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What Is Sweatcoin: Does It Give You Real Money?

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Have you heard about Sweatcoin? What is Sweatcoin? Can you really earn money through the Sweatcoin app? If yes, How does Sweatcoin make money? There will be a lot of questions in your mind when you think about Sweatcoin. Don’t worry. We will discuss them here. Sweatcoin is a cryptocurrency that you earn by walking or running. It is mined through your physical activity unlike Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It doesn’t directly pay you. Instead, it pays you indirectly through gift cards. 

What Are The Sweatcoin And Sweatcoin App?

Sweatcoin is a digital asset that you mine through your physical activities and you earn those coins through the Sweatcoin app. The Sweatcoin app tracks your outdoor steps throughout the day and rewards you with about 1 SWC (1 Sweatcoin) per 1,000 steps you make.


You can redeem the Sweatcoin you gained as gifts ranging from magazines, healthy energy drinks, music downloads, digital watches, running shoes, electronics, and more. Sweatcoin is also a blockchain cryptocurrency and it will be the first every cryptocurrency you can earn by walking or running. So there are no difficulties to mine them like other cryptocurrencies. You need not want to find solutions for difficult mathematical problems to get a coin.

How does Sweatcoin work?

Its working is simple and does not involve any complications. The only thing you have to do is to just install the Sweatcoin app on your mobile phone. When you run or walk, the app runs in the background and tracks your physical activity and rewards you exactly 0.95 SWC for every 1,000 steps you take. The app will also give you many low-cost offers as a way to spend the Sweatcoins such as music downloads or magazine subscriptions, or you can save up the SWC to afford big-ticket items such as digital watches, video game consoles, running shoes, and more.

Sweatcoin App

To sign up or purchase anything through the app doesn’t require your personal information or credit card number. Only Sweatcoin payments are accepted in the Sweatcoin app. This makes the Sweatcoin app more reliable and trustable for the users. Once you have downloaded the Sweatcoin app, there are few steps for you to complete. They are:

  • Create your own username and password
  • verifying that it’s fine for the app to know where you’re going and track your movement without your app being open
  • It will verify your email address and phone number
  • Now you are ready to walk or run
  • Now for every 1,000 steps you take, you’ll earn a single Sweatcoin

Under the basic Mover plan, you’re limited to earning 5 Sweatcoin a day and up to 150 Sweatcoin a month. If you want to earn more than this, you can sign up for better exchange rates on your steps and the ability to track up more Sweatcoin per day.    

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