Simple, easy, and cost-effective digital content 

The Technology Behind TRON 4.0

TRON 4.0 which is launched with advanced features will introduce zk-SNARKs in a smart contract for the first time. zk-SNARKs or Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge is the core privacy technology of the Zcash blockchain. By using this technology, one can verify possession of certain information without revealing the information, and without any interaction between the prover and verifier. So that a transaction can be made without revealing any sensitive or personal information. But zk-SNARK technology involved in TRON 4.0 cannot be used for TRX cryptocurrency transactions, like that of Zcash. 

Hope you all understood what TRON 4.0 is and the technology behind it. So here is the end to your new excitement and if you have any queries, feel free to comment in the comment section.                

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