Best Crypto Debit Cards Australia: Are They Any Good?

Looking for the best crypto debit cards Australia? In this article, we have short-listed the 10 best Australian crypto debit cards to help Australians choose the best.

Sometime before the pandemic when the situations were not bright for any business there are a few things that took a big leap and one of those rare things was cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency undoubtedly changed the way we used to transact money and blockchain is stopping no way near.

However, there is yet a lot to achieve in this feat of crypto adaptation as there are still a lot of global vendors who are not willing to keep a stake in this future-ready technology.

The reason is the uncertainties in the market prices of currencies and non-supportive stances from the government which marks a hindrance in over-the-counter crypto transactions. 

Best Crypto Debit Cards Australia – Should You Get One?

To solve this issue crypto debit cards have hit the market with a boom and the demand for these cards has surged manifolds as all the hassle of transactions crypto is being handled by a trustworthy third party client and you are no longer required to keep track of all the long transactional hashes and conversion rates. 

Best Crypto Debit Cards Australia

In this list of ‘ Best Crypto Debit Cards Australia, we are going to find some of the best crypto cards for Australians and will discuss in detail, all the benefits and downsides of using a crypto debit card.

So without further ado. Let’s get started

5 Key Points On Crypto Debit Card Australia

Even though crypto might sound like the real future to many crypto nerds but the truth is that a lot of the conventional institutions are yet to put their bets on the scene of blockchain and that makes them redundant to put stakes in taking over-the-counter cryptocurrencies for their products and services.

◾ Crypto debit cards allow their users to transact their cryptos to non-crypto accepting vendors as well. They convert your crypto to fiat money, making such a transaction possible.

◾ Crypto debit cards enable their customers to avail all the banking discounts and coupons available for any other debit cards making them gain on offers without losing the liberty to transact in the currency of their choice. 

◾ Most cryptocurrency debits cards come with a wide range of crypto support that allows you to select any type of crypto that you want to use for a particular transaction. 

◾ Many crypto debit cards come with exciting cashback offers and business-to-business offers, specially curated for cryptocurrency transactions. 

◾ Advanced security features are provided for complete secure coverage of your crypto wallet and cards. Special measures are in place to report theft and any other misadventure to stop transactions within seconds. 

What Is A Crypto Debit Card Australia?

Crypto debit cards are like any regular debit card that allows you to transact money over any counter that accepts debit/credit cards.

Crypto Debit Cards Australia

But the difference lies in the way we top up these cards. Unlike the conventional debit cards which are linked to our centralized bank accounts and immediate transactions happen from the ledger change of one account to the other account, crypto debit cards work on a top-up model.

In this model, you’d have to have some cryptocurrency in your crypto wallet that is linked to your crypto debit card and when you will swipe that card to a non-crypto accepting vendor, your card will automatically deduct cryptos from your wallet.

The crypto deducted is equal to the amount of fiat without you going through the hassle of calculating the conversion rates and then converting them using any third-party vendor. 

Best Crypto Debit Cards Australia – Reviewed

Finding the best crypto debit cards Australia that matches your requirement is a real tough job, here we have made that task easier for you.

We have researched and have shortlisted some of the best crypto debit cards in Australia for you

our top 10 crypto debit cards are as follows – VISA Debit Card is one of the most popular crypto wallet solutions in the market with a large community base and they are also considered the list toppers when it comes to crypto debit cards. VISA Debit Card offers a wide range of crypto cards varying as per their specifications, spending limit, staking rewards, and card benefits.

Their best in crypto segment cards, Obsidian offers CRO staking interest of up to 8% which is almost equal to a secure banking investment.

Other benefits of this segment include a subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Airbnb, and many more. 

EFTPOS Cryptocurrency Debit Card

Electronic funds transfer at point of sale or in short EFTPOS debit cards are one of the most widely accepted cards across Australia.

EFTPOS Cryptocurrency Debit Card

EFTPOS crypto debit cards provide real-time crypto conversion and instant POS payment.

EFTPOS is still considered one of the safest ways to transact due to the necessity of the presence of a physical card and a pin.  

CoinJar Mastercard 

Coinjar is a leading crypto wallet solution that also allows its customers to exchange their cryptos for fiat money over-the-counter just when they need it by providing them a debit card from Mastercard.

CoinJar Mastercard

Coinjar MasterCard comes with instant activation and provides a clean and easy user experience.

Coinjar provides an option as per which you can select the cryptocurrency that you want to use while transacting through your debit card.

It also comes with a mobile application that allows you to control your debit card with the help of your smartphone or your smartwatch. 

Binance Visa Card

Binance is the undisputed leader when it comes to crypto trading platforms however, they just do not stop at a crypto trading platform as Binance also comes with a crypto debit card that allows an over-the-counter trade with ease without charging any fee from the customer.

Binance Visa Card

The Binance Visa Card is undoubtedly one of the best crypto debit cards in Australia due to the exchange’s reputation.

Another key highlight of the Binance Visa card is transactional rewards of up to 8% on certain transactions.

It provides all the features of a regular debit card and allows your cryptos to be stored for as long as you want. 

Cryptopay Visa Card

Another best crypto debit card Australia coming from the house of Vis is Cryptopay Visa Card.

Cryptopay Visa Card

Cryptopay is a giant in the crypto world however, they provide no fewer features for their debit cards as well.

Providing a wide range of support of coins and versatility of Visa in a card allows them to be accepted by over 6 million vendors across the world.

Cryptopay allows its users to transact up to $30,000 in a single transaction which is high even for a regular debit card.

Cryptopay Visa card comes with its mobile application, making sure that all of your finances are in safe hands.  

Spectrocoin Prepaid Card

Spectrocoin is an international cryptocurrency exchange that launched its crypto debit card project with Visa.

Spectrocoin Prepaid Card

Spectrocoin provides instant conversion of crypto to fiat in any over-the-counter transactions providing the best possible value of their cryptos to their users.

Spectrocoin claims a wide range of coverage of over 60 million online and offline vendors across the globe.

Spectrocoin also offers cash withdrawals from any ATM that accepts a debit card, making it one of the most versatile cards and even better than any regular debit card.

Spectrocoin charges a monthly service charge of up to 1.12 pounds per card. 

Wirex Visa Card

Wirex Visa cards have hit the market with a clear-cut USP of being an international travel card and that is the reason they are providing a wide range of support of over 50 cryptocurrencies across any Visa vendor around the globe with the best OTC (over-the-counter) rates.

Wirex Visa Debit Card

Wirex allows its users to avoid any conversion fee for international payments that they have to pay while using any traditional debit card.

With no monthly maintenance charge from the end user Wirex aims to create a class of global travelers who do not need to wait on the forex exchange for money conversion and can use their cards like any local around them. 

Coinbase Debit Card

Coinbase launched their debit card recently with an aim to make their users spend more of their cryptos using Coinbase debit cards by providing them a huge reward of up to 4% of the total transaction on every single purchase.

Coinbase Debit Card

Coinbase debit card charges no annual fee from the end-users and provides robust customer care support.

They provide industry-standard security features and make sure that all the cryptos stored with them do not get leaked in any minor breach. 

TenX Debit Card

TenX debit card is one of those cards that provide limited crypto support for their debit card transactions.

TenX Debit Card

TenX supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin for any over-the-counter transactions.

ATM withdrawals and wide-range Visa support are some of the major advantages of using a TenX debit card.

TenX’s intuitive mobile application provides a real-time security check with notification after every transaction and provides an immediate locking and unlocking card feature. 

Bitpay Debit Card

One of the newer launches, Bitpay is one of the most widely used and considered one of the best crypto debit cards Australia, It allows instant real-time transactions OTC with easy to use interface and seamless reloading options. 

Bitpay Debit Card

Bitpay’s versatile mobile application provides PIN change, locking-unlocking, and checking balances immediately without the hassle of any requested statements.

Bitcoin also offers a generous referral program and comes with integration with leading global payment applications. 

How Does A Crypto Debit Card Australia Work?

In this segment of the article, we are going to explain some of the key principles on which your crypto debit card works.

Crypto debit cards are those cards that allow you to connect them with your cryptocurrency wallet and the third-party payment vendors at the same time, be it Visa, Mastercard, or any others.

Those integrations with the card allow it to use that information for providing a hassle-free conversion of your digital assets without the need to go through online exchange rates and then sell them and get your money in the bank account.

Crypto debit cards make this process easy and simple. 

Benefits of Crypto Debit Cards Australia

In this segment of the best crypto debit cards Australia, we are going to cover the significant benefits of using a crypto debit card. Some of the major benefits of using crypto debit cards include: 

Make Payments Using Crypto

One of the major benefits of using a crypto debit card is the feature of using your cryptos anywhere without the need to worry about the fact of whether the vendor accepts cryptocurrency or not.

It makes sure that the widely popular cryptocurrencies remain relevant to every vendor which accepts a regular debit card, hence giving crypto an entry into the traditional and local markets. 

Can Be Used Abroad

Crypto debit cards come with global payment support with no or almost negligible charges for any global transactions, making life easier for those who travel a lot. 

Lucrative Rewards

Crypto debit cards provide lucrative rewards for paying your bills that can range from 2% and can go up to 8-10% per transaction. 

Easy to Use

A key highlight of using any kind of transactional card is their easy-to-use and easy-to-carry dynamics and crypto debit cards benefit from that as well while providing a real value for existing crypto traders. 

Crypto Debit Cards vs Crypto Credit Cards

The unending debate on debit cards and credit cards is going to enter the crypto arena as both of these cards are available for over-the-counter crypto transactions.

If you are someone who is a usual shopper and often find yourself managing the budget and waiting for the month-end to buy your next gadget then maybe crypto debit cards will not be the best choice as they are prepaid and come with no hassle of a monthly bill.

Debit cards are more secure in terms of total expenditure as one can spend only the amount available to be used by the debit card and in any situation of theft or loss, only a particular amount will be at stake.

Credit cards are a more liberal way of money transfer as they are based on the belief that everything will remain fine and you’d be able to pay the bill next month. 

How To Choose The Right Crypto Debit Card For You?

Even after knowing the various aspects of different crypto debit cards in Australia, one might wonder about the criteria to judge these services.

To help those who are looking for basic criteria to judge a good crypto debit card, we are providing a list of things that you must consider before choosing your next crypto debit card. 


When choosing your crypto debit card one has to make sure that it is easy to use and access. It must have application support to facilitate easy reloading and monitor any present or past transactions. 

Supported Cryptos

Taking a look at the supported crypto tokens by the crypto debit card could be the game-changer for many as they trade in specific tokens which might not be supported by their debit card making them regret later with their decision. 


Who doesn’t like rewards especially when they come without any effort putting a small effort to know the rates and conditions of receiving rewards while you transact using your debit card, can go a long way. 


Another important aspect of using a crypto debit card is that mostly they come with a monthly or annual maintenance fee which one must know before choosing their crypto debit card. 

Best Crypto Debit Cards Australia Pros And Cons

Like any other product and service, crypto debit cards have their fair share of benefits as well as downsides and in this segment, we will point out some of the major pros and cons of using crypto debit cards.


  • Crypto debit cards can be used anywhere without the hassle to go through long lines of forex exchanges. 
  • Crypto debit cards provide advanced security features for their users. 
  • Usability is another factor that makes crypto debit cards a great choice for online transactions. 
  • No issue with monthly bills while using a crypto debit card as they are prepaid and do not allow you to cross your financial capacities. 
  • Easy to use over almost any vendor and country of this world. 


  • Crypto debit cards come with an upper bard for transactions. 
  • Crypto debit cards might lead you to regular loss of funds if you don’t use the right currency at the right time. 

Is The Crypto Debit Card Legit? 

Yes, Crypto debit cards are 100% legalized in Australia and by the rate, they are being adopted by people, it is going to be better only in terms of debit cards regulations.

Crypto debit cards are being used and accepted to transact all across Australia and we are going to see a future with a single card being able to pay anywhere across the world without paying any hefty fee. 

Best Crypto Debit Cards Australia: Conclusion

As the monetary scenarios are changing at a fast pace, adapting to the new technology and innovation has become the need of the hour.

Crypto debit cards are a leap forward in creating a bridge to fill the gap between crypto and fiat and they are doing it with pure innovation resulting in easier, simpler, and more secure transactions.

The volatility of crypto markets is known to everyone but that is not going to last forever crypto markets will emerge as stable trading exchanges and crypto is soon to become a transactional revolution.

We hope this list of best crypto debit cards Australia will help you to figure out the right crypto debit card as per your needs and will assist you to make a decision that will benefit you in the long run.

This list informs you about all the technical aspects of various debit cards available and we are sure that it will be an aid for sure. 

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