Best Cryptocurrency Trading Websites For Beginners – Master Bitcoin Trading!

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Cryptocurrencies’ popularity has been increasing nowadays. People have started their trading activities with cryptocurrencies because it is a relatively simple process. One of the most important benefits of blockchain technology is the emergent of cryptocurrencies.

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Sites For Beginners!

But it’s often difficult for some individuals to get started with trading. Read on this article till the end if you have any difficulty in it. Here, we provide the details about the cryptocurrency trading site for beginners.

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Sites For Beginners

Things to be considered while choosing a trading site


Almost all the exchanges charge a fee on you. Before giving them the fee learn about the exchange and try to minimize your fundings by selecting exchanges with low fees.


The most important thing to be considered while choosing a trading exchange is the security of that site. Make sure that the exchange is secured with at least two-factor authentication.

Easy To Use

The functionalities of the trading tools must be easy to understand for beginners. The presentation of the tools must be simple and easy to interact with new users.

Best cryptocurrency trading sites

Below given are the best cryptocurrency trading sites for beginners. Let’s look at those.


Binance exchanges have been ruling the crypto market now. This trading site is beneficial for both beginners and experienced traders. The main advantage of this trading site is that it has a very user-friendly UI which can be switch between two modes. If you use their native BNB tokens, then you will get a discount of up to 50% in your trading fees. The most advanced thing the Binance have is the availability of trading mobile app that supports both android and iOS.



Bitfinex deals the exchanges with fiat currencies like USD, EUR, and GBP. The exchange UI of Bitfinex is more user-friendly as it provides instructions on each page that will any newbie to use it efficiently. Before starting trades in Bitfinex you need to register and verify your ID. The advantage of using this platform is that it is accessible globally, that is it serves all the countries with the exception of the United States. 



The exchange through the coinbase allows you to enable the two-factor authentication that assures the safety of your funds. It provides exchange only after completing the know your customer details. However, check whether coinbase has service in your country. Given below are the steps to start tradings in coinbase.

  • Register in the coinbase
  • Verify your identity
  • Click on the add payment option in the payment method page
  • Choose the type of payment from the options like a credit card, debit card, etc
  • Enter the amount to be transacted is a reputed website for buying and selling cryptocurrencies especially for beginners as it is very easy to handle. You can also deposit fiat currencies like EUR, USD, etc. Below given are the steps for buying cryptocurrencies through CEX.

  • Register in CEX official website
  • Select the mode of payment from the card option
  • Verify your cards like credit or debit card
  • Select the amount of cryptocurrency to buy or sell


Shapeshift is the most secure trading site to transfer funds as it does not require any account details or personal details. It also offers an easy way to exchange cryptocurrencies. Users can choose quick or precise options for transactions while using shapeshift. Quick transactions are referred to as the transaction in which the user inputs the receiver’s address and is given a deposit address by the shapeshift. In the precise transaction, a user is allowed to receive the exact number shapeshift that can be used almost everywhere except New York and North Korea.


The above-given trading sites are centralized in nature. So it’s advised not to use it for holding your cryptocurrencies for the long term. We hope that you all liked this article and found it useful for finding the best cryptocurrency trading websites for beginners.

Please let us know your comments and queries through the comment section given below and we will try our best to reach out to you.

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